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Server Administrator Resume

New York, NY


• 14 years of experience in a variety of computer platforms and industries from Oil and Gas, Financial, Non-profit to Government.
• Over 11 years experience as Opentext(Livelink) Content Server consultant with strong experience in the design, administration and support of Opentext(Livelink) Content Server CMS systems including module installation.
• Have strong technical experience with a wide range of technologies specifically Opentext(Livelink) Content Server, MSSQL, Cardiff and Microsoft CMS.
• Experience in design and developing taxonomies and classification schemes corporate wide.
• Participated in all phases of the system development life cycle (SDLC), from user requirements gathering through design, development and implementation/training.
• Certified Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Administrator
• Certified Project Manager
• Experience working with clusters and load balanced traffic.
• Strong Problem Solving skills.
• Good verbal & written communication, interpersonal, organizational skills.
• Strong work ethics.
• Strong Knowledge Management conceptualization, to help companies understand their knowledge assets and how to tap into them.

Skills Profile

Technical: Opentext(Livelink) Content Server, Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Search Engine, Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Workflows, Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Archive, Artesia Lotus Notes, Groove 3, IP Monitoring ; PC-Linux-MAC; MS NT; Oracle; Sybase; MSSQL Server , Records Management, Physical objects, Blubaker, Eforms (liquidoffice).
Business: Creative mind; systems thinking, public speaking, problem solving (PSST), analytical, teamwork and “learning organization” approach, product design and entrepreneurial personality. Fluent in Spanish.

Professional Experience

Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Administrator / Consultant

09/2009 – 02/11 Confidential,New York, NY

  • Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Consultant, with exposure to additional projects: Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Migration at Watson pharmaceuticals, Fortis migration to Opentext(Livelink) Content Server for JFK Airport, AOA Credentialing, Category and attributes upgrade, RM TRIM conversion projects.


  • Provide consulting services to the TSD group in Livelink administration. Install and upgrade Livelink to 9.7.1. Provide support to Brava and Cardiff users . Livelink Migration pharma, Fortis migration to Livelink using Blubaker. Administer and support search functionality in Livelink. Work in a parallel project with Watson pharmaceuticals in California, upgrading Livelink from 9.5 to 9.7.1. Support of content administrators. Setup and deploy barcode technology with highs peed scanner equipment for digitalisation of paper documents.
  • Opentext(Livelink) Content Server, SQL, Blubaker, XML, Brava, Enterprise Scan

Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Applications Consultant

4/2007 – 8/2009 Confidential,Newark, NJ

In charge of upgrading seven different Opentext(Livelink) Content Server instances to version 9.7. Provide assistance configuring IIS servers to accept firewall traffic as well as internal traffic through various IIS settings. Configure Opentext(Livelink) Content Server instances to accept NTLM and Active Directory settings. Create check list document to follow up every step in the upgrade process. Audit reports, create SQL queries, excel files, and email reporting. Configure Opentext(Livelink) Content Server instances to accept NTLM and Active Directory settings. Create checklist document to follow up every step in the upgrade process. Participate in workflows design, creation and pilot testing reviewing quality, logic, and launching it as product. Provide workflow support to other Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Instances. Design and build workflow with forms, administer and manage various workflows. Install and configure Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Archive and Artesia DAM. Project Manager

1/2006 – 12/2006 Confidential,New York, NY
Manage document migration and consolidation project replacing Opentext(Livelink) Content Server technology with Share Point technology. Research, identify, and implement sound project methodology. Set project expectations concerning vision, strategies, deliverability, risks, project performance, consultant and internal resources tasks, costs and time frame. Facilitate meetings and build status reports.

Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Consultant

12/2001 - 1/2006 Confidential,New York, NY
Solved various Opentext(Livelink) Content Server ECM (Enterprise Content Management) technical problems, assisted in initiatives like repository definition and vision, technology comparisons; acted as a liaison between clients and IT. Comprehensively train all CMS users on usage, best practices and advanced concepts. Ensure that all CMS-based content changes are completed and published on time. Analyzed patterns of thinking and problem solving skills, gave recommendations for successful project planning and execution saving 1/2 million or more. Helped identify what success looks like. Fixed and maintained weather reporting application built in Cold Fusion.

Project Manager

5/2001 - 8/2001 Confidential,Miami, FL
Responsible for migrating 300GB worth of data into Opentext(Livelink) Content Server. Assisted in the implementation of various Opentext(Livelink) Content Server modules. Delivered bilingual software revision (Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Spanish version) for Opentext(Livelink) Corporation.

Project Technical Leader/ Technical Architect

10/1999 - 3/2001 Confidential,BogotŠ, Colombia
Designed, planned and implemented company-wide solution for Knowledge Management. Implement software tools like SAN, Marathon, Load balancing (Big IP), scanning (Kofax), and Oracle databases on a document management system. • Equipment procurement and logistics • Modules implementation and user guidance • Lead/Coordinated efforts in configuring/tuning Dell SAN system • High Availability and redundant architectures (F5 Technologies).• Technical budget/financial planning, risk analysis, logistics, requirements management.• Created status reports, status and statistics, schedule periodical meetings with project manager to address potential problems and solutions • Planned, purchased and tested software to be implemented • Reviewed development efforts, timing and accuracy of requirements to meet deadlines •


3/1998 - 10/1999 Confidential,BogotŠ, Colombia
Designed, developed and maintained web applications using Cold Fusion, HTML, ASP, SQL and Database design and maintenance. • Opentext(Livelink) Content Server Administration and Domino R5 Admin • NT administration, UNIX, IIS, IP monitoring, Proxy reporting. • IIS 4.x, Site Server. Web-sense Filtering. Proxy server\'s administration. • End user support. • Research new technologies • Generate weekly status reports. • Various graphical tools experience. (Corel, Adobe Photoshop)

Support Engineer

12/1996 - 3/1998 Confidential,BogotŠ, Colombia
Support application development (MS Office, Access). • Maintained web applications using Active Server Pages, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, Oracle and Sybase • Lotus Notes/Domino R5 Administrator • Supported Magic/Vantive Administrator (Helpdesk and Inventory databases).

Training Consultant

9/1996 - 12/1996 Confidential,BogotŠ, Colombia
Bilingual Trainer and Coach. • Delivered software training to top management • Prepared training presentations • Provided coaching and guidance • Excellent presentation skills developed. Spot bonus awarded based on performance.

Systems Analyst

11/1995 - 8/1996 Confidential,BogotŠ., Colombia
Responsibilities: (Part-Time) Network administration (Novell), 9 Stores computer acquisition/installation, PC\'s installation and set-up for stores, international communications, e-mail Administration, end-user support. P.O.S Systems (Par) including installation and configuration on each location

  • Opentext(Livelink)/Sys Admin
  • Opentext(Livelink)/Workflows
  • Business Project Management
  • Opentext(Livelink)/Workflows
  • Oracle CBT
  • Sybase Administration
  • Internet for Developers
  • Novell Certified Network Administrator
  • ECI/Colombian
  • Bachelor\'s Degree Systems Engineer

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