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System Analysis Resume

Kalyan Nagar, BangalorE

Career Objective

To obtain a position as a software program designer in a challenging environment that utilizes team-work effort for researching, learning and developing new high-tech products.

Educational Qualifications:

Computer Science and Engineering



M.V.H.S.S. Arumanoor

Computer Skills:

  • Software Development : Web application Development, Windows applications
  • Tools : MS Office, Visual Studio .Net 2008,NetbeansIDE5.0
  • Programming Languages : C,C++,JAVA,ANDROID
  • Operating Systems : Win XP, Win Vista & Win 7
  • Data Management Tool : SQL


  • Awards in C/C++ college level contest
  • Second prize in "MY IDEA" contest,organized By "IIT Chennai"(Considered for Patent)
  • Member of ISTE

Academic Projects:

Title : System Analysis for Applications
Description : In this project the given data is converted into cipher data. This means that we break all the 8 bit bytes to 6 bit bytes by using Base 64 method. Base64 encoding takes three bytes, each consisting of eight bits, and represents them as four printable characters in the ASCII standard. This provides the Security and Effective transfer of data with in a less amount of time.
Technology Used: JAVA

Title :Video shop Management System
Description : Video shop management system is a powerful software for the video shop. It is based on the Searching and shopping of the things in the video shop. File Concept of C++ is used to handling Data.
Technology Used: C++

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