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Linux Administrator Resume

A position in technical support and systems administration for computer hardware and software, with good visibility leading to possible technical management. I possess excellent oral and written communications skills, and work well with management and end-users.


07/06 – present


  • Perform site maintenance and updates as required
  • Delete spam
  • Approve new users
  • Moderate message bases and post articles of interest

Report to site owner
(Part time position, not a regular job.)

10/08 – present

New York Editor

  • Contribute feature articles related to electronic books and devices to display them
  • Serve as moderator for electronic forums related to electronic books and related technology

Report to site owner
(Part time position, not a regular job.)

03/08 – 06/08

Linux Administrator

  • System Administrator for Dell servers running CentOS 4.X and Sun SPARC servers running Solaris 9
  • System Administrator for Intel servers running Windows 2000 and 2003 Server
  • Creation and administration of CentOS virtual machines under VMWare ESX Server
  • Telecom administration for Cisco VOIP phones using Pingtone
  • Email administrator for email using Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
  • Performed rack mounting and CentOS installation for Dell servers in the data center
  • Performed Windows XP Pro and applications installation on Dell desktop and laptop systems
  • Performed moves/adds/changes for internal VOIP phone system
  • Performed hardware maintenance as required on server and desktop systems
  • Performed UserID creation and maintenance for domain IDs on Windows Server
  • Performed maintenance on DNS records on domain controllers
  • Created and maintained centralized userid and group records for Unix servers using YP
  • Rolled out proprietary software updates to QA, preview, and production servers
  • Helped maintain internal Confluence blog software
  • Technical support as needed for employees using Windows with telnet, ftp, and samba

Reported to Director of IT


Confidential 01/06 – 03/07Confidential 07/05 – 12/05Confidential 09/01 – 06/05Confidential 11/96 – 09/01

IT Operations Manager

  • System Administrator for a variety of Unix servers including Sun SPARC systems running Solaris 7, 8, and 9, a Sun Opteron based server running Solaris 9, plus Red Hat Fedora Core Linux and SCO Open Server 5 on HP and Compaq X86 based servers.
  • Telecom Administrator for local office, managing a Nortel phone switch
  • End user support as required for Microsoft Windows desktops, running Windows 98, Windows 2000 Pro, and Windows XP Pro, with Microsoft Office 2000 and 2003 as main productivity tools.
  • Oversaw transition of users and from a variety of other Sun servers including SPARC 10, 20, and e450 machines to two Sunfire v480 servers running Solaris 9, connecting to a Sun Storeedge 3310 NAS array under Veritas Cluster Manager
  • Installed and configured HP server running Red Hat Fedora Core for use as a DNS server and email server for the UK office.
  • Implemented and managed automated project archive system and handled restores of old projects requested by researchers
  • Implemented automated handling of report generation and delivery to users, replacing previously manual processes
  • Introduced open source software which could be deployed without cost or licensing issues to replace existing commercial products
  • Handled support on Quancept software used for data collection, and Quantum software used for tabbing and analysis
  • Managed backups and restores of diverse systems via Veritas Backup Exec and Veritas NetBackup.
  • Provided limited support for a legacy Oracle database on an older SPARC server used by an operating division.
  • Handled moves, adds, and changes on local telephone service, including punch-downs, switch management, and voice mail management.
  • Assisted in Desktop Refresh project where diverse desktops running Win98, WinNT Workstation, and Windows 2000 Pro with Office 97 and Office 2000 were upgraded to Windows XP Pro SP2 and Office 2003
  • Provided as needed support to desktop users running Windows/Office and some specialized tools like Telnet and FTP clients.

Reported to VP/IT, VP/Applications Development, and AVP/Director of Technology during different periods

Confidential 11/96 – 09/01

Technical Manager

  • System Administrator for in-house Unix server running SCO Open Server 5.0, supporting up to 100 Wyse terminals through Digiboards
  • Network Administrator for local network running Lantastic
  • Telecom Administrator for in house phone system, managing an Executone PBX and an assortment of T1 and POTS lines
  • System Administrator for a variety of other servers running Windows NT Server, Novell Netware, and OS/2 Warp 4
  • Facilities Manager, handling required renovations to the office space, and installation of new plumbing, electrical wiring, drywall, and additional air conditioning
  • Did some programming in the proprietary CfMC script language, and assisted Director of CATI Programming with Unix based issues
  • Oversaw transition from Windows for Workgroups and Microsoft Mail on a Lantastic network to Windows95, Office95, Outlook, and Microsoft Networking, plus subsequent upgrades to Windows98 and Windows 2000 Professional
  • Handled in-house repairs and maintenance on computer equipment and telephone and data cabling, and managed outside contractors when additional services were required.
  • Oversaw installation and managed operation of an EIS Systems predictive dialer, with associated T1 voice lines
  • Oversaw installation and managed operation of a Pro-T-S predictive dialer, with additional T1 lines, plus server and CfMC configuration to allow both dialers to be used at once
  • Dealt with Telco vendors including Verizon (then NyNex), MCI, and Qwest to arrange new services and changes to existing ones
  • Dealt with CfMC, the vendor of the CATI software originally used on the SCO system, handling licensing, new releases, resolution of problems, customization of the software for our environment, and day-to-day management of the software
  • Oversaw installation and managed operation of a Novell Netware server running SurveyCraft software, and replaced 20 Wyse terminals with diskless PC workstations to access either it or CfMC on the SCO server as required, when the company’s Hamilton Phone Center which ran that software required overflow capacity
  • Oversaw transition of the server environment from an Intel based SCO server to a Sun e450 SPARC server running Solaris 8, to permit a central server for several call centers
  • Assisted in opening a new call center in Alamogordo, NM, specifying, installing, and configuring a local Intel server running Red Hat Linux, and Digi Port Server II rack mounted terminal servers connecting to Wyse 150 dumb terminals to provide local CfMC server capacity because the T1 lines weren’t ready for connection to the e450 central server in NYC
  • Provided remote administration and support for the Linux server and Digi boards, and technical support for the CfMC applications software in the facility
  • Oversaw changeover when connectivity became available to have Alamogordo users connect to the e450 in NYC instead of the local Linux server in Alamogordo, installing new versions of the applications software and migrating user ids and configuration
  • Assisted in closure of the Hamilton Phone Center, hiring a telephone contractor, and removing, disassembling, and shipping the existing Cortelco Millenium phone switch to the Alamogordo location.
  • Served as part of the IT team planning and coordinating the integration of the systems of Roper Starch and Audits and Surveys Worldwide, when Roper was purchased by United Business Media, and merged with their existing Audits and Surveys Worldwide operation to become RoperASW.
  • Oversaw conversion from CfMC to SPSS Quancept CATI software when Roper Starch became RoperASW and standardized on the Quancept software used by the sister company.
  • Oversaw installation and managed operation of a Quancept QTS predictive dialer, and conducted a sale of the Pro-T-S unit
  • Oversaw contractors handling re-cabling of MPC and the installation of a new rack and patch panel, in the wake of the acquisition and merger
  • Performed triage when the facility was closed, disposing of equipment no longer needed, and dismantling, packing, and shipping equipment being kept to other locations.

Hired by and reported to SVP/Operations



Internal Consultant

  • System Administrator for in-house Sun SPARCStation running SunOS 4.1.3.
  • Supervised computer operations, specified, purchased, and installed additional equipment including serial expansion units and attached terminals. Handled cabling for RS/232 and Ethernet connections. Performed system upgrades, tuning, and configuration. Set up automated nightly backup to DAT tape.
  • Served as administrator for the Quancept CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system housed on the SPARC. Maintained CATI system in day-to-day operations, trained users in the operation of the system, worked with in-house programmer to develop, install, test, and place in production new CATI applications created in the Quancept CATI system.
  • Provided as needed technical support for Windows for Workgroups internal network, and applications used in the organization centering on the Microsoft Office suite, and telecommunications with remote offices.
  • Developed an internal database to track participants in Techvantage research projects using MicroSoft Access.
  • Served as field supervisor for part time employees who did the basic telephone interviewing, with hiring and firing authority, and served as lead recruiter for research focus groups requiring technical participants.
  • Served as in-house expert on the computer industry, how products and services should be classified, what the intended markets were, and who needed to be contacted in target market segments to collect relevant data about market acceptance and use of various hardware, software, and services.
  • Served as lead recruiter for IT oriented focus groups

Reported to VP of Operations and Finance.

5/88 - 12/95



  • Provided diversified services to clients in a variety of business settings, including hard ware and software installation, maintenance and repair, end-user training on hardware and software. Provided assistance in development of interfaces between existing applications and consultation on getting fuller use from existing hardware/software. Provided consultation and assistance in development of specifications and plans for acquisition of new hardware and software to meet evolving business needs. Client systems included a variety of UNIX and PC platforms, and applications included database management, accounting, and office productivity software.

10/85 - 4/88


Technical Support Manager

  • Served as chief of technical department for a small reseller of AT&T multi- user systems based on UNIX System V and single-user systems based on PC compatibles under MS/DOS.
  • Configured, installed, tested, and maintained complete systems, including processors, terminals, printers, and modems. Installed, configured, tested and maintained systems and applications software. Provided basic training to end-users on system software, and some training on applications packages. Provided both phone and on-site support to end-users of installed systems.
  • Did maintenance, repairs, and upgrades on customer systems, up to and including building systems from components.
  • Assisted sales staff in product demonstrations and sales presentations.
  • Reviewed system specifications for new customer proposals for technical feasibility.
  • Supervised the activities of a three person technical staff and provided staff training and support as required.
  • Hardware included processors from AT&T, Motorola, and Cyb Systems, as well as IBM PCs and compatibles, terminals from Wyse, HDS, C. Itoh, and others, printers from AT&T, Primages, Panasonic, Citizen, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Output Technology and others, and modems from AT&T, Hayes, MicroCom and others.
  • Software included MCBA, Real World, Unify, Progress, Appgen, Crystal Writer, Q-Office, 20/20, Word Perfect, WordMarc Composer, Lotus 1,2,3, The Smart Software, Absolut, SmartCom, CrossTalk, WordPerfect, Lotus 1,2,3, Volkswriter, and others under UNIX System V and/or MS/DOS 2.X and 3.X.

Reported to President and General Manager

4/80 - 8/85

Confidential, NA

Internal Consultant
  • Served as internal consultant and in-house technical support for the Region Finance Department of the Upper Manhattan Region of the New York Banking Division.
  • Provided technical support to end-users of Citibank systems in a variety of hardware/software environments, including IBM 370 and 4341 mainframes under OS/VS1 and MVS/JES2 with CICS and TSO, DEC PDP 11/45s and 11/70s under RSTS-E and RSX-11M+, DEC VAXen under VMS, DEC Pro 350s under POS 2.0, IBM PCs, XTs, and ATs under MS and PC-DOS, and miscellaneous other systems including dedicated WP systems from IBM, DEC, CPT, Lanier, Exxon, and Vydec.
  • Assisted in transition from the ACEP environment to IBM TSO/SPF as the end user interface, and supported users in the transition and use of the system.
  • Created command procedures using TSO Clists to automate operations and provide facilities to end users
  • Developed specifications and worked with MIS on an interface between the general ledger systems and financial reporting systems running on the mainframe.
  • Provided technical support for Region users of systems running on the hardware mentioned above, including training on use of the systems and the software running on them, maintenance of user files and procedures, and resolution of hardware, software, and communications problems.
  • Served as user liaison with MIS, assisting in the resolution of problems with the systems and the development and implementation of user requested new functions and enhancements to existing systems.
  • Provided support to end-users of PC applications, including spread- sheets, databases, word processing, communications, and integrated software packages, as well as hardware specifications and assistance with the use of DOS.
  • Served as principal developer of new applications created in the bank\'s mainframe based financial modeling system.

Reported to VP/Regional Finance Director and AVP/Financial Reporting .

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