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Systems Administrator Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Seven Years of experience in the administration of IBM AIX, Red Hat Linux, VMware on various Hardware Platforms.
  • Extensive Experience in Installation and Administration of AIX 4.3/5.1/5.2/5.3, RED Hat Linux8/9, RHEL 3.0/4.0/5.0 Server family.
  • Designed and Performed NIM installation and Kick start over network and created, maintained installation server, boot server and profile server.
  • Experienced with the installation and configuration on Apache 2.x, 1.3.x, 1.2, JBoss4.0.x Web Servers and, BEA WEB logic 8.x, 9.x servers.
  • Expertise in configuration and pre-installation tasks of RDBMS Installation including Oracle rac,10g,9i on IBM AIX and RED Hat Linux and MYSQLon Linux
  • Proficient in installation and configuration of Web Sphere Applications on Linux and AIX.
  • Familiar with installation of packages, patches, maintenance & RPM updates on Linux.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in AIX Logical Volume Manager (LVM), OS Upgrades and Servers Disk Crash Recovery using Mksysb (AIX).
  • Worked on installing AIX on an LPAR environment P-Series including configuring VIOS.
  • Configured services like DNS, NIS, NFS, LDAP, Send Mail, FTP, Remote access on Linux and AIX.
  • Responsible for setting up disaster recovery environment for AIX and Linux servers and implemented all the DR procedures as per the guidelines.
  • Worked with VMware ESX 2.x servers, and Virtual Infrastructure client to create virtual guests.
  • Ensured system security by hardening and auditing the systems as per guidelines in AIX and Linux also experienced in system analysis, troubleshooting and performance tuning of operating systems.
  • Basic scripting done in Korn, Bash, CSH and Perl for automated tasks.
  • Very good experience with documenting, software usage procedures, network diagrams and project documentation.
  • Acquired skills through management development programs like seminars, workshops & publications.


  • Operating Systems: Linux (Red Hat 8/9/AS4, SUSE 10 & Debian), RHEL 3.0/4.0/5.0, IBM AIX 4.3.3/5.2/5.3, VMware ESX 2, 2.x, 3.
  • Storage: VERITAS Volume manager 3.5 and 4.x, Logical Volume Manager, Tivoli(TSM),VERITAS NetBackup4.5, EMC Power Path, EMC Symmetrix, Hitachi, IBM arrays, Storage-TEK L700,Dell Power Vault.
  • Clustering: HACMP.
  • Web Servers: Apache1.3.x, 1.2, 2.x, JBoss4.0.x, WebLogic, WebSphere, Java Web Server, Tomcat, IIS 5.0/ 4.0, SAMBA v3.0.
  • Database Servers: Oracle8i/ 9i, 10g, RAC, MS SQL 2000/ 7.0.
  • Servers: IBM RS/6000, and P-series servers ranging from F50, H80, F85, P610,P615,P630,P510,P670,P690,P550, P570, P590, P595. HP DL 320, HP DL 330, HP DL 380s, Dell Power Edge Servers, dell 2300, 2400, 2450,2850,2950,6300, Compaq Proliant DL385, 585.
  • Servers: Sendmail, Q Mail, Postfix, iMail, Merak Mail, Lotus Domino, MS Exchange 2000.
  • Programming languages: C,C++,java, JavaScript, HTML, KSH, CSH, Bash, and Perl programming.


Confidential, Dallas, TX
July 2011-Till Date
ROLE: Systems Administrator/Engineer

IBM AIX 5.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x/5.x,Linux 8/9, DLPARS, Oracle9i, LVM ,VMware ESXServer2.x, JBoss4.0.X, Apache2.0, ILO, RAID, Web Logic , IBM P570, p590, 595, Dell 2400, 2450, 2850, 2950,HP DL460c.


  • Administered multiple IBM machines (P570, P590, P630, P670, P690) running on AIX 5.1/5.2, coordinated with application team to Upgrade from AIX 5.1 to AIX 5.2.
  • Was involved in preparation of technical design specifications, installation and configuration of RED Hat Linux and IBM AIX Servers.
  • Administered UNIX Systems for clustered AIX Servers running Dynamic LPARs with fiber attached SAN storage.
  • Maintaining SUSE Enterprises Linux 10, and RED Hat Linux 5 servers in development, test and Production environment and proactively monitoring and administering production and development servers.
  • Involved in applying new patches and packages for Solaris and Linux Servers and handled issues arising out of them.
  • Implemented Virtualization using VMware ESX Server in Linux on HP-460C Blade, Dell-2950.
  • Performed Servers consolidation and virtualization using VMware virtual infrastructure, VMware ESX, Virtual Center, VM tools.
  • Implemented high-availability applications based on the Unix/Java stack, mainly the JBoss Application server on top of Red Hat Linux OS.
  • Provided support for JBoss 4.0.x and apache 2.0 application for operation related to installation and configuration.
  • Worked with Database administrators to tune kernel for Oracle installations on Linux.
  • Involved in troubleshooting the performance issues related to web application running on virtual machines.
  • Interacted with different hardware and software vendors to troubleshoot the hardware and software problems
  • Prepared Technical Design Specification Documents (TDS) and SOW required for datacenter migration.
  • Drafted shell scripts for automated installations, to extract logs.
  • Worked with engineering team to resolve tickets related to engineering issues like firewall change requests.
  • Worked with RED Hat support personnel to troubleshoot red hat satellite server regarding updates.
  • Provided Round the clock support to solve Production issues.

Confidential, Rockville,MD
Oct 2010-June 2011
ROLE: Systems Administrator

AIX 5.1/5.2/5.3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x/5.x,Linux 8/9, Oracle 9i,Logical Volume Manger for Linux and AIX, VMware ESX Server 2.x, JBoss, Samba 3.0, Netapp Filer, Apache 2.0, HACMP,HMC,ILO,RAID, Web Logic , IBM P570, p590, 595, Dell 2400, 2450, 2850, 2950.Hitachi disk Arrays.


  • Building, administering, monitoring and troubleshooting IBM AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, RHEL 4.x/5.x, Windows 2000/2003 servers on P-Series, Dell andCompaq hardware platforms.
  • Worked with DBAs to configure File Systems, users and group for Oracle Database on AIX servers and performed health check on various instance type from production, to development and test.
  • Add, remove and resizing Logical volumes using LVM in Linux and implementing software RAID at installation time.
  • Define/setup network protocols, Network File Services (NFS), and Network Information Services (NIS) in Linux and AIX systems.
  • Configuring Virtual Machines under VMware ESX Servers to install Linux guests.
  • Kernel tuning on AIX systems for Oracle installations.
  • Configure and Implementation of Samba v3.0 to help printing and file sharing in the mixed environment.
  • Maintenance level upgrades and software administration on AIX & RPM installation on Linux using up2date and yum.
  • Monitoring the system performance using tools like Tivoli End Point, Concord and BMC patrol.
  • Acquiring & Initializing LUNs in clustered & stand alone environments.
  • Administered Linux servers for several functions including managing Apache/Tomcat server, mail server, My-SQL database, and firewalls in both development and production.
  • Configuring Kick Start Servers and booting the images using PXE in Red hat Linux.
  • Implementation and Management of Disk Quota on Linux as well as NetApp filers.
  • Implementation of SSH for secure transfers and implementation of PKI between servers to enable password less logins between Servers.
  • User group management and security policy management for the all servers including windows and UNIX. Responsible for defining special user privileges using Sudo.
  • Configuration and administration of Apache web server and JBoss for web applications.
  • Performing O/S and kernel upgrades on AIX and Linux servers.
  • Installing, configuring and deploying applications on Web logic Application Server 8.x, 9.x.
  • Diagnosed hardware and software problems using DIAG and ERRPT and provided solution to them.
  • Manage systems using remote consoles like ILO for HP Hardware and HMC for IBM P-Series.
  • Troubleshoot backup issues, Perform manual backups & restore on VERITAS Net Backup.
  • Document and maintain the inventory using asset management techniques.
  • Supporting servers on 24x7 Basis on different platforms.

Confidential, Cupertino, CA
Sept 2009-Sept 2010
UNIX Administration on AIX / Linux Servers

IBM AIX 4.3.3, 5.1, 5.2, Solaris 8/9, RHEL 3.X, 4.X, Oracle 8i, 9i, MY SQL, Apache 2.x, LPARS, VMware ESX Server, Veritas Volume Manager, NIM, Kick Start, HACMP, HMC, Samba, WebSphere. IBM P510, P670, P690, P550, P570, P590, HP DL320, HP DL330, HP DL 380s .EMC Symmetrix, Hitachi, IBM arrays.


  • IBM P550, P570 and P590, and HP server's administration.
  • AIX 5.x, RED Hat Linux and Solaris 8/9 server's administration.
  • UNIX Administration- maintaining around 1000 Production environment including IBM AIX & RHEL 3.0 servers. Managing their memory / CPU load, Disk Space, swap space, processes etc running on them.
  • Installation, configuration & administration of RED Hat Linux 8/ 9/ RHEL 3.0/ RHEL 4.0 , AIX 5.1/5.2 and Solaris 8/9 servers.
  • Extensive experience on installation, configuration and maintenance of Squid proxy.
  • Manage Servers using HMC/WebSM and create LPARS.
  • Building Servers using NIM from mksysb or spot in AIX.
  • Configure servers to use HTTP, DNS, NFS, NetBackup, Storage Disk configuration.
  • Creating & administer user accounts, SUDO access, etc.
  • Managing file systems; grow them on fly using LVM on AIX and Linux.
  • Diagnose and correct boot failures arising from boot loader, module, and file system errors on Linux.
  • K Shell scripting of error logs, print queue checking, and disc space status via email routing. CRON tab entry experience.
  • Mirror the root volume group in AIX and use it for redundancy.
  • Configure HACMP for a clustering environment on AIX servers.
  • Performing O/S upgrades and Maintenance level upgrades.
  • Use ILO/HMC for remote access of servers on Linux/AIX respectively.
  • Troubleshoot hardware, software and Operating system related errors on Linux and AIX.
  • Troubleshooting AIX/Linux network problems.
  • Installed MultiPathing software such as EMC Powerpath, HDLM.
  • Configured Bonding in Linux and Ether-channel in AIX.
  • Performed system-monitoring tools like TOPAS,SAR,VMSTAT,IOSTAT to report systems usage and performance
  • Maintain & troubleshoot SAN and Fiber card related errors on AIX.
  • Maintain & troubleshoot Storage Disks from IBM, HITACHI, and EMC Disk arrays.
  • Manage and troubleshoot any printer issues.
  • Co-ordinate with IBM and HP for faulty part replacement.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ
Nov 2008- Aug 2009
ROLE: System Administrator

AIX,RHEL3.x/4.x,HCMP ,LVM,Apache1.3,DNS,NFS,NIS,Oracle 8i TSM ,Work Load Manager, HACMP, LPAR, VERITAS NetBackup, NIM, Samba, Dell Power Vault, Storage TEK, L700.


  • Created users, manage user permissions, maintain User & File system quota on AIX and Linux servers.
  • Data Warehousing and System Backup using tar, cpio for local systems and VERITAS Netback up for enterprise wide backup and recovery and to centrally manage storage resources through a single console.
  • Created Servers, User mappings and Nicknames to access DB2 and Oracle databases.
  • Setup NIM server and install clients.
  • Configured volume groups and logical volumes, extended logical volumes for file system growth needs using Logical Volume Manager (LVM) commands.
  • Maintained availability, increased capacity & performance of production machines by upgrading their hardware (disks, CPU, memory, IO board, power cooling unit, mother board etc) & firmware.
  • Performing Failovers in HACMP cluster environment, monitoring servers.
  • Experienced in creating Logical Partitions (LPAR) on Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), EMC storage, IBM Regatta Systems.
  • Experienced in implementing WLM using clustering and cloning.
  • Configuring & administration of NFS, NIS, Auto Mounts & Network Printers.
  • Process administration (i.e. monitoring processes using PS utility, signaling a running process using KILL and KILLALL command, monitoring processes and system load using TOPAS, VMSTAT, and UPTIME utilities, monitoring logs, scheduling processes using CRON utility).
  • Accessing File systems ,printers using Samba over windows and Linux environments
  • Wrote shell scripts for automated installations, to extract logs.
  • Installation and configuration of Apache Web Server 1.3 for Various intranet/extranet websites
  • Installation of patches, packages on AIX, Linux Servers.
  • Configured IBM Total Storage SSA RAID arrays and SCSI storage drawers including D20/D24.
  • Performed User Account management, data backups, and users' logon support.
  • Monitored trouble ticket queue to attend user and system calls.
  • Attended team meetings, change control meetings to update installation progress, and for upcoming changes in environment.
  • Worked with Firewall group, Web group to maintain their software on these systems.

Confidential, India
Feb 2007 - Sept 2008
ROLE: UNIX Systems Administrator

AIX 4.x, 5.x, RedHat7/8 RHEL3.x, 4.x, Tivoli Storage Management, Oracle, TSM, DHCP, Capacity Planning, Apache, Weblogic, Sendmail


  • Design, implement, and administer HACMP solutions for business critical applications based on AIX, including multiple UDB Database systems.
  • Design, implement, and maintain AIX solutions for Tier I applications, including multiple UDB database servers
  • Involved in all major projects to recommendations, design, and implement backup and storage solution.
  • Design, implement, and administer a Tivoli Storage Manager solution for enterprise backup & recovery
  • Maintain enterprise backup environment by monitoring Tivoli system for sizing considerations through usage trending
  • Design and test a Disaster Recovery solution for all business critical applications and systems, including AIX, Linux and Solaris systems.
  • Design and implement a DNS/DHCP solution to replace current aging system. Solution required 99.9% uptime via Linux clustering.
  • Size AIX systems that would support Oracle databases, as well as tune systems for performance issues through disk and network topology, as well as system environment tuning.
  • Implemented software RAID at install-time and run-time on Linux.
  • Diagnose and correct problems with network services and any other hardware issues in AIX and Linux servers.
  • Resolve technical problems as they happen - take ownership of problems & work them to resolution using both internal resources & third-party technical support partners (IBM & HP).

Confidential, India
Arp 2006 - Jan 2007
Jr. System Administrator

IBM RS/6000, RHEL 3.x,4.x, LVM for Linux/AIX, Apache 2.0, Send Mail, NFS, Kick Start, IIS, Squid, and Samba.


  • Installing & Configuring Linux, AIX operating systems & Windows2000/ NT.
  • Up gradation of Operating System Environment/ kernel patches, packages, web server, and applications.
  • Building Servers using Kick Start.
  • Performing routine backup and restore using VERITAS Backup-Exec manager/ manual of all enterprise servers.
  • Installing and configuration of IIS, Apache, and Samba.
  • Installing, configuring and updating LDAP, DNS, DHCP, NFS, NIS and NIS+ on Linux & AIX servers.
  • Integration of Windows 2000/NT with various UNIX servers/workstation using NFS & Samba.
  • Configuration of network using Squid to increase network performance.
  • Configuring & Managing disks using LVM on Linux and AIX.
  • Review server loads and recommend load balancing for optimization.
  • Configuring IP connectivity, routing, checkpoint firewall and network interfaces. Also maintaining network connectivity of servers.
  • Assisting the Network Engineer in evaluating software for security bugs and networking up gradation in vendor software.
  • Performing capacity planning and performance tuning swap space, paging, share memory file systems, disk space, Daemons, web server processes, & SSH.
  • Interact with Third Party Vendors for support and escalation of cases.

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