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Systems Engineer Resume

Fort Worth, TX


  • 18 years of IT experience with 6.5 years in Healthcare Benefit and Insurance with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Medicaid applications, 3.5 years in Banking and Finance, 4 years in Government and Foreign funded projects, 2.5 years in Business Software, Retail and Telecommunications.
  • Analyst Programmer with extensive experience in development of business application, system design, production or application support of Sybase, Ingress, Flagship, Oracle and Xbase system.
  • Extensive experience in data and application migration from Legacy systems to Sybase, Novell applications to Unix/Flagship.
  • Extensive experience in Unix, Windows, Novell & DOS based application development from system design, development, testing, debugging and implementation.
  • Extensive experience in developing shell scripts and batch processing.
  • Possesses excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills.


Operating System: Unix (Solaris, IBM) , Windows, Novell and DOS
Database : Sybase (Stored Procedure, TSQL) , Ingress (Stored Procedure, TSQL), Flagship, Access, Xbase(Clipper & Foxpro),
Oracle, Btrieve and CodeBase, MS-SQL server
Languages : C, C++, Flagship, XBase(Clipper & Foxpro), Access, Microfocus COBOL
Tools : Scripting(sed and awk, Perl), Autosys, MS-Visual Basic Script, Crystal Reports, ClearCase,
SCCS (Source Code Control System)/RVS (Revision Control System)/CVS (Concurrent Version Control)


June ‘08 – June ‘09 Confidential,Fort Worth, TX
Systems Engineer/ Head Developer

  • Writes source code, adapts existing components, compiles, links and tests the developed components as units creating test stubs and test data as necessary using Unix,C and Sybase.
  • Fixes defects identified during unit testing and re-execute unit tests to verify the expected behavior
  • Translates the business requirements into a further level of detail that describes how to implement the system.
  • Performs project management tasks including planning, estimating, status reporting and scope management.
  • Participates in definition of the requirements of a system including the functional and non-functional requirements
  • Performs analysis and conceptual design on complex system components and ensures designs are accurately documented and receive the appropriate stakeholder approval.
  • Provides the appropriate support both ongoing and during the integration and acceptance testing phases

Jan ‘07 – Apr ‘08 Confidential,Rhode Island
Systems Engineer

  • Modify, test and implement the weekly financial payment batch applications of several health providers using Unix C, Microfocus COBOL, Ingress and Shell scripts to use the federal mandated National Provider Identifier(NPI) number instead of the existing legacy provider id including the financial EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and reports generated by the application which includes the Payment Order Remittance Advice(820), Remittance Advice(835), Suspended Claims(277) and Remittance Advice(57), Mass Adjustments and Provider Financial Daily Transaction.
  • Modify, test and implement the enrollment and re-enrollment letters of providers of the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS).
  • Improve the existing utilities and databases used in checking and modifying the output of the claims and financial batch applications.
  • Develop the different job scripts for the created applications that needs to automatically run in either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly using Autosys.

Jul \'03 – Oct\' 06 Confidential,Rhode Island
May \'02 – Jul \'03 Confidential,Rhode Island
Programmer Analyst

  • Maintained and developed applications for the COBRA application software used for health insurance based on users and clients requirement using C, Clipper, Foxpro and Scripts.
  • Improved and maintained system security and monitoring by adding password and logging utilities.
  • Improved nightly batch processing by creating logging and regeneration utilities and by improving the efficiency of called programs by using (Unix commands, sed and awk) which were ported to run in Windows.
  • Developed and implemented the One-Time payment by phone application and improved the daily EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).
  • Developed and implemented scripts to provide the ability of excel reports to get information from the COBRA application system as required by clients using Access and MS VB Scripts.
  • Studied Crystal Report to handle client web based request for reports whose data requirements are coming from the DBF file format but finally settled with just directly feeding the data to the MS SQL Server and Oracle where Crystal Report works best.
  • Consolidated daily and monthly reports for feed to the web based report application using MS-SQL server and Oracle.

Dec \'00 – Jul \'01 Confidential,Rhode Island
Systems Engineer

  • Designed, coded, maintained, tested, revised and implemented the existing Unix C, Microfocus COBOL, Ingress, Shell script based Premium Payment into RIte Share medic aid application program for use by the Department of Human Services (DHS) of the state of Rhode Island.
  • Develop the different job scripts for the created applications that needs to automatically run in either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly using Autosys.

Oct \'00 – Nov \'00 Confidential,New Jersey

  • Maintained and revised the existing Unix C++, Open Look, Oracle Work Manager application program as per user request.
  • Experimented on modifying the C++ Work Manager into a web based application by using HTML, Java, Java Server Page, Java Beans and Java Script.

Nov \'99 – Aug \'00 Confidential,Singapore

  • Developed and tested tools & utilities created using C codes and shell scripts to facilitate a faster conversion of the old Bullion and Futures Systems to the Unix C environment using FlagShip.
  • Converts and tests batch programs running under the Novell environment to Unix environment using shell scripts.
  • Developed rule-based scripts that will automatically convert Clipper, DOS and Novell commands to the Unix C environment.
  • Developed Unix scripts to generate tables and scripts to organize, update and transfer records from one server to another.

Oct \'97 – Oct \'99 Confidential,Singapore
EDP Executive/Analyst/Programmer

  • Developed and tested Loans, Collateral, Control and Miscellaneous System using C, Sybase, Stored Procedures and Shell Scripts in the Unix Client-Server environment.
  • Enhanced and maintained existing Loans, Collateral, Control and Miscellaneous System.
  • Developed C functions for a modular approach in creating C application programs.
  • Formulated Unix and Sybase scripts to generate tables and scripts to organize, update and transfer records from one server to another.
  • Developed batch processing programs to be run for end of the day, week and month processing .
  • Developed batch programs to update, delete and generate data for use in log reports and maintenance of timeliness of data.
  • Developed back-end processing programs used in the management of records such as updating, deleting, adding, inquiring and processing.
  • Developed programs in the generation of hard copy reports for distribution to the different departments and to the different branches of Hong Leong Finance.
  • Created front-end help screens for the different application in the system using TFM(Task Flow Management).

Nov \'93 – Mar \'94 Confidential,Philippines
Part-Time Faculty

  • Taught programming classes on C and Clipper.

May \'93 – Oct \'97 Confidential,Philippines
Programmer II

  • Developed programs that would be used for the monitoring of water quality and quantity throughout the region. Programs were developed using C with Foxpro and Access for the database system.
  • Developed and maintained the inventory system for the monitoring of equipment and materials used in the project.
  • Maintained, updated and trained personnel on the application of the CASHEWS (Communities and Sanitation, Health, Engineering, Water Supply ) program which monitors the health and sanitation and the water supply of the different communities and associations in the region.
  • Designed and conducted trainings on methods of data gathering and application of different softwares.
  • Monitored and evaluated the projects undertaken as member of Monitoring and Evaluation team. Evaluated computers and peripherals before buying equipment and monitored the maintenance of each equipment.
  • Made presentations for the Annual Congress Budget Hearing at the Philippine Congress.

Nov \'91 – Mar \'93 Confidential,Philippines

  • Designed and implemented graphical programs e.g. charts for integration in Buy & Sell software done by Philippine Nitto Systems in Japan using Microsoft C.
  • Developed programs & functions for the Clipper 5.01 version of Buy & Sell.
  • Tasked to study and evaluate Borland C++ for Windows for a possible C++ version of the buy and sell system.
  • Developed the C++ version of the Buy & Sell system with emphasis on the user interface functions and database management.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS)

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