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Systems Engineer Resume

Jersey City, NJ


  • 8+ years of experience in developing reports, large-scale, Object-Oriented n-tier Scalable, high-performance distributed systems and web applications using CoreJava and Actuate Reports.
  • Excellent knowledge in Corporate banking domain.
  • Worked with major Investment bank - Citibank, across various regions in implementations and business operations.
  • Familiar with Multi-threading concepts.
  • Extensive design and development within a Front Office environment with strong skills in Core Java, Multi-threading, Relational Databases and strong scripting.
  • Strong work experience in Reporting design using ActuateReporting.
  • Strong Experience in database design using PL/SQL to write Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and strong experience in writing complex queries, using DB2 and Oracle.
  • Expert in using Java IDE's like Eclipse and Microsoft VJ++.
  • Hands on experience in PVCS, SVN and RationalClearcase as version manager.
  • Strong work experience in Web based application development, Database programming, distributed computing, Server side programming and Client Server computing in n-tier software systems.
  • Proficient in Object Oriented Principles, Methodologies and Best Practices.
  • Experience in Functional Specifications / Business Requirement Document Analysis.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team player in critical components and possess good analytical, leadership skills.
  • Good knowledge of the different processes involved in the Software Development Life Cycle and has exposure to the standards, procedures & documentation followed by CMMi Level 5 companies.
  • Involved in various activities like Design, Coding, End-to-End Testing and Production Support for various online applications.
  • Good knowledge on Struts and JSP
  • Experience in mentoring new members in a team and making them productive.
  • Demonstrated ability to multitask and manage multiple projects in a cross-functional environment.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills. Self-starter, customer focused, detail oriented.

BE (Computer Science Engineering)


  • Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4.
  • Received 'Man of the Month' award for exceptional testing abilities for File Delivery Imports.

Operating Systems Windows, UNIX
Languages Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Visual Basic.
Mark Up Language HTML, XML
Database DB2, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Sybase
J2EE Technologies JDBC, EJB, JSP, Servlets,
Application Servers WebSphere
Tools WinRunner, TOAD, QTODBC, Microsoft Office, Actuate Reports, Crystal Reports, TestDirector, Doors.
Version Control Rational Clear Case, PVCS, SVN.
IDE Eclipse, Microsoft VJ++
Processes CMMI


Confidential, Team Leader/Senior Developer Jersey City, NJ 12/2007 - Present
Fund Services Reporting is a web based on-demand interactive information delivery system that provide fund managers with real-time business intelligence for maximum flexibility and matchless control. This system enables the user to get fund data from data warehouse in the form of reports and extracts. It allows the user to run online reports, set up extracts, edit, package, schedule them and deliver them through secured mail, SFTP, unsecured email and MQ Series.

  • Leading the offshore team during development and testing.
  • Enhanced Server side coding using Core Java during Localization and Package Rewrite Projects
  • Designed and developed a generic Drilldown Report thereby reducing the number of individual Drilldown Report files from 11 to 1. This also improved the Drilldown Performance and was easy to Maintain.
  • In charge of the Actuate Framework team and sensitive Reports which were run most frequently by Clients.
  • Created numerous utilities using Core Java for easy migration of Reports from one Environment to another.
  • Played a pivot role in the co-ordination with UI team and implementation of Package Rewrite Project.
  • Assisted UI Team in the fixing of Validation Issues in their server side code which was written in Java.
  • Developed Parameter coding on the Server side using Core Java.
  • Optimized the Report as well as SP sqls for better performance of Reports.
  • Optimized the Reporting Framework for easy Maintenance.
  • Played a Key role in investigating and fixing Production Issues on any Reports/UI.
  • Created utilities in Core Java for the migration of data from Old tables to new tables for Package Rewrite Project.
  • Modified the Hermes process for the deployment of the Reports in new Reporting Server.
  • In Charge of the Localization Procedure for the Entire Project.
  • Developed Test Cases for Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Used PVCS, SVN as the version Control System.

Environment: Core Java, Actuate 8, IBM DB2 8, PVCS, SVN, Toad, QTODBC, UNIX, Shell Scripting,

Confidential, CitiDirect 05/2001 - 12/2007

Confidential, an award winning transaction and information delivery platform, combines centralized access to corporate banking functions with flexible reporting and file management capabilities. It supports a peak of about 4000 active users per hour and has recorded a transaction value of $500 Billion per month.
Confidential, is a common Internet-enabled Electronic Banking / Electronic Commerce platform to provide for the integrated delivery of Citibank's portfolio of corporate banking services to all of Citibank's customers globally. One of the leading offerings of Internet Banking for Corporate worldwide, CitiDirect provides a web-enabled customer front-end for e-business products of Payments and Reporting, File Delivery, Automated File and Report Delivery (AFRD), Global Trade, Receivables, Netting and Liquidity. Citibank is the premier provider of electronic banking solutions for corporate bank customers and CitiDirect project caters to the financial needs of these customers.

Confidential, Senior Developer 05/2001 - 09/2001 and 11/2004 - 12/2007

Global Payments and Reporting

Global Payments and Reporting supports reporting facility to provide customers with essentially real-time information to support the customer Cash Management decision-making processes. In addition, users will be able to access consolidated information via reports across multiple branches. Users will be able to track the payments generated through the application and generated through the various backend systems running under different environments.


  • Played a key role in the conversion of Reports from Crystal to Actuate.
  • Responsible for Service Class Registration of the Report Service Class in Core Java and migration of the same to various Environments.
  • Onsite coordinator for Offshore Reporting team coordinating in the check-ins and deployments of Reports/Inquiries in various Environments.
  • Incharge of the Onsite Team for Reports.
  • Responsible in the Implementation of date time displayed based on Time Zone, which was later used across the Entire CitiDirect.
  • Played a pivot in the implementation of PI DataStore in Inquiries and Reports.
  • Responsible in the creation of Criteria Lookups for Reports using Core Java.
  • In charge of Reporting Framework Enhancements for the Entire CitiDirect.
  • Responsible in the Development/Enhancement of Inquiries using Core Java
  • Responsible for the Maintenance of the Reporting Server.
  • Developed utilities in Core Java for Report Meta data Migration.
  • Responsible for the Enhancement and Maintenance of Same Day Reconcilement module for Transaction Initiation (TI) using Core Java.
  • Developed a stand-alone program in Core Java for validation of Inquiry data against DB2.
  • Responsible for Investigation of the tickets raised by the QC/UAT team and move it back if no issues, else move it to the appropriate Team Member.
  • Responsible for investigating Production and providing the Solutions to the Client.
  • Developed Test Cases for Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Used Rational Clearcase as the version Control System.

Environment: Actuate 5/6/7, Oracle 8i/9i, Toad, Core Java, IIS, Swing, Clearcase.

Confidential, Systems Engineer 04/2002 - 10/2004

File Delivery

The list of financial services offered by Confidential, includes Global Payments, Receivables, Liquidity and Trade. The customer can either use the Front end to initiate a transaction or a file that contains a number of transactions in a certain format. The component that works on such files is called the File Delivery Application. The module consists of two components - Imports and Exports. Transactions that have to be initiated are imported and product inquiries are exported to a file. To make life simpler the entire process could also be automated in CitiDirect on a time-based schedule and/or event-based schedule using Automated File and Report Delivery - AFRD. QC team does the testing of these Components to deliver them bug free to the Customers.


Environment: Core Java, VJ++, Actuate 6/7, Toad, Oracle 8i, Rational Clearcase, Eclipse


  • Responsible for Design and Developments of the Reports in Map Management
  • Responsible for Service Class Registration of the Report Service Class and migration of the same to various Environments.
  • Developed Complex Criteria Lookups in Core Java for Reports.
  • Developed Inquiries using Core Java.
  • Fixing Production Issues in File Delivery using Core Java.
  • Involved in Production Support for File Delivery Imports and Exports.
  • Optimized the sql for File Delivery Exports for better performance.
  • Used Rational Clearcase as the version Control System.

QC Tester:

Environment: WinRunner, Rational Clearcase, Toad, Oracle8i/9i, Doors, Actuate 6/7.


  • Responsible for the Offshore File Delivery Imports Testing
  • Direct Contact with the Client regarding the Status of the Testing
  • Responsible for E2E Testing of File Imports for Receivables.
  • Instrumental in finding data for testing of File Exports with Data
  • Created test scripts using WinRunner for automated testing of File Delivery Imports.
  • Created test scripts for Manual Testing in TestDirector.
  • Used Doors to review the initial Functional Requirements Documents (FRD).
  • Used Rational Clearcase as the version Control System.
  • Helped the Development in investigating few Production Issues.
  • Responsible in fixing Production Issues for the Reports maintained by the Development Team in Actuate.
  • Responsible for testing of Imports during Oracle 8i to 9i Conversion.

Confidential, Senior Developer 08/2001 - 04/2002

The Confidential, involves creating Invoices for various parties, setting up the Netting centers, its participants, Netting Cycles, managing netting processes like closing the cycle, running approximate/final netting, releasing payments to corporate global clients. The project includes one TI (Transaction Initiation), 7 libraries and 63 reports. I was involved in production support and maintenance/management of the project from offshore and on-site.


  • Responsible for conversion of Reports from Crystal to Actuate.
  • Responsible for setting up the MS SQL Server in Offshore (Chennai, India).
  • Responsible in training new team members.
  • Responsible in setting up the Metadata for the Reports in Oracle.
  • Onsite coordinator for the project, coordinating in the Deployment and patching the Reports/meta data for various environments.
  • Involved in Production Support that involved investigation and immediate fixing of Production Issues.
  • Responsible for the initial setup in the UI Screen for this Project.
  • Responsible for the Development/Enhancement of Inquiries/TIs using Core Java.
  • Responsible for Development of Service Class Registration of the Report Service Class using Core Java and migration of the same to various Environments .
  • Involved in modifying the Reporting Framework to support these types of Reports.
  • Responsible for creation of Report Criteria in UI using Core Java.
  • Responsible for testing of data for the new MS SQL Sps created for data retrieval.
  • Developed Test Cases for Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Used Rational Clearcase as the version Control System.

Environment: Core Java, Actuate Reports 5/6, Crystal Reports, MS Sql Server 2000, Oracle 8i, Toad, Rational Clearcase

Keywords: Actuate , Java, Oracle

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