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Computer Systems Analyst Resume



  • Senior application developer in C, UNIX, Oracle
  • Experience in various applications like retail business, Inventory management and Terminal Automation in real time environment.
  • Good at program debugging and technical documentation skills.
  • Worked in SOX and ISO 9000 environments
  • Self motivated individual with strong technical and analytical skills.
  • Effective team player with good communication and interpersonal skills

Programming Languages C, BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, FoxPro, Pascal
Operating Systems UNIX (Solaris, AIX, SCO and HP), Linux, Windows 9x, Windows NT, QNX
Databases Oracle, Sybase, Proprietary relational databases Seachange and Sculptor, dBase III/IV, MS Access, SQL Plus, PL/SQL, SQLMenu, PL/SQL, triggers, Pro*C
Tools UNIX Shell Scripting (Korn and Bourne), Perl, Perl DBI, Awk, Sed,make utility, cron processes, SCCS, CVS, LogiXML report writer
Debugging tools gdb, dbx


Confidential, PA (Apr'08 - Current)
Computer Systems Analyst position

  • Develop and modify programs for warehouse management system - written in C and Perl under HP UNIX, AIX UNIX and Oracle 10g.
  • Modify and develop SQL scripts
  • PRO*C development.

Confidential, NC (Feb'06 - Mar '08)
Confidential, (Fortune 50 company)

  • Develop and modify programs for Distribution centers - written in C under AIX UNIX, Oracle and Sybase.
  • Troubleshoot production issues.
  • Develop and modify scripts in Korn shell, Perl and awk.
  • Develop and implement specifications and test plans for SOX compliant Distribution Management System (DMS).
  • Made changes to the existing Distribution and Transportation software for the DMS group. Create and update SQL scripts as well as embedded SQL code. Create new embedded sql functions where needed.

Confidential, Canada (Dec'05- Feb'06)

  • Modified C programs under AIX for their Telecommunication programs for Bell Canada.
  • Modified C programs with PRO*C. Oracle 10g was the database.
  • Creation of Tables for the database.

Confidential, Baroda, India (Jan'02 - Feb'05)

  • Through Data Logic, developed projects in PL/SQL and Pro*C embedded in C projects for Oil refinery Terminal Automation.
  • Used triggers and stored procedures extensively.
  • Developed report programs

Confidential, TX (Dec'95 - Sep'01)
Senior Developer/Software Manager

  • Developed turnkey projects of oil refinery terminals loading operations involving real time transactions. Demonstrated good project management, people management and leadership skills, as headed the software department consisting of about twenty-five software engineers. Managed the entire software development life cycle of the projects. Coordinated projects between U.S and India operations
  • Modified the existing system to add new functionality and improve the overall system performance based on the client's requirements.
  • New GUI was developed using Photon Micro GUI. Added GUI in the entire system, as the old system offered only text based menu selection. Customized the base program per their individual branch requirements.
  • Designed and developed new interface programs for another type of card reader input. The programs were debugged manually with all the input and output devices (PLC, Card reader, Batch controller, monitors, and printers) or simulators. Based on the device type the programs communicated with them using TCP/IP, Serial or Modbus protocols. RCS was used for version control.

Confidential, India
Software Manager

  • Designed, developed, debugged and maintained applications for nearly twenty Refinery terminals. Railway wagons and truck loading applications were developed. The system comprised of more than 200 program files with nearly 50000 C code lines. Programs were recoded or modified to improve the overall system performance or to add new functionality.
  • Ported full C/UNIX application from proprietary database Seachange to Oracle.
  • Migrated the total system from Seachange database to oracle database. To incorporate normalization, the database was completely redesigned. Database was accessed through SQL/PL-SQL/Pro*C.
  • Designed and developed multiple software solutions for hot standby system, so that in case of failure of the one computer the other will continue operations seamlessly. The processes used to communicate with each other using various IPC (Inter Process Communications) - Pipes, Message queues, Semaphores, shared memory and Sockets.
  • X-Motif was used for UNIX clients as GUI. As the customer needed GUI in Windows environment we developed VB programs on client side and used ODBC to access Oracle database on the server side.
  • Shell scripts were developed for regular backup and maintenance purpose. To make the system robust multiple communication ports were used. Prepared technical write-ups for the projects undertaken for the documentation purpose and for the clients.

Confidential, India (May'90- Dec'95)
Assistant Manager

  • Developed software applications for Sales analysis, Library management, Inventory control, Hotel management and Game simulation. The programs were developed using C, C++,COBOL or FoxPro under DOS, UNIX or Windows environment. Oracle or BTRIEVE were used as database.
  • Trained junior programmers in C, C++, UNIX, Oracle and programming techniques. Prepared training materials.
  • Taught algorithm and data structure courses.

Confidential, India (May'87-May'90)
Manager (Software)

  • Coordinated with the customers in finalizing specifications. Looked after analysis, design and development of software projects in Inventory Control, Financial Accounting and Payroll. The systems were written in dBase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro. The system sometimes fetched data from other database using ODBC.

Confidential, California (Aug'86-Mar'87)
System Analyst

  • As a consultant, participated in developing word processor package.

MS in Computer Science
Stood first in the Faculty of Science with 75% marks and was awarded Gold Medal.

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