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Senior Systems Architect Resume

Tampa, FL

Professional Summary

  • 24+ years in the information technology industry providing technical leadership, architecture design, project management, solution implementation, technical support, mentoring, training and 1st class documentation services.
  • The past 14+ have been focused on design, build, implementation and administration of integration services solutions on z/OS mainframe and distributed (UNIX/AIX/Solaris/Linux/Win) platforms in support of Confidential's Websphere integration suite (WMQ[v5.x, v6.x and v7.x]/WMB[v6.x]/WAS[v6.x]) with Confidential WMQ Certification.
  • Daily responsibility for every aspect of installation, build-out, support and maintenance of WMQ Series on:
    • z/OS QMGR build & configuration, DASD allocation, SMP/E maintenance, clustering and queue sharing
    • UNIX product/package install, maintenance, process management, clustering, DISK consumption and HA
    • Windows product install, maintenance, process management, clustering, DISK consumption and HA
  • Have managed and participated in small, medium and large scope & scale infrastructure projects in support of PMO, SDLC, ITIL and LEAN frameworks.
  • Extensive experience and involvement with High-Availability and Business Continuation (DR) support and services.
  • Technical: Design, implement and support enterprise infrastructure, HA, all-scale solutions based on WMQ(server and client)/WMB (multi domain/broker) technology on a wide variety of technology platforms including, MQ clustering, shared queues/channels, Pub/Sub, as well as multi-instance WMB domain/broker configurations.
  • Project management: Provide infrastructure project management services for full project life cycle from requirements gathering to implementation, support and documentation utilizing MS-Visio, Word, Excel and MS-Project.
  • Documentation: Develop and maintain a full compliment of enterprise infrastructure documentation including, topology diagrams, detailed message flows, technical reference, standards and training-mentoring, utilizing MS-Visio, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Professional Experience

Centric Consulting, Columbus, Ohio (March 2010 - Present)
Cardinal Health - Integration Architect - WMB SME System Integration)

  • Develop high-level design scope and design
  • Develop detailed integration design architecture, plans and documentation
  • Design implementation of BioRX solution integrated with proprietary products and solutions including SAP ECC

Confidential, Dubuque, IA (October 2009 - February 2010)
JAZZ - WME SME (Middleware)

  • Support Websphere Suite (WMQ/WMB/WAS) enterprise implementations across diverse global client base.
  • Completed client WMQ migrations from v5.x to v6.x and v7.x on UNIX/Solaris/Linux/AIX, AS400 and z/OS.
  • Provide installation, implementation, maintenance and 24x7 support for Confidential customer middleware solutions.
  • Mentor junior staff with WMQ/WMQ/WAS skill sets including processes and procedures to enable them to provide client support and services.
  • Support customer 3rd Party middleware products: Connect: Direct, PM4Data, EDA/EDI.
  • Coordinate and document client implementations and configurations and assist in repository management.
  • Develop and manager core documentation standards, templates and document repository.
  • Platforms: z/OS, Win2Kx, AIX, Solaris, Linux, UNIX and AS400/iSeries.

Confidential, Lanham, MD (November 2008 - July 2009)
Senior Middleware Consultant

  • Installed, configured and supported WMQ v5.x and v6.x enterprise MQ Clustered configuration.
  • Installed and supported WMQ Client for WMQ connectivity for modernization applications.
  • Reviewed architecture, configuration and deployment of WMQ integration solutions.
  • Reviewed and analyzed existing proprietary integration solutions for replacement with ESB and WMB broker solution.
  • Reviewed and analyzed environmental and implementation procedures.
  • Provided installation and maintenance support for WMQ v5.2, v5.3, v6.2 in deployed environments.
  • Platforms: z/OS, Win2Kx, AIX, Solaris, Linux and UNIX.

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA (September 2008 - November 2008)
Senior Middleware Consultant

  • Installed, configured and supported WMQ v6.2 server and client solution to support HAVA v2 voter registration.
  • Architected HA WMQ middleware solution to support BizTalk and SQL application integration.
  • Implemented WMQ configuration standards and application development best practices.
  • Implemented un-attended real-time monitoring solution to integrate with Windows 'MOM' monitoring.
  • Documented solution configuration and complete Health Check documents for future upgrades.
  • Provided WMQ entry level training, mentoring and knowledge transfer.
  • Platforms: z/OS, Win2Kx.

Confidential, Norfolk, VA (August 2008 - September 2008)
Senior Middleware Consultant

  • Complete Health-Check services for the enterprise installation of WMQ v6 and WMB v6.
  • Created and documented Road-Map for enhancements to support continued deployment.
  • Platforms: z/OS, Win2Kx, Solaris and Linux.

Confidential, Columbus, OH (October 2007 - August 2008)
CIO & VP Operations

  • Researched, evaluated and implemented products for modernization of existing Healthcare iSeries application.
  • Developed and implemented HTML/Web presentation wrapper for existing iSeries-RPG application.
  • Implemented HTTP WEB and SSL 'secure', multi-user solution to support online client access services.
  • Developed client sales and new client implementation procedures and training schedules.
  • Developed daily operational policies and procedures for client services.
  • Platforms: Win2Kx, Linux and AS400/iSeries.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC (February 2007- October 2007)
Senior Middleware Consultant & Integration Specialist

  • Installed, configured and supported WMQ v6.x server clustered solution supporting Web application MQClient connectivity.
  • Provided technical integration project management services for all WMQ team related services.
  • Developed and documented architecture, policies, procedures, implementation and support methodologies.
  • Built WMQ technical support services and converted from an application to an enterprise infrastructure team.
  • Implemented standards and WMQ-application 'Best Practices.'
  • Evaluated and gathered architecture and environment requirements to develop directional roadmap for deployment.
  • Designed ESB (WMQ-WMB) solution to re-host legacy applications to enterprise ESB Solaris x86-64/VERITAS solution.
  • Implemented WMB suite in all primary environments for ESB 'Message Bus' solution enabling SOA architecture.
  • Platforms: z/OS, Win2Kx, Solaris and Linux.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC (September 2006- February 2007)
Senior Middleware Consultant & Integration Specialist

  • Implemented WMQ clustered solution providing integration for WMB solution in support of Trading system.
  • Supported web-based Trading System providing integration connectivity via MQ Client implementation.
  • Provided technical leadership (SME) and architecture for the implementation of a brokerage based solution.
  • Developed staffing model for an internal practice to support 'Hub' infrastructure methodologies.
  • Platforms: z/OS, Win2Kx, AIX and Linux.

Confidential, Columbus, OH/Tampa, FL (March 2006- September 2006)
[LockheedMartin-US Air Force, McKesson, US Army-HRC]
Senior Integration Consultant

  • Architected seamless integration solutions leveraging Confidential ESB (Websphere) solution suite.
  • Managed the implementation of architected, multi-tier WMQ/PM4Data custom software solution.
  • Provided design and implementation documentation of finalized client integration solution.
  • Provided client(s) customized training, knowledge transfer and transition solution support responsibilities.
  • Platforms: z/OS, Win2Kx, AIX, Solaris, Linux, UNIX and AS400.

Confidential, Columbus, OH (April 2003 - March 2006)
IS Technical Specialist

  • Technical Leadership, Technical Consultation, Mentor and SME services.
  • Installed, configured and supported WMQ v5.x and v6.x solution in a large, enterprise MQ Clustered configuration.
  • Installed and supported WMQ Client providing WMQ connectivity for customer facing web-based applications.
  • Provided technical leadership for enterprise middleware integration services.
  • Developed knowledge exchange program eliminating single point dependencies and promote team building.
  • Developed on-call tier level support documentation and procedures.
  • Defined and promoted middleware 'Best Practice' exchange and compliance efforts.
  • Developed and implemented enterprise technical policies, procedures, standards and governance processes.
  • Designed, managed and implemented WMQ Security solution environments.
  • Developed 'Business Continuity and Recovery' (DR) processes and procedures.
  • Technical Project Management and Governance for the following infrastructure projects.
  • Enterprise WMQ upgrade from v5.3 to v6.0 across all environments and platforms.
  • Supported integration services for the Mid-Tier application server replacement.
  • Business Critical Integration Solution Monitoring and Alert System.
  • Enterprise Integration Standards and Compliance Documentation.
  • Business/Disaster Recovery design, implementation, deployment and testing.
  • Platforms: z/OS, Win2Kx, AIX, Solaris, Linux and UNIX.

Confidential, Columbus, OH (February 2002- April 2003)
Senior Systems Engineer II

  • Middleware Engineering and Technical Support Services.
  • Installed, configured and supported WMQ v5.x server and client, MQ clustered enterprise implementations.
  • Architected, implemented and supported end-to-end WMQ integration solutions.
  • Developed policies and procedures for 24x7 support and management reporting.
  • Provided 'Level 2' on-call support for all middleware integration solutions, bank conversions and related projects.
  • Technical Project Management and Technical Leadership.
  • Support of in-sourcing engineering efforts and services.
  • Provided senior level, day-to-day team leadership and SME services.
  • Platforms: z/OS, Win2Kx, AIX, Solaris and UNIX.

Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI (May 2001- February 2002)
Senior Pre-Sales Systems Engineer

  • Provided account/client technical analysis, requirements gathering and project management services.
  • Pre-Sales technical consultation services.
  • Developed POC static-content presentation based website for solution simulation.
  • Platforms: MVS, Win2Kx and Solaris.

Confidential, Tampa, FL (January 2000- May 2001)
Senior Systems Architect

  • Provided account technical project management, analysis, requirements assessment, solution integration.
  • Provided technical solution consultation for CommerceQuest Integration Team services.
  • Senior level technical representative for CommerceQuest 'Integration' team.
  • Architected implemented proprietary ecommerce integration solution(s).
  • Platforms: MVS, Windows, Solaris. UNIX and AS400.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC (July 1998- January 2000)
AVP/Confidential Mainframe Senior Systems programmer

  • Provided engineering and systems Programming services.
  • Installed, configured and supported MQ Series v5.x server and client enterprise implementations on >100 MVS lpars, >800 distributed servers.
  • Implemented Candle WMQ management solution, WMQ 'Command Center' & Configuration Manager.
  • Platforms: MVS, Windows, Solaris, UNIX and AS400.

Confidential, Winston-Salem, NC (November 1996- July 1998)
Lead & Senior Confidential Mainframe Systems Programmer

  • Provided leadership, project management and systems programming and change management services.
  • Developed strategies for Middleware Support Group and provided middleware application integration services.
  • Developed middleware strategies, standards, procedural & configuration documentation.
  • Developed policies, procedures for 24x7 support and management reporting.
  • Designed MQ Series integration solutions, and provide WMQ Series-application design reviews.
  • Implemented, configured, administered and supported MQ Series v2.x and v5.x on mainframe and distributed platforms.
  • Platforms: MVS, Windows and UNIX.

Confidential, Columbus, OH (April 1991 - November 1996)
Senior MVS Systems Programmer

  • Installed, maintained, supported and monitored MVS network SNA subsystems and services.
  • Implemented monitoring and performance measuring solutions on SNA network subsystem components.
  • Platforms: MVS and Windows.

Confidential, Columbus, OH (December 1988- April 1991)
Advisory MVS Systems Programmer (CICS, VTAM/NCP, Networking 3rd Party sub-systems)
Platforms: MVS.

Confidential, Columbus, OH (July 1984- December 1988)
Advisory MVS Systems programmer (MVS, CICS, VTM/NCP, DASD Management, all 3rd Party Sub-Systems)
Platforms: MVS.

Confidential, Columbus, OH (September 1980- July 1984)
MVS Systems programmer and Network Support Manager
Platforms: MVS.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN/Columbus, OH (February 1978- September 1980)
Field Service Engineer and Senior Test Engineer
Platforms: MVS.

Technical Experience

  • Infrastructure: WMQ-MQ Series, WMB-MessageBroker and WAS-Application Server, z/OS, CICS, SNA network subsystems and related OEM/vendor software.
  • Technology platforms (OS): MVS, z/OS, UNIX (UNIX, AIX, Solaris, Linux), Win (NT, 2003, XP), AS/400, iSeries/pSeries.
  • Desktop Tools: MS-Office2007, MS-Visio, MS-Project, MS-Web Expression.
  • Scripting: HTML, Shell Scripting, Java Script, Java/J2EE (conceptual).
  • Source Management: ClearCase.
  • Documentation Repositories: Sharepoint, QMX.
  • Databases: SQL, DB2 (DB2Connect), Oracle.

Education and Certification

  • Participated in the Associates Degree program in Electronic Engineering.
  • Confidential - WMQ Certified Administrator.

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