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Principal Consulting Engineer Resume


  • To provide innovative cost - effective solutions to challenging engineering and business problems in Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, and High Technology enterprises. Proven ability to transform organizational and program objectives into products and services with superior ROI through extensive experience in strategic planning, enterprise knowledge management, and model-based systems engineering.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Platforms: Teamcenter Enterprise, Engineering and Unified platforms

PLM/CAD/CAE Tools: CATIA, I-DEAS, NX/CAE, Nastran, BMIDE, Mentor Graphics, Tosca, TMG

Knowledge Based Engineering Tools & Languages: OWL, RDF, RIF, Protégé

Configuration Management Tools: ClearCase, CVS, Perforce, Subversion (SVN)

Languages: C/C++/C#, NX GRIP, Java, JSP, Knowledge Fusion, Perl, Python, NX SNAP, SQL, VB

Operating Systems: AIX, DEC, HPUX, IRIX, Cygwin, Linux, Solaris, Tru64, Win2008, Win7

Development Frameworks/Libraries/Technologies: eClipse Modeling Framework (EMF), Boost, JDK, Java Faces, Java Servlets, NX Block UI Styler, NXOpen, NX Open API, Swing, SWT, Teamcenter ITK

Database Systems: Cloudscape, MSDE, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server

Distributed System Architecture: J2EE, .NET, CORBA, SAMBA/CIFS, SOA

Distributed Systems Programming and Administration: .NET, RMI, RPC, SSO, SiteMinder, Wireshark

Interoperability Protocols/Standards/Technologies: EXPRESS-G, IGES, SOAP, STEP, XML, XSD, XSLT

Model Based Systems Engineering: Rational DOORS, Rhapsody, Mathworks Simulink

Simulation and Mathematical Analysis Tools: Arena, Mathematica, MathWorks, Simulink

System Development Tools: eClipse, NetBeans, ANTLR, Valgrind, Visual Studio

System Modeling Languages: BPMN, ER, IDEF, SysML, UML

Web and Application Servers: Tomcat, Microsoft IIS, IBM HTTP Server, WebSphere, WebLogic


Principal Consulting Engineer



  • Served as technical lead in implementation of Siemens Teamcenter Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) and NX CAD/CAE solutions for enabling collaborative engineering analysis and model management services.
  • Integrated in-house PLM, rendering and structural analysis applications with NX Modeling, Drafting, Advanced CAE and Visualization modules using NX Open.
  • Task focused NX dialogs using Block UI Styler
  • Automated loading and update of complex models using NX Menuscript, GRIP and C/C++.
  • Automated construction of geometric and analytical models using SNAP, C#/.NET and Java NX Open and CAE API/frameworks.
  • Integration of legacy in-house engineering applications with NX using C#/.NET and Java NX Remoting API/frameworks.
  • Designed and implemented integrated Teamcenter NX application and workflow processing of the following enterprise activities.
  • Model release, remote plotting, geometric query, and quality checks of complex mechanical CAD assemblies.
  • Customized NX and CATIA CAD rendering services in Teamcenter to load balance translation requests across multiple translation servers using Teamcenter BMIDE, ITK and SOA.
  • Collaborated on design and implementation of a system architecture enabling transparent cross-platform access of vaulted NX models in Windows and Unix Teamcenter NX knowledge management applications.
  • Lead the migration of legacy engineering model management systems to the Teamcenter platform.
  • Secured access to Teamcenter data and processes using Single Sign On (SSO) and SiteMinder.
  • Served as IT lead in support of Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) and DevOps practices in System Architecture, Software Engineering, Simulation and Product Engineering domains.
  • Requirements development using DOORS
  • Functional architecture using Rhapsody
  • Requirements/Design/PLM traceability using Teamcenter Requirements Integrator (TcRI)

Principal Consulting Engineer



  • Model-based business process management of distributed C++ /Java services using custom eClipse applications.
  • Visualization, performance and reconciliation analysis of financial transaction processing using custom rule-based expert systems developed with eClipse EMF, TPTP, DROOLS, Dali and XRay frameworks and tools.
  • Reliable wireless access to workflow, librarian and notification services on occasionally connected platforms.
  • Web service integration of portal and legacy applications using J2EE, COM+, SOAP and MQ*Series.
  • Data warehouse integration using Cloudscape, Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Automated email, print and FAX distribution of complex documents using XML and XSLT.
  • Deployment on heterogeneous platforms including WinNT/2003 load-balanced and Unix cluster servers.
  • Legacy application integration using AXIS, WebSphere MQ, JNI, RMI and C++.
  • Secure data communications using Secure Shell FTP/CP and PGP encryption.
  • Data exchange between Mockup, MCAD, ECAD, Lofting, Aerodynamics, MCAE, and Material groups.
  • Enterprise collaboration using STEP, XML and EDI-based model and transaction processing.
  • Product Lifecycle Management of Aerospace/Defense Research and Engineering data using Teamcenter Enterprise.

Senior Engineer and Consulting Services Manager



  • Electronic data and document vaulting
  • Business rule automation using rule-based workflow engines
  • Integrated access to Web and legacy services from OOTB Microsoft desktop applications
  • Thin-clients based on Java, RMI, MFC & ActiveX frameworks
  • Extended Web server functions using Java Servlets and CORBA
  • Distributed object access using COM/ATL, CORBA, C++ and Java
  • Integrated Web and database services using Oracle and SQL Server
  • Implemented Web security measures using MS Authenticode and Netscape Object Digital Signatures
  • Plug-and-play 3rd party application integration using distributed agents and XML
  • Internationalization and localization of C++ and Java applications

Systems Engineering Specialist



  • Computational tools to semi-automate the construction of geometric models and associated engineering analysis models based on detailed computer mockups of Atlas and Titan Centaur space launch vehicles for kinematics, dynamics, thermal, magnetic, interference and packaging analyses using I-DEAS, Vector Sweep Mentor Graphics and Thermal Model Generator (TMG).
  • Simulation tools to dynamically render the thermal performance of rocket engine assemblies using telemetry data feeds, and I-DEAS and TMG.
  • Geometric modeling tools to automatically generate simplified geometric envelopes and load test cases of large tube assemblies for dynamics analysis using I-DEAS and Nastran.
  • STEP translators to enable reuse of product definition of aircraft, missile and particle accelerator assemblies and components in feature, structural, magnetic, dynamic and interference analyses using Parasolid, Unigraphics, CATIA, I-DEAS, I-MAN, Nastran and Tosca.

Senior Software Engineer



  • Applied geometric modeling, numerical analysis and differential geometry in designing and implementing solid modeling functionality for Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Engineering (CAE) and Numerical Control (NC) applications. Developed Oracle-based applications to semi-automate the structural analysis and configuration management of large software systems.

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