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Aix Administrator Resume


  • Highly qualified systemsadministratoroffering 6 years of experience working with UNIX operating systems such as IBMAIX,Redhat Linux,contributing innovative methodologies and alternatives to the growth of the company having excellent client relation skills and the drive to complete tasks effectively and efficiently. Core strengths include.
  • AIX5x and 6x installation, up gradation, migration and troubleshooting.
  • Upgrading firmware of managed machines, devices and HMC.
  • Working experience of managing, troubleshooting IBM P4, P5, P6, P7 series hardware.
  • Experience in datacenter migration in large midrange environment.
  • Extensive experience in micro Partitioning and (LPAR, DLPAR).
  • Experience of creating standard and Virtual I/O client LPAR using HMC.
  • Knowledge and hands on experience on Advanced Power5 and Power6 Virtualization.
  • Partitioning and management Virtual I/O servers and clients.
  • Installed VIO server Advanced POWER Virtualization on IBM P5 System. Assigned resources by making six partitions LPAR client of VIO server and clients Installation.
  • Expertise in creating and managing Dual Virtual I/O servers with SEA, MPIO and LNK aggregation.
  • Hands on Experience in Installation, configuration and maintenance ofHACMPV4.5/5.1/5.2 on AIX V5.1/5.2/5.3 for business critical applications based on AIX, including multipleUDBdatabase systems.
  • Planning and implementation of backup/recovery using NIM/Sysback, Storix.
  • Experience of STORIX for backup and restore OS images on IBM p5/p6 servers.
  • Configuration SAN, SVC with IBM Enterprise Storage Server (ESS 800, DS4000).
  • Installing/upgrading EMC ODM and Power Path drivers on AIX servers.
  • Install, configure, manage, NIM server and installing clients using NIM recourses.
  • Experience in setting up NIM servers and clients for new & complete overwrite/migration Installation management. Created lpp-source and SPOT for client on NIM server.
  • strong hands-on experience in Disk Management and Volume Management using IBM LVM. Activities includes but not limited to; configure physical volumes, creating volume groups, logical volumes and file systems, mirroring logical volume and volume groups, increasing file system, checking file system consistencies, etc.
  • Configuring and troubleshooting TCPIP network.
  • Good communication skills & well versed with group work.
  • Extensive experience inmicroPartitioningand (LPAR, DLPAR).
  • Experienced in UNIX Production Server Support 24x7.
  • OS hardening and System security implementation .
  • Resolve technical problems as they happen, take ownership of problems & work on resolutions using both internal resources & third-party technical support partners.
  • Troubleshoot NIS, NFS, DNS and other network issues, Create dump files, backups and move data.


Client: Confidential July’11 – Mar ’12
Role: AIX Administrator


  • Provide onsite and remote support for AIX Server’s.
  • Built VIO servers and clients from scratch on p6 and p7 Frames.
  • Experience in Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting Host / SAN connectivity.
  • HMC software installation and configuration on HMC’s.
  • Upgrading HMC version and Firmware.
  • Responsible for the operation, maintenance and integrity of a distributed, networked AIX based environment
  • Responsible for creating, maintaining and managing LPARS, DLPARS and VIO with HMC console.
  • Installed VIO on IBM p570/550 servers and created 8 VIO clients on each frame.
  • Installed AIX5.3/AIX6.1 on VIO Client via NIM server.
  • Migrated AIX5.3 to AIX 6.1 via NIM using both methods NIM LPP_SOURCE and nimadm.
  • Installing and configuring Tivoli storage manager clients, ITM, TPC etc.
  • Installing/upgrading EMC ODM and Power Path drivers on AIX servers.
  • MPIO support for multi-path Fibre Channel storage subsystems, as well as AIX servers configured with multiple Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters (HBA) on a Storage Area Network (SAN).

Client: Confidential June ’10 - June’11
Role: AIX Administrator


  • Provide onsite and remote support for AIX Server’s.
  • Provided24x7 on callserver support for UNIX environment.
  • Configured IBM p-series 550,750 machines, for production, staging and test environments.
  • Responsible for planning and coordinatingLpar migrationsacross frames.
  • Responsible for planning and setting up avirtualized environmentfrom scratch.
  • BuiltVIO servers and clientsfrom scratch on p5 Frames.
  • Upgraded VIO software in a production environment.
  • CreatedSEA, Virtual SCSI, Virtual Fiber channel and configuredNPIV.
  • Installation and configuration ofLPAR’swithAIX 5.3, 6.1 onp5andP6servers.
  • Experience in Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting of Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM).
  • Hardware troubleshooting, Maintenance and replacement of failed hardware.
  • Skilled in using and maintaining Hardware Management Console for various operations.
  • Upgrading HMC version and Firmware.
  • Administration of multiple AIX machines, AIX clusters.
  • Very good LVM skills, usedLVM, created VGs, LVs, disk mirroring and performed through troubleshooting when required.
  • Responsible for Installing Security fixes and APAR’s in Servers.
  • Installation and configuration ofNIMmaster server and clients.
  • Implemented PLM (Partition Load Manager) on AIX 5.3. and 6.1
  • InstallingOSon NIM clients usingNIMServer.
  • Skilled at configuring maintaining and troubleshootingNFSfilessystems.


AIX, VIOS, HACMP, Windows 2000, Oracle 8i, DB2, IBM HTTP Server, Apache Web Server, LDAP, Web Sphere Application Server.

Confidential July’08 – May’10


  • Supported mid range infrastructure specifically IBMAIXenvironment running on pseries.
  • Installed 20.+AIX6.1images on virtual clients LPARs using NIM master.
  • Migrated SAP environment includes 40+AIXservers fromAIX5.2ML10 toAIX5.3TL8.
  • UpgradedAIX5.2 ML level for to ML10.
  • Created/Installed/Configured Dual Virtual I/O servers on p6-570 with SEA failover, MPIO and link aggregation on p6-570.
  • Performed testing to verify failover and fallback of Dual VIO server on p6-570.
  • Create standard LPAR, performing DLPAR operations to manage recourses between machines.
  • Create /Installed/Configured Single Virtual I/O server with MPIO access to storage
  • Configured Link Aggregation, Shared Ethernet and MPIO on Virtual I/O server
  • Created 60+ Virtual I/O client LPAR on different IBM p5/p6 hardware using HMC.
  • Perform SAN migration on 60+ database server from DS8300 to NetApp disks storage.
  • Install golden image ofAIX5.3 and 6.1using Storix System Backup utility.
  • InstalledAIX5.3 and 6.1using Media and mksysb using NIM servers.
  • Upgrade the firmware of managed systems p6-570 / p5-570/550/520/55A, Upgraded HMC firmware from version 6 to 7.
  • Upgraded 15 Prod/70 Dev-QAAIX5.3 servers from TL05_SP2 to TL08_SP2.
  • Migrated Storix backup software on allAIXclients from 6.2.2. To 6.3.3.
  • Backup and restore rootvg using Storix backup utility.

Environment:IBMAIXv5.1, v5.2, v5.3, v6.1, p6-570 and p5-570, p5-561, p5-560, p5-55A, p5-505, p-650, p-630, p-620, p-610, B50, and F50servers, LPAR, DLPAR, Virtual I/O, Multiple HMC WebSM, , NIM, KORN Shells, Storix 6.1, TSM, SAP, NetApp, Shark and Oracle, DB2Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS), Tivoli Management Framework (TMF), Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), , Lotus Notes, Oracle/DB2, SAP

Confidential Feb’06 – June’08



  • Worked with IBM p590 p570 p550 and & RS6000 servers connected to storage area networks. Configured and Installed logical partitions (LPARS), assigned hardware resources within LPARS, installed AIX 5.2 and 5.3 and installed patches.
  • Built and managed AIX 5.3/5.2 based p570/p550 servers and RHEL 5.2/4.X based xSeries (3650/3850) and IBM blade servers (HS21). Performed TL8 upgrades on AIX 5L, build updates and version upgrades on Linux servers.
  • Creating Logical Partitions of VIOServers and VIOClients on pSeries frame and assigning processor, memory and Ethernet adapters to VIOS and assigning memory and processor to VIOC (LPARS).
  • Installation ofVIOS NIM Server.
  • Installation of AIX 5.3 on LPAR’s through NIM Sever.
  • Worked on Live partition mobility (AIX 6.1).
  • Build LPARS by restoring mksysb.
  • Created Etherchannel and shared Ethernet Adapters
  • Configured SAN Storage for AIX Servers.
  • Set up and validated networking and configured an AIX NIM (network installation) environment that served multiple standalone clients.
  • Installed, upgraded and recovered HMC environment, created configuration and created backups of installed HMC\'s.
  • Installed and build from scratch complete NIM Setup. Added different clients to NIM server and their Backup.

Environment:AIX 4.3/.5.2/5.3, Solaris 5.6/5.8/5.9, SAP R/3, Oracle, JBOSS, Veritas Volume Manager, LVM, HACMP, LAAM,SSH, TSM, Sybase, EMC, SAN, Weblogic,Websphere BMC patrol, Clearcase, TIBCO, Tuxedo, Windows 2003 Advance Server.

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