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Senior System Engineer Resume

Duluth, GA


  • As an IT Professional over the last 20 years I've been fortunate enough to come in contact with and acquire a vast range of technology, services, applications, and skill sets.
  • I've used that hands on, real world experience to put me in the position of being an asset to the companies that I've had the opportunity to work for.
  • I'm a dedicated, hardworking, loyal team player. My ability to immediately grasp new concepts along with old and resolve issue in a timely manner has been invaluable.
  • That along with my leadership skills has allowed me to stand out amongst my peers as one who knows not just in theory but in practice.
  • I'm an effective communicator with a proven ability to build strong working relationships with team members, vendors and customers.


Networking Appliances: Cisco ASA, Catalyst, Nexus, Meraki, F5 Big - IP Load Balancer


Technical Support Applications: RDP, VMware, NerveCenter, Solarwinds, Splunk, ADSM, Confluence

Storage: HP P4000, Gen8 - Lefthand OS SANiQ 9.0 - 12.0


Confidential - Duluth, Ga

Senior System Engineer


  • Network Engineer - My responsibilities were to manage the entire Duluth office networking infrastructure.
  • I was responsible for the maintenance and configuration of the ASA, Catalyst, and Nexus upgrades, changes and diagnostics.
  • Part of my function was to work with our DevOps team to establish VPN connections to our AWS workspace.
  • Upon my arrival I successfully completed the task of making our network more reliable. My goals were to configure our two Cisco ASA’s for HSRP failover, establish the MPLS link to our home office, segment out different departments on to their own VLANs and configure our backup network circuit to for route failover.
  • The company made a switch to a managed cloud phone system to which I was instrumental in the network configuration component.
  • Visio diagrams were made of the physical and logical layout of the architecture of the office. Current backups of the config files were properly being stored.
  • Worked with management in the design and implementation of the conversion from Cisco ASA to Fortinet Firewalls.
  • Worked with local ISP providers in upgrading our satellite offices network circuit.
  • I also managed our Cisco Meraki Access Points and performed such tasks like troubleshooting bandwidth issues, segmenting guest traffic from production and implementing radius login for our production SSID’s.
  • Providing senior tier support to our frontline staff on network issues they could not resolve was also part of my day to day function.
  • With my training in ITIL standards I followed my own procedures of changed control and documentation when it came to maintenance windows that impacted production.

Confidential - Atlanta, GA

Senior Managed Hosting Network Engineer


  • Tier 3 Managed Hosting Support.
  • My Role as the Tier 3 lead was created for the express reason of driving down customer service complaints from our top Customers.
  • As the lead senior network engineer it was my responsibility to ensure proper training for the lower tiers, provide accurate support documentation and as well as runbooks for our top tier customers to ensure quick resolutions to common issues.
  • After a few short months of my hiring I was able to regain the trust and confidence of our Top MSRP customers by providing timely updates, excellent service, and great trouble shooting skills. This turn around increased the productive of all the members of my teams as they now had direct access to a tier 3 that could help them resolve issues. This also impacted positively impacted our “Time to Resolution” matrix.
  • My ability to do my job effectively freed up the upper management tiers to focus on other revenue generating projects instead of fielding complaint calls.
  • As the final tier on the support chain I was responsible for solving complex issues, and resolving problems as designated under ITIL standards.
  • I’ve held training sessions for the lower tiers on technical trouble shooting procedures as well as conducted one-on-one sessions as needed
  • I was also the direct point of contact for our Top MSRP customers who were in need of immediate assistance during outages.
  • I conducted weekly service call meetings with the Top customers to go over the previous weeks issues, address any concerns or needs they may have had with our support, schedule maintenances and relay any outstanding concerns directly to our director that warranted upper management attention.
  • I organize maintenance windows and lead conference calls during maintenance operation.
  • Senior Network Engineer.
  • My Job was to utilize my skill and training to come up with timely solutions to problems that would arise within in our customers networking environment.
  • Engage Vendor support when need be on issues that maybe bug related or known issues to various networking appliances.
  • Coordinate with the Senior Systems Engineer on issues that spanned across both network and systems hardware.
  • Create Methods of Procedures (MOP) for maintenance operations
  • Created Run Books for our top customers to serve as a knowledge base for the lower tiers to reference when troubleshooting problems.
  • Configure networking devices for deployment into customer environments.
  • Performed routine upgrades of the operating systems on the customer’s firewalls, switches, and load balancers. (Cisco ASA, Juniper and Brocade Switches, F5 load balancers)

Confidential - Norcross, GA

Senior Network Engineer


  • Network Engineering.
  • Configured Cisco switches (2960, 3750, etc) and Configured Cisco routers (2811, 2911 etc).
  • Configured Cisco ASA Firewalls.
  • Implement access list changes as well as well as create NATS.
  • Diagnosed latency issues, troubleshoot network connection issues.
  • Worked with ISP vendors for WAN issues (Level 3, TWC, Confidential &T)
  • Managed external DNS.
  • Configured F5 BigIP Load balance appliance.
  • Configured server pools and virtual servers.
  • Wrote and maintained basic iRules for traffic uri redirect.
  • Created self-signed SSL certs as well as imported and configured client side certs for virtual server environment.
  • Utilized solar winds to help monitor network connectivity, and maintain inventory of companies IP Ranges.
  • Maintained Cisco VoIP CM
  • Configured cisco IP phones
  • Created profiles and dialing patterns
  • General end user troubleshooting.

Confidential - Alpharetta, Ga

Technical Solutions Consultant


  • Lefthand StoreVirtual SAN Engineer.
  • Provide SME support for HP SAN technology to the L0 and L1 teams.
  • Diagnose Storage Array issues through log file analysis.
  • Hard drive errors - Hard drive failures, media errors
  • Network/Node performance - CPU/Mem utilization, NIC card and load balancing configuration
  • Resolve System Board Errors and misconfigurations of the storage device
  • Assist customer in the following area's of support
  • SAN Environment configuration
  • Network setup according to HP Best Practices
  • VMware ESX(i) virtual server/host configuration


Network Engineer


  • Provided Tier 3 support to NOC
  • Troubleshot issues with customer router configurations, network connectivity, and firewall configuration
  • Installed and configured Cisco router and switch
  • Setup VLAN configurations
  • Installed QOS policies on routers
  • Implemented access list, configured ports on routers and switches
  • Upgraded gig ports and IOS
  • Supported onsite techs with setup and installation of customer routers, firewalls and VPN
  • Walked them through step by step instructions on installation of customer network setup


Systems Engineer


  • Provided application support on companies Solaris 10 DNS servers
  • Troubleshot DNS records for errors.
  • Network connectivity issues between primary and secondary dns servers.
  • Upload issues as well as crontab issues on servers
  • Installed and updated service level patches on companies Sun servers
  • Diagnosed and resolved companies in house customer webmail application
  • Resolved issues with corrupt mailboxes or lost mailbox ID’s
  • Restored customer mail if account was deleted.
  • Provided support for internal load balancers (F5 Big-IP) and firewalls.
  • Diagnosed server clusters was running properly.
  • Added new servers to the round robin cluster config.
  • Was a part of a 4 man team whose responsibilities included weekly on-call pager rotation.
  • Worked directly with the network team in troubleshooting and resolving network traffic, DDOS attacks, and blackhole malicious domain servers.

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