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Software Engineer Resume

Woodbridge, VA

Experience Summary

  • 13 years of experience as Embedded Software Engineer in UNIX, Windows, C/C++ language based product design, development, and integration.
  • Over 13 years of experience with mutli-tasking Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS) VxWorks, OSE, Linux and pSOS.
  • Familiar with real time debuggers Xray, Green Hill’s Multi, Vision ICE and Visual C++.
  • Experience in full life cycle of software development including requirement analysis, design, development, testing and implementation.
  • Familiar with TL1, SONET, WDM, VOIP and J1939.
  • Excellent team player with good analytical skills.

Computing Skills

  • Hardware: Motorola 68360, Power PC 8260, IBM PCs and compatibles, SUN SPARC.
  • Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows XP, pSOS, OSE, VxWorks, Linux.
  • Languages: C, C++, Visual C++, SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Debugging Tools: Xray, SDS, Green Hills’ Multi, Vision ICE, gdb.
  • CMS Tools: Clear Case, Clear Quest, DOORS, STS.

Professional Experience

Confidential,Woodbridge, VA Feb 08 - Oct 09 Sr. Software Engineer (Contractor).

Project: Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV), Future Combat Systems (FCS). .


  • Responsible for software implementation needed for various prototypes of EFV.
  • Implemented the software changes needed for Allison Transmission, and Split Transom prototypes.
  • Modified the Altia simulation tools for testing of prototypes.
  • Interacted with members of various teams to understand requirements, scope, and test plans.
  • Used Controller Area Network (CAN) bus standard J1939 in implementing the Allison Transmission Prototype.
  • Responsible for Software implementation and Testing of Suspension Subsystem of Future Combat Systems (FCS).
  • Tested the software on desktop using simulators, in system integration lab, and involved in testing software on the vehicle at offsite.
  • Worked on verifying the System Engineering Requirements using DOORS.
  • Migrated the MS access applications to Oracle, and developed web based applications using Oracle Application Express (APEX).
  • Worked with software development team in Sterling Heights, Michigan for integrating the Suspension Subsystem feature.

Environment: C++, UML, Rational Rose, VxWorks, J1939, Linux, Clear Case, Clear Quest, DOORS.

Confidential,Germantown, MD July 06-Jan 08 Software Consultant.

Project: Voice over Cable Modem .

Confidential,Voice over Cable Modem division provides solution for combining data cable modem with telephone ports, providing an economical solution for voice-over-IP markets.

  • Independently worked on bringing up voice component with new release of VxWorks 5.5 operating systems from the existing VxWorks 5.0 operating system.
  • Implemented the changes needed from VxWorks deprecated library for this software release.
  • Resolved various compilation issues due to changes in cygwin version, RTOS version, and make files.
  • Developed production testing features and commands that facilitate customer to verify the basic voice components of a cable modem. The features involve generating various tones, ringing phone, making a voice call between the various ports in the modem.
  • Found the problems in the TIU drivers’ code and suggested the changes and test cases to reproduce the problem. Verified the changes provided by the vendor, and integrated the code with core voice modules.
  • Supported the customer at their development location. Understood the various problems seen by the customer at their site. Provided solutions to customer, communicated with team members, and program manager for immediate solution. Participated in weekly teleconferencing.
  • Established an automatic and manual bulk call testing of voice modem using Spirent’s Abacus.
  • Worked amicably with offshore development team in Israel.

Environment: C, VxWorks, DOCSIS, VOIP, MGCP, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Linux, Abacus.

Confidential,Ashburn, VA May’02 – July 06 Senior Software Engineer

Project: Tellabs 5500 NGX, Tellabs 7100 Optical Transport System FP3.3.


  • Responsible for detailed design, coding and unit testing of Network Control Boards (NCB) protection.
  • Design and coding of arbitration of control cards in deciding the active control card role.
  • Replication of data from active controller card to standby controller card.
  • Protection of the data and traffic during automatic switchover of standby controller card to active.
  • Design of fan control and automatic turn on/off the fans with variation of temperature.
  • Key player in optimizing the pool buffer, stack and signal sizes using OSE illuminator.
  • Optimized the synchronization of data between the controller cards by analyzing the synchronization time in sub system level.
  • Wrote Tcl/Tk, Procomm Scripts for unit testing and black box testing.
  • Responsible for implementation of SNMP v2/v3 feature implementation for Tellabs 7100 product.
  • Analyzed the source code and make files provided by WindRiver and configured WindRiver’s basic SNMP feature to suit the requirements.
  • Lead the effort in bringing up the SNMP feature with V2 and security enabled V3 feature on evaluation card and controller card.
  • Developed the SNMP interface document for integration with Agent which is developed in remote location.
  • Implemented and integrated the RMON MIBs for Ethernet statistics and history control.
  • Actively involved in setting up the evaluation card and controller cards for testing purpose and documented a procedure for compile, connecting to cards and loading the software using visionICE.
  • Wrote scripts for automated testing of basic sanity of SNMP features.
  • Worked with Engineers at Chicago location for integrating the SNMP feature with 7100 product.

Environment: C, OSE RTOS, SONET, TL1, Illuminator, Clearcase, ClearQuest, GreenHills Multi, VisionICE, Power PC 8260, VxWorks, Visual C++, Tcl/Tk, Visio, MS Word.

Confidential,Richardon, TX Aug’96 - Dec’01

Software Engineer III

Project: DWDM System (FLASHWAVE 320G/ FLASH-192/ FLASHWAVE 7500)


  • Device driver development for Housekeeping and Orderwire features.
  • Lead the integration of all layers of Housekeeping, Orderwire and quality of these features in this product.
  • Authored the High level design and Feature Requirements Specification of Housekeeping and Orderwire.
  • Implemented the TL1 commands according to the requirements of other team members and integrated with lower layers of the software.
  • Involved in the configuration management and load building process.
  • Authored High level design, Feature Requirements Specification, and System test specifications.
  • Interacted with various Hardware engineers working at Japan.

Environment: C, C++, Unix, Solaris, SONET, DWDM, STS, TL1, pSOS RTOS, OSE RTOS, Motorola 68360, Power PC 8260Xray Debugger, Frame Maker, Tcl/Tk, Clearcase, ClearQuest.


M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
M.S. in Computer Science

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