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Graduate Teaching Assistant Resume


  • Designed and configured a basic Ethernet network.
  • Created 3 separate Ethernet VLANs using six hosts and two Ethernet switches. Configured 802.1q trunk link between the 2 switches. Configured 802.1q between the router and a switch to establish Inter - VLAN communication.
  • Demonstrated STP protocol operations in an active network and witnessed a broadcast storm in a looped network and provided a solution for it.
  • Configured Frame Relay interfaces in a back-to-back router scenario. Created a frame relay point-to point & point-to-multipoint network using 2811 & 3825 routers.
  • Implementation of VLAN and STP
  • Configured, verified and troubleshoot switches and router operations on Cisco devices with VLANs and inter switch communications, Inter VLAN routing and STP.
  • Verified network status and implemented switching technologies (VTP, RSTP, and VLAN). Hands on experience on Cisco routers & switches, troubleshooting problems of IPV4.
  • Interior Gateway Protocol Implementation
  • Designed a network with different Interior Gateway routing protocols such as RIP, RIPV2, EIGRP and OSPF.
  • Redistributed the routes from RIP to OSPF, EIGRP to OSPF and from OSPF to RIP & EIGRP.
  • Filtering of OSPF routes using type-3 LSAs on ABR, type-5 LSAs on ASBR & route summarization.
  • Incase of link failure backup links are created for the traffic to flow between the areas


Networking tools: Wire shark, GNS3, CISCO packet tracer and Putty.

Networking protocols: RIP, RIPV2, OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS and BGP

Switching: VLAN, Port security, Frame - Relay, VTP and STP


Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Teaching assistant in School of Business for Management in Information systems course (MIS 102)
  • Involves teaching of spreadsheet applications for Business to undergrad students of School of Business.
  • Proctoring exams

E-Support officer



  • Includes handling chats, emails and phone calls to resolve customer s issues on networking, email clients and Internet speeds.
  • Involves troubleshooting of Windows desktop environment remotely and able to solve problems related to OS, PC hardware and printers.

Network Intern



  • Learnt all the basics of networking, creating networks
  • Configured CISCO router and switches and technology of retrieving password of internetwork operating system (IOS) and installing IOS in networking devices
  • Worked on software like Wire shark, Putty, CISCO Packet tracer, GNS3
  • Assisting in installation of network infrastructure like racking, cabling, configuring and management
  • Investigate, diagnose and resolve network problems

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