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Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer Resume


Information Technology professional with twenty years experience in Enterprise Management and System Engineering with strong emphasis on IBM Tivoli/Netcool


  • Omnibus (7.x,8.x)
  • Impact (6.x,7.x)
  • ITNM (3.x,4.x)
  • TBSM (4.x)
  • TIP(2.x)
  • WebGui (7.x,8.x)
  • Reporter
  • NNMi
  • HPNA
  • HPOO
  • Ops Bridge
  • SiteScope
  • TrueSight
  • Patrol
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • ServiceNOW
  • Remedy
  • Manage Engine
  • RESTful
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • UNIX shell scripting (korn, bourne, csh, bash, tcsh), AWK, NAWK, SED, Perl, JavaScript,VB.NET, RegEx, C++, VB 6, HTML, XML, Linux, ODBC, SNMP (v1, v2, v3)



Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer


  • Designed, engineered, and deployed Netcool suite of tools to monitor 26,000+ network devices. To include: OMNIbus, ITNM, Impact, Reporter, WebGui, TIP, syslogd and mttrapd probes
  • Built production, qa, dev, and DR (Disaster Recovery) environments across 2 datacenters
  • Extensive probe rules work, from standard snmp devices based on MIBs to non - standard rules files based on syslog tokens and string extraction
  • Built many custom ObjectServer automations, from ‘xiny’ to email notifications and more
  • Wrote over 50 custom Impact policies, ranging from monitoring of Netcool processes to parent-child event suppression and relationships, to executing external scripts and critical email notifications, as well as additional monitoring such as testing AAA/TACACS authentication and integrations with Remedy
  • Integrated Netcool with other vendor platforms to include: Remedy, ServiceNOW, BMC Enterprise Manager (BEM), SiteScope
  • Setup historical event reporting database and built numerous reports for NOC, Command Center management and capacity planning group
  • Work hand and hand with network design, engineering and support groups to further expand monitoring techniques and capabilities
  • Wrote numerous documents regarding Netcool environment and enterprise monitoring such as: RUN books, design docs, deployment docs, monitoring standards, monitoring requirements, user guides, process docs, how-to docs
  • Wrote many scripts to automate administrative tasks, current Netcool environment at Confidential requires virtually no daily tasks
  • Devices are automatically added and removed to monitoring based on device-class
  • Perform quarterly to NOC and network support teams on monitoring and best uses of Netcool tools
  • Took over a failed deployment of NetBrain, which floundered for 2 years Upgraded NetBrain, configured application and discovery to meet and exceed initial deliverables
  • Configured custom SNMP Polling, public and private MIB OIDs, examples bandwidth utilization, free disk space percentage, free memory percentage, circuit status.
  • Installed HP NNMi, IPT and Performance SPI’s, and HPNA. Integrated HPNA and NNMi.
  • Configured snmp trap forwarding to NNMi, configured traps, installed MIBs
  • Built Network views, based on Location and Priority Network Devices
  • Configured SNMP polling, set custom thresholds


Senior Software Systems Engineer


  • Excellent trouble shooting and analytical skills
  • Engineer, develop and administer Netcool product suite to include:
  • Omnibus, Webtop, GUI Foundation, Security Manager, Probes, Precision/ITNM, Reporter, Portal, RAD/TBSM, SSM, Impact and Monitors
  • Install and configure gateways, probes, pa, object servers, automations, triggers
  • Wrote Impact policies for event enrichment, suppression, escalation and notification
  • Proficient with probe rules development and modifications
  • Engineered and developed “Reporting Solution” for ENMS Spawar TSw project based on Business Objects and Crystal Reports

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