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Systems Analyst Resume


  • Highly seasoned and experienced professional in Mainframe application development, application support/maintenance and testing. Having exceptional skills in all areas of software construction and programming. Adept at troubleshooting and ensuring quality control at every stage of management process. Able to function independently or as part of a team.
  • Having over 6 years of experience in Mainframe Technologies, worked on entire Software Development life Cycle and has Team Leadership skills
  • Strong experience in application development maintenance using SEI - CMM level 5 standards
  • Worked on Schedulers such as OPC, ESP, CA7 and CONTROL-M
  • Worked on Configuration Management Tools like SCLM, Endevor, Changeman, Panvalet.
  • Experience of working with Databases like DB2, IDMS, MongoDB, VSAM and IMS DB
  • Extensively used Debugging tools like Expeditor, Fault Analyzer, Abend Aid, Tracemaster and Dumpmaster.
  • Built Custom REXX Routines for the Project needs and to enhance productivity
  • Worked on Easytrieve and worked on report generation using QMF
  • Used SDF for Map Design involving Complex Screens and Developed Online Programs involving CICS, DB2, TSQ/TDQ's
  • Having experience in batch cycle development, Production support, SLA tracking, Escalations and contingency planning
  • Good familiarity with MQ Series Programs
  • Worked on Data Migration and Regression Testing using File-Aid, COMPAREX utility and REXX Screens
  • Used BMC Tools to Load, Import and Copy Databases in DB2
  • Involved in Server Consolidation, Changed FTP and NDM Parameters and worked on Service id Set up
  • Has experience in Developing Stored Procedures
  • Implemented SOA on Mainframe by developing Service Layer programs, Presentation Layer programs and Messaging Copybooks
  • Involved in Development and support of various Distributed applications
  • Intensively worked on production support activities like Batch Monitoring, Abend remediation, solving remedy incidents raised by business etc.
  • Have good hands on experience in all the SDLC life cycle that involves requirement gathering, design documentation, analysis, coding/development, Unit testing, Integration & System Testing.
  • Worked intensively in both Water Fall, Agile and Kanban Methodologies.
  • Have secondary skills and basic hands on experience on MongoDB, UNIX shell scripting/commands, ETL tools like AbInitio, Informatica.
  • Having good experience in Core Banking domain
  • Worked for credit card Collections and Recovery systems which takes care of scoring, movement of pre-charge off and post-charge off accounts across cash and legal strategies using Debt Manager module.
  • Worked for letters processing system in cards.
  • Worked for banking systems offering Asset Management, custody services, Information reporting like financial reporting, tax-related reporting (W2, 1099C etc), Cash processing like ACH transfers, Wire/Check processing
  • Worked for Distributed system which stores and maintains customer information


Operating Systems: MVS OS-390 or Z/OS, WINDOWS operating systems


Databases: DB2, VSAM, IDMS and IMS DB


Others: MQ Series, Expeditor, File-aid, File Manager, SYNCSORT,ICETOOL, Abend-aid, Endevor, Change Man, Endeavor, Changeman, QMF, SPUFI, Revolve, Putty, Remedy, MS office, MS Visio

Schedulers: OPC, ESP, Control-M, CA-7



Systems Analyst


  • Involved in development of credit card Recoveries application.
  • Worked on development of COBOL programs identifying customers who are eligible to receive 1099C forms.
  • Worked on development of generating and sending appropriate letters as per regulatory process to credit card customers.
  • Worked in the project for fetching distinct 16 digit Plastic number of the charged-off credit card that involves various types of customers like Individual, branded, partnership, small business etc .
  • Development of Query Condition programs to identify the customers that flows through cash control and legal control recovery strategies.
  • Development around Debt Manager module which is a credit card software for collections and recoveries.
  • Independently worked on conversion of DB2 to MongoDB on experiment days in order to achieve cost savings to the client.
  • Prepare HLD and Functional Specifications document and get them approved by Architecture team
  • Preventive Maintenance to proactively analyze application programs and suggest improvements
  • Developed programs that send daily feed to ETL application
  • Construction and Development as part of Bi-monthly Code releases. This also involves Carrying out Impact Analysis, Preparation of Tech Specs, Walkthrough of Tech Specs and Post implementation support.
  • Document Best Practices and Lessons Learnt and prepare action Items based on these points.
  • Developed Data Extract aggregator, used to generate multiple Interface files in a Single run using Global Extract Driver principles. This process reduces Batch cycle duration.


Systems Analyst


  • Involved in development and maintenance of Enterprise Customer Information File (ECIF) application working with mainframe batch processing of basic customer information.
  • Involved in development and maintenance of Customer Information Facility (CIF) application working with mainframe online processing of basic customer information.
  • Worked on project for SSN Masking on confirms and reports.
  • Worked on implementation of aligning the bank customer's information or data flow in-order to comply Dodd Frank regulatory act.
  • Worked on DB2 data-modeling to accommodate the new data for the enhancement of Dodd Frank project.
  • Developed new CICS-DB2 COBOL modules for the implementation of Foreign Account Tax compliance Act(FATCA) that targets tax non-compliance by U.S taxpayers with foreign accounts.
  • Involved in the generation of various customer reports using Mainframe FOCUS language in order to satisfy regulatory rules for both DoddFrank and FATCA projects.
  • Change SMPT and SMFT files to declare Transactions, Map transactions to Cobol programs similar to PCT entries, Register maps and Programs similar to PPT entries and Declaring valid PF keys for each map.
  • Carryout development for WSS/SSC changes to set up new application id. With the SOA architecture, all transactions will be grouped as Inquiry, Maintenance or Add transactions. Based on the transaction type and the application id, the xctl program will call appropriate driver program for a transaction
  • Develop ESA Worksheets that will be ported to Mainframe and converted to message layer copybooks. Each business functionality will have request and response copybooks for Inquiry, Maintenance or Add process. These copybooks pass data between maps and service layer programs
  • Development of CICS-Cobol programs that handle scrolling and paging logic on front end maps.
  • Used various CICS techniques like CEDF, CEBR, CEMT and Expeditor tool to verify the proper population of data and files
  • Used Trace master tool for debugging CICS programs and checking data population on CICS screens.
  • Developed Cobol-DB2 module search tool using REXX coding and REXX panels. The tool uses DB2 table name as input and displays the statistics about its usage in COBOL modules.
  • Carryout development to convert data stored in DB2 in UTF-8 format to EBCEDIC format. This is to store the special text characters entered on screen in DB2 tables
  • Changes to FTP Jobs so that the final files will be having Timestamp in their names and thereby store multiple versions and access the files based on index from Document Archive

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