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Systems Analyst Resume

Tampa, FL


  • Over 19 years of extensive professional experience in the IT industry, involving all phases of SDLC including requirement gathering, analysis, design architecture, development, integration, testing, debugging and maintenance of business applications in the client/server environment.
  • Handled responsibilities as Design Architect, Project Lead, Coordinator, Systems Analyst and Analyst Programmer
  • Result driven with an outstanding record of delivering complex technology and system integration projects on time and within budget.
  • Expert in Design and Development using PowerBuilder 11.x/10.x/9.x/8.x/7.x/6.x, PFC, Cornerstone (PowerTool), XML, OOAD, RUP, Rational Rose, MS Visio, PVCS etc in Windows environments.
  • RDBMS experience including Oracle, SQL Server and programming using PL/SQL, SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers, ODBC etc.
  • Versatile with RUP and Waterfall - Software Development Manufacturing Process (SDMP).
  • Worked proactively with business clients and technology personnel during the design, configuration, application and training stages.
  • Recognized as an expert in full cycle project planning and implementation. Articulate, combine strong business acumen with ability to conceive profitable and efficient solutions utilizing technology. Industrious troubleshooter thrives on a challenge, works effectively with all levels.
  • Functional domain experience including Utility, Publishing, Media, Banking with leading clients
  • Maintained a high degree of confidentiality with core competencies including Business Planning, Project Management, Coordination, Resource Management and Administration.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills; good listener and fast learner.


Position : Lead Consultant
Environment: PowerBuilder 11.5, PFC, Informix, Oracle 10G/8i, PVCS, WaterFall.

Project : OAP (OPT-A-Price) OPT-A-Price provides a flexible mechanism for establishing discount plans that apply customer-specific discounts to standard CABS rates filed for usage and monthly recurring charge (MRC) rate elements. The current project is working on PowerBuilder 5.6 and this has to be migrated to the latest version. Also the database is to be migrated to Oracle from Informix.


  • Migrate PowerBuilder Projects in PowerBuilder Version 5.6 to PowerBuilder 11.5
  • Identifying and Documented the Migration related changes, specifications, enhancement requirements and prioritizing the testing procedures.
  • Upgrade database in the migrated projects from Informix to Oracle 10G and ensure performance standard.
  • Shell Scripting for the Informix queries for mainframe part of the Project.
  • Provide Korn shell scripting to automate day to day tasks and weekly and periodical tasks to accomplish without fail.
  • Interacting with the user groups, development team and supervisory team to define the Migration plans to effectively formulate the migration.

Position: Technical Consultant
Project: CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Sharing System) is to integrate, share and promote data sharing in order to support or improve the operation of DeKalb County quasi-criminal, criminal and civil justice system.


  • Interact with the stake holders and management and provide technical consultancy to define the framework to promote interagency cooperation, information sharing and effective and efficient operation of Criminal Justice Information Sharing by selection of an acceptable middleware.
  • Document the strategic planning for the integration and collection of samples from different locations which is to be included in the integration.
  • Identify and Document the integration related issues, specifications, enhancement requirements and prioritized the testing procedures.
  • Address and document the needs and related impact of state agencies and external stakeholders relevant to the operational responsibilities in order to ensure that the CJCC effectively addresses the needs and legal requirements of the external stake holders.

Position: Lead Consultant
Environment: PowerBuilder 11.2, C#, .Net, PFC, Oracle 10G/8i, SQL, PVCS, WaterFall.

Project1 : Trouble Order Entry, Summary Billing System, Meter Sub System, Field Service System. All these systems in PowerBuilder version 8 and 9 were migrated to PowerBuilder 11. Also the Batch processing for Summary Billing System in PowerBuilder 6 was migrated to PowerBuilder 11. For Trouble order Entry System and Summary Billing System, the data base was upgraded to Oracle 10g from Oracle 8i. All these systems were tested in Vista Platform and confirmed of Vista complaint.


  • Migrated PowerBuilder Projects in PowerBuilder Version 6, 7, 8 and 9 to PowerBuilder 11.
  • Identified and Documented the Migration related changes, specifications, enhancement requirements and prioritized the testing procedures.
  • Upgraded database in the migrated projects from Oracle 8i to Oracle 10G and ensured performance standard.
  • Made the PowerBuilder projects Vista complaint.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Extensive experience with PL SQL, SQL Scripts.
  • Modified the existing systems to suit user requirements.
  • Created new reports using Microsoft Reporting Services.
  • Did System Analysis and designing for modifications.
  • Provided online support to these systems and also provided the on call support after regular business hours.
  • Developed Managerial System for Shift Working Log details.
  • Used WaterFall Methodology for project development.
  • Did Version Control using PVCS.

Project 2 : Customer Complaint Tracking and Shift Working Log Details.
Developed Management reporting system to track the Customer Complaints and the Time management, Job allocation and Problem resolving if any, in the 3 Shifts.


  • Extensive use of Web Services and Web Methods.
  • Used ADO.NET technology to build Data Access Components.
  • Used Object Oriented (OO) Methodologies to implement classes in the Business layer and interact with the User Interface.
  • Used web services to interact with the data layer to access data from the database.
  • Also, used the WSDL generator for the web services to point to the appropriate class/function of accessing data.
  • Developed XML Web Services to interact with other applications to retrieve Complaint Tracking information using C#, .NET technologies
  • Wrote SQL queries and Stored Procedures using SQL Server.
  • Worked on Actuate Reports and Microsoft Reporting Services for generating different kinds of reports for the forms.
  • Utilized private and shared assemblies using C#.NET.

Position: LeadConsultant/Systems Analyst
Environment: PowerBuilder 10.5/9.x/6.x, PFC, XML, SOAP, SQL, Oracle 8i, WaterFall, SQL Anywhere


  • Designed Architecture and developed the technical documentation including use cases and ER Diagrams using RUP, UML, and MS Visio.
  • Wrote Design specs, Test Plans, implementing coding standards.
  • Interfaced application with web services using PB web services (SOAP) features.
  • Creating XML extracts of Statistical data using PB XML Data window.
  • Developed an application for collections agency.
  • Developed applications for tracking purchases from vendors to retailers.
  • Developed non-visual objects for complex business process.
  • Developed using WaterFall Methodology
  • Worked with Sybase EA Server and developed complex Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Did elaborate Transact SQL Scripting.
  • Analyzed the system and tuned the system for performance bench marking.
  • Migrated Application from PB 9.0.2 to 10.5.1
  • Handled all release management functions and code versioning.
  • Interacted with Users and testing groups for release transitioning.
  • Coded and Unit Tested feature implementations.

Role: Design Architect/Project Leader
Environment: PowerBuilder 9.x, PFC, MS Visio, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 ES/2000/XP/98,

Project 1 : Car Rental Software for Rental agencies

Client : Confidential, Al Obaidali Car Rental Qatar The software is to keep track of all the rental related details of the agency which includes the type, make and color of cars for rent, the condition and the maintenance tracking, the details regarding the drivers, the details regarding the customers which includes their nationality, the charges tracking etc.

  • ResponsibleforBusiness Analysis, Collecting Specifications, Technical Analysis & Technical Reviews with client.
  • Designed Architecture, developed and led the testing efforts.
  • Did detail design (DDS) & wrote Technical Specifications using OOA & OOD architecture.
  • Developed using WaterFall Methodology
  • Developed business objects using the PowerTool Cornerstone 6.5
  • Developed the Triggers and stored procedures to improve the system performance.
  • Did Powerscripting using PFC.
  • Worked on Citrix platform
  • Developed new customized PFC features like Multiple Chunking Services (Storing huge amounts data as Chunks in database).
  • Migrated existing Applications in PB 6.5 to 9.x
  • Tested and maintained the applications/systems.
  • Project 2 : AdWiz - Advertisement Software Product for Advertisement Agencies Client : KPB, Lalgy, Orion, Color Plus AdWiz is a comprehensive integrated Business Application Solution for Advertising agencies, designed to manage the Advertisement thru various media and its billing and accounting with multi company support, multi currency support, and multiple level of access on line help and audit trail.


  • Responsible for collecting requirement specifications, analysis and technical reviews with client.
  • Design Architecture, development and integration of the system.
  • Database design and development using Oracle.
  • Designed and developed all technical documentation including use cases,
  • Developed stored procedures & triggers for security and increase the system performance.
  • Developed reusable components or classes in terms of user objects using PFC.
  • Developed customized PFC Services like Cascade drop downs, View Security and Multiple Drag Drops in Tree view etc.
  • Developed business objects using the Power Tool PT 6.5
  • Debugged problem scenarios and provide quick & precise code change solutions.
  • Prepared User Reference, Produced test plans for regression, stress tests
  • Testing and Production Support.

Project 3 : Media Plus - Advertisement Software

Client : Confidential, of Companies Media Plus is a comprehensive and integrated Business Application Solution for publishing industry, to manage the Advertisement, Circulation, Subscription, Sales and Accounting Systems of any segment of the Publishing Industry, irrespective of the media. Hence, this package is useful not only to Newspaper Publication but also to Book, Magazine & Periodical Publishers, Television & other Broadcasting Networks. Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for Business Analysis, Collecting Specifications, Design Architecture, Technical Reviews with users, Co-ordination.
  • Domain Expert and Architect of the AR Module and did System Study and Design of the system.
  • Designed and developed technical documentation including use cases and ER Diagrams.
  • Developed various Stored Procedures and Triggers to increase the system performance as well as to load one time defaults.
  • Data Migration and Uploading
  • Developed reusable components or classes in terms of user objects using PFC.
  • Created new customized PFC Services like Cascade drop downs, View Security and Multiple Drag Drops in Tree viewetc.
  • Developed business objects using the PowerTool CornerStone 6.5
  • Debug problem scenarios and provide quick and precise code change solutions.
  • Produced test plans for regression and stress tests and System Maintenance

Role: Project Coordinator/Systems Analyst
Environment: PowerBuilder 6.0/5, PL/SQL, Oracle, Windows 9X

Project 4 : Agency & Subscriber Insurance system This system is taking care of the Insurance system provided by Malayala Manorama to their Agencies and Subscribers to improve the efficiency of the distribution of Insurance to agencies and subscribers. Project 5 : Scholarship System for Children of Agencies & Subscribers The Scholarship given to the children of Agencies and Subscribers for academic brilliance is automated by this system. By automating this, the company was able to get the required information at a very fast and accurate rate. Project 6 : Infertility Management System Client : Al Safa Clinic, Abudhabi, UAE The treatment of infertility is a needs time and there should be tracking of every details regarding the treatment. By computerizing these details, doctors are able to have the details as and when required with out much fuzz.


  • Requirements Collection, System Study, Design, Development and Coordination of the project.
  • Extensive Interaction with Users, Preparation of Technical Documentation and user documentation
  • Developed various Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Testing, debugging and Maintenance.

Position: Analyst Programmer
Environment: MF COBOL, DBASE, Clipper, MSDOS

Project 1 : Attendance and Payroll System

Clients : Confidential, MSEB, HLL, Indian Cable Co, Hoogly Dock Yard Calcutta, Sri Chitra Medical College, Indian Ordinance Factory This system consists of two modules 1) Attendance module 2) Payroll processing module. Attendance module accepts the days worked, leave details, overtime details etc. on daily or monthly basis from the user. The processing module calculates the salary and allowances according to the setup. Includes regular reports.1


  • Member of the requirement study team, involved in the Preparation of the Program specification
  • Active involvement in system design, development, coding and testing
  • Member of the installation team, training users and end User Support
  • Lead the implementation team for implementation of the system in Indian Ordinance Factory, Indian Cable Co.

Position: Implementation Support Engineer

Project : Advance Ledger Posting System Client : State bank of Travancore Group The system deals with the savings account transactions of day-to-day bank activities.



PowerBuilder 11/10.5/9.x/8.x/7.x/6.x, Clarion


C#, Clipper, COBOL


Oracle 8i/10g, SQL Server 2000/2005, Access, Dbase

Web Technologies

Asp.Net, XML, HTML

Operating Systems

Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, DOS

Reporting Tools

Clarion Report Manager, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services

Software Development/Quality Process

IBM Rational Unified Process (RUP), WaterFall

Design Tools

MS Visio 2000

Project Estimation Method

Function Point Analysis (FPA)

Testing Tools

IBM Rational Test Manager, IBM Rational Robot


FoxPro, FoxBASE, Dbase, MS Office

  • Bachelors Degree in Mathematics
  • Diploma in Computer Applications

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