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Storage Administrator Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 6+ years of Strong experience in Storage (SAN/NAS/Converged Storages) and Backup Analysis, Planning, Solutions, Implementations, Maintenance and Administration.
  • Experience in implementing, administering, and maintaining in NetApp, EMC, Hitachi and HP storages.
  • Strong knowledge of EMC based storage technologies.
  • Daily Health Monitoring of the EMC, Netapp, Hitachi and HP Storage boxes.
  • Strong experience on EMC Storage - VMAX, Vplex, DMX-3, DMX-4, Clariion CX-600/CX-700/CX3-80, XtremIO, Isilon, Centera and Vblock.
  • Operation Management: Managed Data centre Consist of HP, EMC, HDS & NetApp Storage, Symantec, IBM Storage and Backup technologies, Brocade, and Cisco Devices.
  • Experience with faulty disk replacement on EMC, IBM Storage boxes.
  • Perform day-to-day operations and management of large storage infrastructure that includes EMC, IBM and Netapp.
  • Providing Storage to EMC Storage boxes and Mapping to Hosts, and Mapping a single volume to multiple hosts.
  • Support data migrations within EMC, IBM storage boxes as necessary for equipment rotations.
  • Collect diagnostics from EMC and IBM storage and work with the support to find the RCA and working on the issue to resolve them.
  • Volume creations/expansion deletion on the storage boxes.
  • Hands on Experience in Storage infrastructure that included NetApp FAS series (2000, 3000, 3200, 6000, 8000) in Clustered High Availability (HA) configurations across multiple sites.
  • Experience in implementing, administering and maintaining NetApp FAS6040, FAS3070, R200, and FAS980.
  • Experience in Administration of Storage to Multiprotocol Environments like CIFS and NFS in NetApp SAN/NAS environment.
  • Experience in implementing NetApp Snap suite solutions like Snapshots, Snap Mirror, and Snap Vault, Snap Restore for backup, migration, and disaster recovery.
  • Experience in Administration of Storage to Multiprotocol Environments like FC, iSCSI, CIFS and NFS.
  • Conducted data analytics for all SAN and NAS platforms.
  • Participated in understanding of implementation and productivity of storages.
  • Good experience in Performance and capacity management.
  • Experience on Cisco and Brocade Fabric switch administration.
  • Perform Analysis, Planning, Designing and Implementation of Storage & Backup Solutions.
  • Good experience in ITIL Process and 24x7 support environments.
  • Extensively experienced with the performance tuning and planning for consolidation of storage.
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills. Ability to quickly adapt to new environments and learn new Technologies.


Storage: NetApp FAS series / 6200/ 8000 Series. IBM Storage - DS4700, DS4800, DS5100, DS5300, V3700, V5000, V7000 and IBM XIV Series. EMC Storage - VMAX 10K, 20K, 40K, VNX 5200, 5400, 7600, Vplex, DMX-3, DMX-4, Clariion CX-600/CX-700/CX3-80, XtremIO, Isilon, Centera and Vblock. HP Storage - 3 PAR- T/S/X series, XP24k. Hitachi Storage - VSP, AMS and HNAS. Fabric Switches and Directors - Mcdata, Brocade SAN 256B and Cisco

Tools: NetApp Storage Software - Oncommand System Manager, Oncommand Insight, Command Line interface, Snap protect. EMC Storage software - Unisphere, Control Center, Timefinder, Isilon Manager, XtreamIO systems Manager. IBM Storage Software - IBM Storwize Storage Managemnt. DS Storage Manager Client, Storage virtual client, XIV Management tool. Hitachi - Device manager and Hitachi Unified Manager HP - XP CV, EVA CV. Switches Software - Fabric Manager, Device Manager.

ITIL Ticketing Tools: BMC Remedy and Service Now, Heat. Backup technologies - Veritas Net Backup, HP Data protector, EMC AVAMAR, Commvault, TSM.


Storage Administrator

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Daily Monitoring and Health Check of Storage Systems.
  • Review the Capacity usage trending of the storage systems and recommend/deploy capacity to meet demand.
  • Incident, Service request, Change, Problem Management, and break fix issues follow up and support.
  • Maintain hardware (rack/stack/cable/label).
  • Updating the Weekly and Monthly capacity reports globally and sharing with the client.
  • Contact IBM support for Hardware and Software issues, raising PMR (Problem Management Report) and uploading the logs against the PMR to get the RCA of the alerts and working with IBM engineers to resolve the issue.
  • Weekly Support Logs Collection of the storage systems and uploading the Logs to IBM to check the overall health of the Storage Systems and maintaining library of the support logs in case of any hardware failure/alerts as IBM requests for previous logs to check the health of the system before and after the failure.
  • Working on Tickets on Service Now/HEAT to create New Volumes or expansion of the existing volumes and verifying with the host team if the LUN’s are available from the team.
  • Working on Change requests on Service Now/Heat to delete the volumes by un-mapping the volume from the host and deleting them after the host team has deleted the LUN’s from server end.
  • Faulty Disk replacements of the Storage Systems by raising emergency change and contacting IBM to dispatch the new disks and replacing them and monitoring the copy back services after the disk replacement.
  • Disk replacement on enterprise class storage IBM XIV Gen 3 by following the 3 DDM (Disk Drive Module) policy.
  • Alerts Configuration of the storage systems to make sure that the support user receives call home events and local users also receive event notifications.
  • Performance monitoring of the Storage Systems and working with IBM system Lab services to check the IOPS (Read and Write), Latency (Read and Write) and the Bandwidth (Read and Write) and adjusting the traffic between the preferred nodes to improve the performance.
  • Working closely with IBM National duty manager, Field Engineer and L3 Technicians for P1 and P2 issues, resolving them and monitoring the systems closely for another 3-4 days apart from the regular Health Check.
  • Mapping the same volume to different hosts.
  • Attending the CAB calls to represent the team SNOW changes as requested by the CAB committee.
  • Data growth analysis and storage resources forecasting to check if the threshold limit is met.
  • Data Centre visit to check the storage systems are Healthy green or Amber.
  • Weekly meeting with offshore team and preparing the MOM.
  • Experience with Brocade Zoning on Web tools and Data Fabric Manager.
  • Experience in creating zones and zone sets and fabric configuration on Brocade.
  • Remove the zones and deleting the host objects on the array if there is no storage allocation to the dead hosts.
  • Code upgrade of the storage systems: Working with IBM for the latest versions, EOL and compare the same code with the code compatibility matrix and check for the prerequisites of the upgrade to verify if the upgrade is a step or a straight upgrade and documenting the information and upgrade the storage system.
  • DS3700 2 Storage Pilot Upgrade: Storage code upgrade to IBM supported level by upgrading the SDDPCM version ( to, Firmware version (BD2H to BD2K) and finally upgrading the Storage Code from to
  • XIV to V3700 Migration Project, Non-Prod Systems (Training / QA / Testing) that are hosted in XIV enterprise class storage servers migrated to V3700 entry class storage by which the used capacity threshold limit is brought below 80% and more reserved space for the Production hosts.
  • Proactive PMR’s before and after the upgrade of the storage system, Disk failures and alerts.
  • DS 00 Migration Project, DS 4700 Storage system which is no more supported by IBM has been migrated to V5000; new zones created for the existing hosts on V5000 and migrated.
  • Restoring Storage Services after a major outage due to the Dual Power supply unit’s failure, working closely with IBM and restoring the services after 779 LUN’s went offline.
  • Web Services Restart on the Storage boxes.
  • DELL Storage Boxes Capacity Monitoring and working closely with the Windows team to expand the volumes and mapping the same volumes with different hosts.
  • Raising Emergency changes or following the lead times for the changes and working on the change requests after the business hours and following the CAB calls to close the changes.
  • Creating access to the IBM engineers visiting the Data Centre.
  • IQN modification of Dell Storage boxes with New IQN and verifying with Wintel Team for the visibility of Volumes.
  • Space Reclaim on Dell Storage Boxes using HIT and EQLRETHIN.EXE tool.
  • Updating the documents required for the FMO (Future Mode of operation) for the data migration to AWS Cloud.
  • Installing CommVault media agents Servers.
  • Job Monitoring on the Job Controller and Failed Job synopsis on CommVault.
  • Viewing Job history on CommVault.
  • Configuration of Backup and restore in the CommVault Environment.
  • Commcell user accounts and User groups.
  • Documentation.
  • 24/7 Environment Support.

Storage Management Consultant

Confidential, GA


  • Supporting EMC storage Products 24/7.
  • Strong knowledge of EMC based storage technologies (VMAX, VNX, Isilon, CLARiiON Data Domain, Celerra, Centera).
  • Expert with performance monitoring and troubleshooting on VNX.
  • EMC VNX 5200, 5400, 7600 Storage allocation to hosts, Multiple Hosts and working on Hardware replacements.
  • Expert with EMC VNX, ability to configure block storage for ESXi and Windows host. Deep understanding of VNX storage platform.
  • Unalloaction of volumes from the Hosts on EMC VNX by raising tickets to Server team and and Unmapping the volumes after the server team has unmounted the volumes by following the 3 BDU Technique.
  • Support data migrations within the EMC storage boxes as necessary for equipment rotations, open replicator by pushing VMAX to VNX.
  • Hardware replacement on EMC VNX boxes which Include Disk Replacement, Batteries by working with Service Management team and raising ECR and working with EMC by Providing the Logs and replacing the parts in the Datacentre.
  • Performance Monitoring of the IOPS and Latency (Read/Write) of EMC VNX boxes by changing the preferred Paths to equally distribute the Storage size across the preferred Paths to enable better Performance.
  • Raising SR with EMC and working with EMC for resolving Storage Issues.
  • Daily Health Monitoring of the EMC and Netapp boxes.
  • Ensure Hardware microcode levels are accurate and up to date.
  • Collecting and reviewing the capacity data of the EMC storage Boxes to ensure continuous availability of Service.
  • Install and maintain hardware (rack/stack/cable/label) - predominately EMC.
  • LUN allocation/deallocation/expansion to different hosts such as Windows and Linux.
  • Worked with EMC and Brocade Engineers for break fixes, firmware and microcode upgrades.
  • Detailed analysis of customer issues of EMC Clariion Boxes.
  • Carrying out research and development on recurring issues on the EMC Vmax.
  • Handling SEV 1and SEV 2 Tickets.
  • EMC storage Boxes capacity/alerts monitoring.
  • Faulty Disk replacement on the EMC storage boxes and working with EMC support for the disk replacement.
  • Perform root cause analysis, diagnostics, monitoring on various EMC production systems.
  • Working with the Team to make new plans for improving the capacity usage and performance of the Storage Boxes.
  • Responsible for the setup and configuration of EMC, VMware, and Cisco products.
  • Monitor performance/utilization and working with the EMC support to improve the performance.
  • Size EMC and capacity upgrades to meet requirements.
  • Create change requests Data Migrations and create documentation supporting changes in the environment.
  • Designing, configuration and installation of SAN infrastructure with 3PAR, NetApp and Isilon.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of NetApp storage by Configuring Aggregates, volume, Qtree and snapshots using Filer View and Oncommand System manager.
  • Created and configured CIFS Shares, NFS Mounts, Quotas, Groups and Permissions on NetApp NAS.
  • Experience with EMC VMAX, VNX, VPLEX, Centera, Recoverpoint, SAN Fabric Director Class Switch, HP 3Par.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve end-user issues independently and efficiently.
  • Ensure company and statutory procedures and standards are adhered to ensuring consistency an application and performance.
  • Promote effective communication at all levels in order to ensure department and store objectives are achieved.
  • Experience on installation and upgrading of the Data Fabric Manager and Operations Manager to monitor and manage the filers.
  • Reviewing and delivering One Neck IT Solutions storage engineering and related services including storage infrastructure, related storage management and monitoring solutions, storage integration, and delivery automation, including the implementation of:
  • Backup Storage Solutions (backup, archive, other)
  • Primary Storage (block and file level)
  • Install and maintain system software.
  • Manage power and cable infrastructures following established best practices.
  • Provide troubleshooting and break/fix support.
  • Collaborate with procurement team for the planning and purchase of hardware/software.
  • Work with asset management team to maintain accurate inventories for all lab assets.
  • Work with the architects to develop support protocols and procedures, including monitoring, reporting, patching, preventative maintenance, etc., for One Neck IT Solutions storage architecture.
  • Review the capacity usage trending of storage solutions and recommend/deploy capacity to meet demand.
  • Experience in ONTAP Upgrade activities both Clustered filers and non-clustered filers in production environments.
  • Worked on multiple project related to Data center consolidation projects.
  • Experience with data Fabric manager, Zoning, LUN allocation, and Storage allocation to Host groups.
  • Experience in creating zones and zone sets and fabric configuration on Brocade.
  • Netapp filer administration like volume & qtree creation.
  • Created NFS exports and CIFS shares.
  • Managed quota’s on netapp filers.
  • Managed hardware failures on the filers and raising cases and working with the vendors.
  • Managed Snap manager relationships and participated in ONTAP upgrades.
  • Created Datasets, Policies and Resource Pool using Netapp Management console for Snap vault.
  • Experience in using virtual instruments for monitoring the SAN.
  • Work Flow ticketing systems, Change management and Break fix issues follow up and support.

Storage Engineer

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Maintained a healthy NetApp storage by Configuring Aggregates, Volumes, Qtree and snapshots using Filer View when required.
  • NetWorker snapshot management.
  • Maintain an effective communication process that flows up and down within the store, across to other functions and ultimately the customer.
  • Carry out any other duties that are reasonably requested by the management.
  • Attend meetings as required.
  • Manage projects and maintenance tasks using a ticketing system.
  • Provide input for new products and services.
  • Assist storage operational activities and problem management.
  • Responsible for network backup integrity and recovery coordination along with Disaster Recovery planning.
  • Managed SAN using SAN Manager and taking care of Thin Provisioning.
  • Trouble-shooting SAN problems and taking care of Fabric Manager.
  • Played an active role in carrying out various migrations involving Clariions/DMX.
  • Involved in setup of NetApp filer in the environment
  • Create change requests for the migration and create documentation supporting changes in the environment.
  • Configured and maintained ECC Designed and implemented Storage solutions using EMC products to achieve optimum performance.
  • Data growth analysis and storage resource forecasting also comes under my responsibilities.
  • Involved in the implementation of NetApp NAS technology and configuring shares, CIFS and NFS Administration.
  • Involved in the implementation of NetApp SAN technology, created and configured LUNS.
  • Used Data fabric manager (DFM), Filer view, Snap drive in monitoring, managing, reporting and provisioning storage to the users.
  • Assisted in Upgrading filers with new Data ONTAP software.
  • Maintained and supported existing clarion storage.
  • Installed Netback clients and created schedules for the back up the servers.
  • Worked on restoring the data from the tapes whenever it’s required.
  • Work Flow ticketing systems, Change management, incident management and Break fix issues.
  • 24/7 Environment Support.

Storage Administrator

Confidential, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ


  • NAS Administration, NetApp filer installation, on tap upgrades, SnapMirror and quota, qtrees Administration.
  • NET APPS filers FAS 3050, FAS 3070, FAS 2050 and FAS 940 Installation and support.
  • Monitor Performance, anticipate problems and suggest solutions.
  • Work closely with global colleagues to meet team goals and improve processes, practices and communications.
  • LUN mapping/creation on NetApp devices, F/C Switch Configuration management.
  • Monitoring and Replication Strategies (Snapshot, SnapMirror).
  • Manage SAN & NAS capacity and performance using appropriate reporting & monitoring tools
  • IBM Shark and IBM Fast (DS4500) Installation and support.
  • Flash Copy, Snapshot and SnapMirror Installation and support.
  • Work Flow ticketing systems, Change management, Performance manager and Break fix issues follow up and support
  • Experience with Connectrix Manager and data Fabric manager, Zoning, LUN allocation, Storage allocation to storage groups.
  • 24/7 Environment Support.

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