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Network Design Resume

New Jersey, NJ

Network Design and Test Engineer with 17 Years of industry experience focusing on computer networking, Designing, implementing, testing and configuring different network topologies with various operating Systems, Routers and Switches.

Networking Engineering Skills:

  • Hands on F5 BIGIP 1500, 3400, 6400, 6800, 8400, 8800, foundry Server Iron, Nortel Alteon and Netscalers load balancers, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192, E0, E2, E4, GE, Ethernet, Pos, ATM, Fast Ethernet, 10G and LAN/WAN.
  • Infrastructure design and migration including switches, routers, load balancers and firewalls.
  • Strong knowledge of XML, WSDL, XML gateway Configuration, Site minder APS configuration, Read and debug HTTP headers and schemas.
  • Debug and implement TCP/IP, IP addressing and subnetting, Routing tables.
  • Cisco Works, What’s Up Gold, MRTG, network general and etherreal network management tools.
  • Configure and setup Cisco routers GSR 12000, 7500, 7200, 4000, 2800, 2600, switches 6513, 6509, 6506, 4948, 4500, 3560, 3550, 3512 and HP Procurve switches.
  • Strong knowledge of RPR+, NTP, FTP, TFTP, ICMP, ARP, UDP, OSI layers functions.

Professional Experience

Confidential, Sr.Principal Engineer 02/2008-Present

  • Layer 2 /Layer 3 Cisco, 6513, 6509, 6506, F5, Netscaler, Alteon, Network General network expansion and infrastructure design.
  • Design, diagram, documenting, deployment of new projects into the current infrastructure.
  • Assist with scheduled and emergency maintenance events completed during normal business hours and during off hours.
  • Investigating, troubleshooting, isolating and documenting problems for switches, F5 LTM 1500, 3400, 6400, 6800, 8800, OSPF configuration, BGP to ISP configuration.
  • Project management and meeting attendance for the infrastructure device upgrades or replacements.
  • Understanding protocol compatibility, performing system tuning, and making recommendations for improvement
  • Development and implementation of best practices and procedures for networking Planning and documenting new product deployments and the associated network infrastructure changes

Confidential,Sr. Principal Engineer 09/2005-01/2008

  • Configure the XML Gateways for the A2A, IFA Web services, Network policies for Authentication & Authorization, WSDL and XML validations, threat mitigation, Strong Authentication which involves installing and configuring the CRL (Certificate Revocation List)cache mechanism.
  • Coordinate with testers and Application developers to troubleshoot the Defect Reports, WSDL and application related upgrades as well the XML Gateway vendor (Forum Systems)for firmware upgrades and technical support.
  • Design, implement and test equipment configurations for IRS-PRIME infrastructure, as assigned which include “ F5 BIGIP all fixed modules, foundry server iron and Nortel Alteon ” load balancers, XML Gateway app. to app., 6513 switch blades upgrade and deployment, IOS changes and configurations.
  • Represent SME services as a project resource on assigned IRS Modernization projects.
  • Attend project meetings as requested and perform SME duties.
  • Prepare VDDs, PDDs, and other required configuration documentation as assigned.
  • Provide liaison with network vendors on specific network equipment updates and changes.
  • Perform network monitoring, analyze packets and implement tuning changes for the network environments.
  • Provide status reporting on at least a weekly basis.


Network/Telecom Team Lead 06/2004-08/2005 Contract.

  • Provide weekly project status reports to the JNET IT operations manager.
  • Designed deployment and configuration of NTP through Commonwealth of PA MAN for 67 counties.
  • Designed deployment and configuration of cryptomaps between Cisco and Checkpoint to consolidate Messaging systems in remote locations.
  • Design specification of routers upgrade process to meet encryption standards.
  • Design replacement plan for new 6513 switch to run layer 3 and 2 with redundancy for 720 supervisors using IOS and consolidate 3550 switches and deploy Pix firewall changes.
  • Design, document, deployment, and management of the JNET network and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Manage 67 circuits through out PA government facilities.
  • Troubleshoot all problems related to different network topologies implemented in all counties.
  • Design, document, deployment and management of monitoring technologies for the JNET network including Cisco Works, What’s Up Gold, and MRTG.
  • Network Capacity planning, routers and switches management.

Confidential,Technical Support Specialist 01/2003–05/2004

  • Hands on Installation and configuration of Cisco 2500, 3000, 4000, and 7000 series.
  • Configuring IOS 12.0 and previous versions as well as cabling for POS, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and ATM
  • Debugging and troubleshooting of Cisco routing protocols, RIP, BGP, OSPF.
  • Configuration of OSPF, Access lists, for 7000 series and 4000 series.
  • Provide Network design and support remote access via dialup via ppp, DSL via PPPoE, and cable modem
  • Perform verification and debugging on problems for initial installation of TCP/IP, addressing.
  • Mail servers troubleshooting for smtp, pop servers using tools like grep, and mail edit

Confidential,San Jose, CA
Devtest Engineer III 10/2000-11/2002
Configure, and debug OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, ISIS, RIP, Multicast PIM" dense and sparse", IGMP, SNMP, Qos, RPR+, ATM pvc\'s and IGMP over 12000, 7500, 7200 routers and lower series.
Using 7500, 7200 as route injector, 2500 as comserver in the different topologies implemented.
Design, develop, execute and document software test cases used to test internetworking product functionality in addition to read the new feature and writing the test plan for it.
Perform initial verification and debugging on problems for new line cards.
Provide support to development team by tracking, verifying and resolving errors.
Using TCL to automate and download configurations to the routers.
Working on win 2000, NT4.0, Win98 and Unix Solaris.
Using all routing protocols like OSPF, BGP, ISIS, EIGRP along with traffic generators like smartbits, Ixia.
Use of ATS "auto test” for test automation and writing basic scripts that serve the test cases in my test plan using TCL.
worked on features like Multicast over ATM and CAR “committed access rate” over ATM, MIBS, and SNMP network management.
Hands on exp. on ATM PVC’s, SVC\'s for testing OC3, OC12, OC48 cards.
Used different topologies to carry out the test cases which had devices like ATM LS1010 switch, "GSR 12000 series include “12008, 12010, 12014, 12016”, 7500 routers", "Pos, ATM, Ethernet line cards".
Attended Internal Cisco classes in scripting TCL, routing, DDTS "defect tracking system”.
Major player in writing master test plan for Multicast Dense mode and IGMP V3 for GSR.

Confidential,VA "Contract"
Network Engineer 06/1999-09/2000 " Agency contract"
Hands on Configuration including "Cabling, Switches, Domains Configurations with PDC\'s, BDC\'s,”
Designed and implement the diagrams for a T1 line with Cisco routers 2611, 2501, 4500M, switches 5500, 1900 using Visio.
Implementation of two firewalls for internal and external networks with private addressing internally and routing summarization to the Internet cloud
All configuration for operating systems (NT4.0, 2000 server, Advanced 2000), SQL, IIS 4.0, 5.0 file server, authentication and permissions
Cabling, Sniffing and network analyzing, ConfigMaker for Cisco, Ether peek, NetXray
Mastering IP addressing, routing and subnetting with Routers & Switches and Domain Services
Support remote dialup Banks, Mortgage companies connecting to our servers.
Details: walked through the setup if it is dialup or leased line and setup the dialup network, TCP/IP,DNS, adding routing tables to point to the different servers in our site.
Confidential,VA "Agency Contract"
Network Engineer 05/98-5/99
Team player in Unisys project of upgrading its entire PC\'s, NT “PDC’s “, print servers
Custom NT setup for Dept.\'s, Groups, and end-users, Y2K testing.
Setup includes building PC boxes from scratch; adding computer accounts to certain domains. Adding the user profiles, may add the user to the local box admin group.
backing up the user old data and provide this data back on the replacement PC or laptop.
Install certain software applications and setup TCP/IP, Wins, DNS, Dialup networking, RAS.
Application Support of over 3400 users.
Solve Dept.\'s, Groups, and end users problems over the phone or personally.
Problems includes mappings, shares, updating there applications, answer individuals needs,Setup network printers, emails, Internet service.

Network Administrator 01/95-4/98
Installation and Configuration of cabling, Domains with PDC, BDC\'s, File servers.
Substantial experience workstations support and configure, troubleshoot PC\'s, and setup e-mail, network shares.
Install; configure Windows NT server and Windows NT workstation Install, configure Windows 95, Windows 3.x, DOS, NIC\'s, printers, applications software Travel to different states, setup electronic shows.

CNA - Certified Novell Administrator
MCP +I- Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Engineering Boot Camp

ATM boot camp
CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate
BSCN - Building Scalable Cisco Networks
Multicast pim and sparse modes, IGMP V2, V3, MIBS
BS Degree in Telecommunication Engineering
BS equivalent of Engineering, “Telecommunication”
BIGIP “local Traffic Manager” Training

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