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Microsoft Administrator Resume

New Jersey, NJ

I am looking to expand my already strong knowledge of the Microsoft related enterprise products. I Have a Strong ability to troubleshoot, and in depth understanding of the Microsoft operating system

• Microsoft Server NT4-2k8:
• Microsoft Windows Desktop 95-7
• Microsoft IIS
• Microsoft WINS
• Microsoft Active Directory
• Microsoft Exchange
• Microsoft SSL
• Microsoft WSUS
• Microsoft Office (2k-2k7)
• Microsoft Terminal Server
• Microsoft ISA Server/Firewall
• Microsoft DNS server
• Microsoft Group Policy
• Microsoft Batch
• Microsoft SharePoint
• Microsoft SQL
• Microsoft ISCSI
• Falcoln Stor Backup
• CA - Brightstor Backup
• Symantec Backup Exec 11d-12.5
• Linux – Ubuntu
• Sun Microsystems - SunOne Directory LDAP
• CA - Etrust Directory LDAP
• CA – Integrated Management
• CA – Etrust Antivirus
• Symantec Antivirus
• Symantec Endpoint protection
• Mcaffee 8.5
• Trend – Micro Antivirus
• Sophos
• Norton Internet Securities 2009
• VM-Ware ESXI
• VM-Ware ESX 2.5.1
• Citrix (Metaframe-XEN)
• Wyse Winterm S10, S70
• Blackberry Enterprise Solutions
• Goodlink Enterprise
• Handheld configuration (Blackberry, Sybian, Nokia, Motorola, Iphone, Palm)

• QuickBooks
• Peachtree accounting
• Timberline accounting
• Sonic wall
• NetIQ
• Surf-control
• EMC SAN (Clariion)
• Dell Equalogics SAN
• Cisco Routers/Switches
• Netopia Routers/Switches
• Linksys Routers Wireless/Wired
• Belkin Routers Wireless/Wired
• Netgear Routers Wireless/Wired
• Dell Routers
• Castle Fax-Press
• Applied Systems Sales Software
• Punch Panel Installations
• Cat5 Termination
• GLIDM (Greater Long Island Dental Meeting)
• IP-KVM Installations
• DVR security system
• Robotic Library Repair
• Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM, Toshiba Desktop/Laptop Repair

Employment History

(October 15th 2009 - Current)
(August 28th 2008 – October 13th 2009)
CNS - Computer Network Solutions (consultant) Senior Microsoft Administrator
• Microsoft Server migration NT4-2k8
I have worked on all server platforms, I have configured new installations, and maintained others.
• Desktop Security
Group policy modifications, Firewall policy changes, Antivirus upgrades, registry edits, and a variety of other changes to make desktops more secure, faster and more safely functional.
• Group Policy Administration
Performance and security modifications to keep things running smoothly.
• Active Directory
New installations, Full configurations all the way though to the basic maintenance
• VM-Ware ESXI
Installations, New OS installs and general maintenance
• Domain configurations
Setting up PDC and BDC on the NT4 domains, configuring active directory trusts, adding desktops to domains.
• Virus Removal
I have extensive knowledge of the NT based registry.
• Citrix administration
Configuration of Citrix Metaframe server, Citrix Xen server, and citrix ICA clients.
• Exchange administration
I have done installations, Configurations, updates, and maintenance
• Symantec Backup Exec 11d-12.5
I have done installations, configurations, updates, and have reviewed log files to fix issues with BUE
• Brightstor Backup
I have done new installs and full configurations to Robotic Libraries for automated backups
• Falcoln Stor Backup
I have configured the ISCSI as well as software to correctly run the backups in intermittent backup status to stop delays during the business day.
I have done hardware, and configurations to fix EMC SAN (Clariion) servers.
• Equalogics SAN
I have setup SAN configurations for storage, using ISCSI as well as Fiber channel switches.
• Dell, HP and IBM server, Desktop, and laptop Repair
I have done everything from Desktop, server, to Laptop repair, including motherboard, LCD, and chassis parts.
• Printer Repair
HP and Dell printer repairs to Chassis, System boards, and maintenance
• Cisco Wireless Configurations
Configured WPA security, included MAC filtration to allow only certain machines access, to further secure wireless access.
• BES Administration
Fresh installs, as well as maintenance and in place upgrades. I have also configured all of the hand helds.
• Project management
I have managed Major network upgrades. These mostly included full server, and lan setups.
• Sales associate
Made some major sales for high dollar projects.
• Account Management
Managed multiple accounts and functions of their networks, Stayed on top of all of the individual issues until they were completed correctly.
• Compaq Library Backup Management/Repair
I have hardware and software expertise with configuration and hardware repair within the robotic Library itself.
• Microsoft Office Installations 2k – 2k7
Installations, configurations and modifications in order to gain performance with office 2k7 latency issues due to feeds.
• NetIQ monitoring software
Configuration, and understanding of NetIQ as well as the changes that are incurred with upgrades, and updated drivers of the associated hardware.
• Working Knowledge of ISCSI
Configuration and Port speed understanding with ISCSI
• Experience with Share Point
Installation, configuration, and publishing share-point services.
• Server Automation
Server automation by using Batch files, Group policy, and registry modifications.

(March 2008 – August 2008)
Confidential,System Support Administrator, Windows Administration
• CA – Integrated Identity Management
Supported for Microsoft networks, configurations, and working with active directory, with a split trust to sun directory LDAP.
• CA – Etrust
Configured Anti-virus firewall to utilize ports needed for LDAP and Active Directory
• CA – Brightstor
Configured for Backup rights using IM
• Microsoft IIS Support
Configured IIS to publish Http access to Integrated IM
• Microsoft Server 2k – 2k8 Support
Supported Server issues that looked as though they were the cause of the Identity management issues.
• Microsoft Active Directory Support
Configured Active directory to allow LDAP access using IM
• Microsoft Exchange Support
Configured Exchange to work with LDAP other then Active Directory
• Microsoft SSL configuration and support
Configured LDAP to use Microsoft SSL to secure a connection
• SunOne Directory LDAP
Configured it for a base for a virtual Identity Management Lab
• Etrust Directory LDAP
Worked with Etrust LDAP to work with Active directory to troubleshoot issues with connection to microsoft products.
(October 2006 - January 2008)
Installed Building Products – Windows Administration and Windows Based Network Security
• VM-Ware ESX 2.5.1
Used VMWARE to run Virtual servers for testing of new updates and Applications so that running servers would not be effected by problematic server related issues.
• LAN Securities (Anti-Virus GURU)
Symantec 10.0.1 server, full on configurations also 3500 desktops which never had any kind of antivirus became a year long project of pushing the antivirus, and cleaning machines as I went though them one by one.
• Project Management
Took on project of antivirus configurations, also beta testing Vmware\'s new product of SAN running opporating systems.
• Microsoft Terminal Server Maintenance
Configuration of Terminal server for remote access
• Microsoft 2k Server administration
Installations, configurations, and management of server, and all running processes.
• Microsoft 2k3 Server administration
Installations, configurations, and management of server, and all running processes.
• Microsoft XP administration
Manged XP via Group policy and surf control
• Microsoft Vista Administration (beta)
Worked to find upgrade path to Microsoft Vista from Microsoft XP Pro
• Microsoft Exchange Administration
Installations, configurations, and maintenance to clean up storage on older exchange 2000 server.
• Microsoft Active Directory Administration
Repaired Trusts between multi-domain configurations
• Microsoft WSUS
Periodically would check for updates and decide what got pushed to where.
• Surf-control administration
Configurations of new white, and black lists of websites to maintain security
• sonic wall administration
Updated sonicwall as contract was expired (re-flashed IOS)
• Cisco Router administration
Configuration and periodic log reviews to make sure things were still running at optimum speeds.
• Cisco Wireless administration
Configurations and periodic checks to make sure wireless was still running secure.
• Documentation Management
Scan to PDF, large files to be saved on the SAN, and filed away.
• Dell, Hp, and IBM Hardware repairs
Laptop and Desktop repair, system boards, memory, LCD\'s and chassis fixes.
• Printer Repair
Dell, HP, and Xerox printer hardware and IOS repair
• DCOM and ActiveX repair
Configuration on Linux based systems to support Microsoft published applications
• Citrix ICA client configurations
Configurations of Wyse winterms and installations to the IOS updates needed for performance increases
• Citrix Metaframe Server configuration
Adding published applications and configuring printers
Adding rights to active directory
• Goodlink Technologies Administration
Updating and configuring new users, troubleshooting problematic issues
• Goodlink Device Configuration
Configuring devices for goodlink email, repairing handhelds from lockup issues.
• BES configuration
Blackberry server configuration, as well as device configurations
• Hand Held ActiveX Modifications (Blackberry, Nokia, Sybex, Palm)
Handheld configuration of Active X and Java patches for testing with custom in house software.

(February 2006 – September 2006)
Confidential,Microsoft Field Service Engineer
• Microsoft IIS configuration
Configuring new websites and publishing updates
• Microsoft Server NT4 administration
NT4 maintenance configurations and edits to run newer software not designed to run on NT4
• Microsoft Server 2000 administration
Server configurations, updates, software installs and maintenance
• Microsoft Server 2003 administration
Server updates, migrations, and repairs to BSOD issues due to viral infections
• Microsoft Exchange administration
Exchange cleanups account migrations and performance modifications
• Microsoft Active Directory Administration
Directory cleanups, structure organizations
• Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional administration
Desktop migrations to windows XP
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional administration
SP2 installations, configurations, and updates as needed
• Microsoft ISA Server/Firewall Configuration
Full on server firewall repair, upgrades, migrations, and port adjustments
• HP Printer Configurations and Maintenance
Print server configurations, Printer maintenance, and printer hardware repair
• Castle Fax-Press configurations
56K configurations and policy adjustments as needed to run software correctly.

(December 2005- February 2006)
Confidential,Sr. Windows Network Engineer (Contract)
• Custom Hardware configurations
High end custom server builds
• Custom Desktop Builds
High end Custom Gaming/Graphic artists desktops
• Microsoft Server 2000 Maintenance
Fresh installations, administration, maintenance and updates
• Microsoft Server 2003 Maintenance
Fresh installations, administration, maintenance and updates
• Microsoft Windows 2000 configurations
Domain additions, configurations and performance modifications
• Microsoft Windows XP configurations
Performance modifications, Virus repair and other recovery processes from BSOD issues
• Microsoft Active Directory configurations
Configuration, maintenance and structure organization
• Microsoft Exchange Configurations
Configured full exchange environments including outlook on each desktop
• Blackberry Enterprise Server Configurations
Installed all Blackberry devices, and maintained blackberry servers
• Veritas Backup Exec
Configured backups, setup jobs and maintained job sizes
• Microsoft DNS server maintenance
Cleaned up DNS records that pointed to nowhere.

(December 2004 - November 2005)
Confidential,Windows Support - Phone Support Engineer
• Provide Blind support for Operational delays
Provided phone support for a variety of reported issues
• Data center patches for viral outbreaks
Provided support for entire data center of a worm outbreak
• Configuring Pop accounts
Configured POP accounts running on a exchange 5.5 server
• Configuring 56K dial-up accounts
Walked clients though configuring dial up accounts
• Microsoft Windows XP Maintenance
Walked clients though maintaining windows with updates and service packs
• Microsoft Windows 2000 Maintenance
Walked clients though adding files to Winnt directory to include some xp functions
• Troubleshooting DOS attack issues
locating Dos attacks, and possible issues with ping of death
• Configuring Cisco
Configuring Cisco Routers and switches
• Configuration of Projector system
Custom brackets designed for mounting a projector system
• Configuration of DVR security system
Installed IP based DVR system on a 2k3 server
• Installation of IP-KVM system
Configuring the IP KVM system, adding reservations the the DHCP list for static entries to be used for the KVM system.
• Configuration of Netopia Routers
Configuring the Netopia Routers and Switches then bringing to the location
• Configuration of SonicWall
Configuring the SonicWall for use, also running updates in out of contract SonicWall firwalls.

(2002 – 2004)
Confidential,Sales associate, Windows Server Management
• Accounts Payable
Worked with paperwork and organized sales information
• Bookkeeping
Worked with paperwork, kept records, taught owner how to work toward paperless and store files on the server
• Project management
Worked on maintenance projects for inventory, as well as desktop and server updates
• Microsoft WINS Configuration
Configured updates, and also removed old records
• Microsoft DNS Management
Worked with DNS and kept the records clean
• Applied Systems Sales Software Installation and Maintenance
Troubleshot a series of issues with POS software running on an xp OS,
Located issue to be with antivirus software
Created a rule in the protection which fixed issue

(2001 - 2001)
Confidential,Windows Desktop administrator
• Windows 2000 Professional
Installed and configured windows desktop systems for new sales
• Windows NT4 Workstation
Installed and configured new installations, as well as maintained systems already running.
• Windows 98SE
Installed and configured new installations, as well as maintained the systems already running it.
• Windows 2000 Server maintenance
Maintained server related issues with operating system
• Microsoft NT4 Server Maintenance
Maintained server related issues with operating systems
• Linksys Router Configurations
Wireless configurations
• Belkin Router Configurations
Wireless and wired configurations (Static and DHCP)
• Netgear Router Configurations
Wireless and wired configurations (Static and DHCP)
• Virus Removal
Norton antivirus, and Symantec 6.0
• Dial-up Installations (AOL Configurations)
Installing AOL Dialup accounts on desktops
• Custom Hardware Built PC\'s and Servers
Custom high end Gaming and Graphic Design machines.
• Printer Repair
HP printer hardware repair
• Terminated Cat5
Made cables for use in new networks
• Punch Panel Installations
Wall mounted and wired Punch panels
• Worked on the server side of GLIDM (Greater Long Island Dental Meeting)
Worked with developer on GLIDM

Current Projects
• Actively working toward getting my MCM for 2008 Enterprise Server
• Beta Tester for Microsoft products
- Beta Tested Windows Vista
- Beta Tested Windows 7
- Beta Tested Exchange 2k10
- Beta Tested Office 2k10
- Beta Tested Server 2008 R2
• Working on reverse engineering XP to use Flash memory for performance modifications using NT4 and Vista
• Learning Ubuntu Desktop (Linux)
• Learning Ubuntu Server (Linux)


MCSE 2000 Server
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Administrator
Microsoft Systems Security Diploma
Industrial Graphics Design Major
Working toward my MCM 2008 Enterprise

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