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Sr. Systems Analyst Resume

Minneapolis, MN


  • I have 27 years of diversified experience in Information Technology specifically in the Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing and Financial industries. Out of these, 22 years are with Confidential in the following Confidential suites:
  • HCM - Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits 10.x, 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x
  • Procurement/Supply Chain-RQC, RQ, PO, IC, MSCM 10.x, 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x
  • Finance-GL, AP, AR 10.x, 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x
  • GHR/LTM - limited experience 10.x
  • Worked with all of Confidential web deployable tools.
  • Ming.le, Portal, SEA and XML
  • Experience in LSF9, LSF10
  • Landmark, Confidential Security/Infor Security Services, Confidential Process Flow/IPA, Design Studio
  • Websphere 6.x - 8.5.x
  • Have developed and administered on the following Confidential supported databases and environments.
  • ORACLE 8-12c, DB2 8-10.x, TDS 6.x, SQLServer 2000-2012
  • AIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows.
  • Demonstrated the ability to manage multiple projects requiring technical and leadership skills which were incorporated within basic Project Management Methodologies to designing, developing and supporting software applications.
  • Main focus is to deliver software solutions that are robust without need for frequent modifications hence establishing customer confidence in their enterprise software system.
  • Have worked on many upgrades (7:08 to 7.23), (7.2.3 to 7.2.8), (7.28 to 8.01), (8.01 to 9.0), (9.0 to 9.0.1) and (9.0.1 to 10.0).
  • Ran the upgrades to move data over to the new versions and retrofitted custom programs and/or tables that might have been affected due to table and/or index key changes in the new version.
  • Completed analysis and requirements definition and code development/retrofits in preparation for a 10.0.x upgrade.
  • Experience in data mapping and conversions of merged companies and configurations/setups, test script creation, end user training and functional production support in HR/Payroll/Benefits, Procurement/Supply Chain and Finance.
  • Implemented Confidential ’s MSCM Point Of Use system that uses Confidential items to create cases for patients admitted and scheduled for surgery through EPIC’s ADT HL7 segments that flow into Confidential via Cloverleaf.
  • Written many conversion programs to facilitate loading data using standard Confidential load programs vis a vis creating extracts from Confidential to interface into other systems.
  • Developed numerous programs to cleanse data in anticipation of Confidential upgrades.
  • Have developed Process Flow applications and of particular note was a Confidential Process Flow system that synchronizes name changes via Personnel Actions in H.R. with Confidential ’s LDAP platform. The Confidential Security Administration application reflects these updated names without the need for manual intervention since they have already been updated in Confidential ’s LDAP via the Process Flow application.
  • Used Design Studio to customize Confidential screens to fit user’s business needs as it relates to the placement of fields on the Confidential screens.
  • Wrote programs to create extracts for Benefit Plan/Health Insurance companies using Cloverleaf as the medium to send these files to the vendors. Used Perl and UNIX scripts to render these files in the format expected by the vendor.
  • Developed numerous batch and on-line programs using Case/4GL tools and MicroFocus Cobol to satisfy customer needs e.g. developed custom version of PR35 Time Entry screen to set focus to particular key fields, sum up and display hours and wages differently and change the look of the folders.
  • Have also made minor modifications to ESS/MSS portal apps via HTML and JavaScript to change the look of some of the portal pages.
  • Successfully customized Confidential ’s Confidential Order Entry system particularly OE30 to facilitate their business ordering functions which didn’t quite fit the standard Confidential OE30.
  • Experienced in Confidential Database Administration and have created numerous custom tables and indexes to suit business needs that Confidential didn’t.
  • On a rotational 24 hour on call support for all Confidential applications as well as performing Confidential System Administration functions to limit disk usage as well as prevent java memory leaks by using IBM WebSphere to monitor memory usage.
  • Constantly review IOS logs, MSCM logs latm and ladb logs when tickets come in for issues created by users to help resolve these tickets.
  • Used Toad and SQLPLUS to view data that is causing errors in the Confidential applications to help determine a fix for the issue.
  • Have successfully implemented numerous patches to keep current with Confidential application and ESP versions in addition to facilitating the installation of year end patches for W2s and 1099s.


Programming: Case/4GL Microfocus Cobol, UNIX shell scripting, Perl, JavaScript, PL/SQL, XML/HTML, Crystal Reports and Design Studio. Considerable experience trouble shooting Confidential applications and UNIX/ Confidential Systems Administration issues. Wrote many extracts/imports to Healthcare Benefit providers, Banks, Talent Management firms e.g. SuccessFactors and onboarding vendors e.g. Peopleclick. JAVA,Visual Studio .NET - training only.

Tools: Case Tools, Confidential Portal, Confidential Design Studio, Confidential Process Flow, Confidential Business Intelligence, Confidential Mobile Supply Chain, Confidential 9.0/10.0 SecurityIBM WebSphere, Kronos, Handheld administration for Mobile Supply Chain. Currently developing in Infor MSP 10.0.7/ESP 10.0.9.

Operating Systems: UNIX-AIX, HP, Sun Solaris, Windows-XP/NT/2008(including VMware)

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, DB2, Access


Sr. Systems Analyst

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • My main focus is to provide excellent support to our customers at the hospitals and clinics as they use the Confidential system in their day to day operations.
  • Successfully implemented a Confidential MSCM Surgery Case system that started as a beta project and culminated into a live system over the course of 3 years working with Confidential . The system creates cases for patients entered into the Epic system for upcoming surgery using Confidential items and bills patients accordingly for usage. This information is fed back into Epic for billing purposes.
  • Resolved issues customers had using Confidential ’s Requisitions Center or Materials Supply Chain Management/Handhelds suite as they created purchase orders through the approval, receiving, matching and invoice payment processes. Very knowledgeable about the Purchase Oder tables and their relationships to General Ledger, Inventory Control and Accounts Payable.
  • Successfully developed a Confidential Process Flow on boarding system to synchronize name changes made in HR11 - Confidential ’s employee on boarding screen by daily updating Confidential ’s Security LDAP system with that information.
  • Troubleshoot issues with handhelds and data transfer to the MSCM system utilized by the Procurement group.
  • Responsible for installing CTPS that are deemed necessary for our customers including year end patches for Payroll and Finance.
  • Designed and developed numerous programs that send information to our vendors e.g. Benefit files for Open Enrollment, Freight Charge files to a vendor for analysis to minimize the freight cost of items procured by the Materials department.
  • Other modifications involve interfacing data back into Confidential from our vendors that host applications for us e.g. Peopleclick which is used by aspiring applicants to the Confidential workforce.
  • Customization of Confidential programs copied and renamed to satisfy specific demands by customers that the canned programs did not provide have also been done.
  • I worked with Moore-Wallace /NEPS to integrate their Laser Check processing software with Confidential ’s Payroll system creating positive pay and ACHs that are transmitted electronically over the internet to our bank.
  • Minor Kronos administrative experience in configuring electronic time clocks and in monitoring our Kronos servers to prevent performance issues.
  • On call rotation and resolving problem tickets using HP service manager.

Confidential Systems Administrator Backup

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Served as back up to our Confidential Systems Administrator, recycling IBM Websphere servers, Confidential ’s LDAP http web servers, monitoring UNIX disk usage, Confidential system ios and ladb logs and also IBM Websphere logs to help prevent memory leaks.
  • Ran upgrades from Confidential 8.x to 9.x. and installed patches.
  • Installed Confidential Materials Supply Chain Mgt/Point of use 9.x/10.x versions.

Sr. Software Consultant

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Successfully designed and implemented extensive customizations for Confidential ’s clients that needed specific functions in their Confidential system that the canned system did not provide. The most challenging of all was being part of the Confidential project which involved basically rewriting most of the Order Entry system to suit Confidential ’s needs.
  • The system's fundamental purpose was to help Confidential keep track of airplane parts that were received into or sent out of its warehouses and also assign the responsibility of maintenance and charges to appropriate parties.
  • Consulted at Confidential Software’s Center of Excellence for Confidential helping clients resolve critical payroll down scenarios.
  • Was also heavily involved in helping clients overcome technical issues as they processed their daily business functions utilizing the Confidential suite of products.
  • Taught clients how to use Confidential ’s CASE tools and Microsoft COBOL’s debugger/animate utility to solve these issues. Helped direct clients with their conceptual modeling/analysis when customizing Confidential code was essential to the client.

Software consultant

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Was part of a consulting team at the Bradford Exchange, a Collectibles/Antiques Exchange that maintained the first release of a Marketing system converted from COBOL to Natural/Adabas. The system was heavily tied into Sales Tracking, Consumer Response and Inventory Control.
  • Also added new functionality to their Sales Tracking system by allowing customers to view at a glance, summarized information pertaining to all their Marketing activities e.g. total revenues per month, per product etc. vis-a-vis promotions of a product.
  • Was responsible for linking all mainframe databases to a Visual Basic application at the PC level. This was done by transferring data from the mainframe to the PC via NATURAL CONNECTION as the file transfer protocol. The data was then manipulated with enhanced graphics to provide the customer with live data on PC's under a Local Area Network.

Systems Analyst

Confidential, Deerfield, IL


  • Responsible for interfacing 2 accounting systems that allocated resources and billed clients of Mercer's Human Resources and Benefits packages. NATURAL/ADABAS and SUPERNATURAL were the main development tools.

Independent Consultant

Confidential, Oakbrook, IL


  • Was involved in the design and implementation of the client’s National Accounting Billing system.
  • A top down structured approach was used to extract data across a variety of ADABAS tables.
  • The data was then used to generate billing reports via NATURAL.
  • Played a very important role in determining the most efficient access method to the tables and wrote the detailed specs as well as the programs.

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