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Technology Coach Resume

Washington, DC


  • Results - oriented professional with experience developing leadership and streamlining operations for corporate organizations.
  • Proven expertise in planning, motivating and advising a team to achieve initiatives.
  • Developed in-depth knowledge of technical advancements and project management strategies.
  • Accomplished taking programs from concept to launch.
  • Experienced in delivering quality client facing support.
  • Demonstrated leader in collaborating on projects with cross-organizational and cross-cultural teams.
  • Credited with strong ability to identify technology trends and develop implementation strategies for execution.


  • Development Training
  • Program Management
  • Technology Integration
  • Performance Adjustments
  • Security Adaptation
  • Technology Processes
  • Cross-cultural Interaction
  • Staff Motivation
  • Project Management


Hardware: IBM, Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard

Software: CRM, Oracle, MS Office, MS Exchange, MS Outlook, OS Palm, AppleWorks, Internet Explorer, Safari

Networks: Windows NT/2000/2003, Mac, Novell

Operating Systems: Windows (XP, Windows 7, 2000, NT), Mac O/S X

Protocols: TCP/IP, http, SMTP, WEP, 802.3x, DNS, WINS, POP3, SSL, H323, HTML


Confidential, Washington, DC

Technology Coach


  • Improved operations by understanding the pivotal role of technology as it relates to the local office business processes/practices and integrating technology advancements accordingly.
  • Implemented quantifiable change by deploying measurable systems to identify progress with performance evaluations, counseling and professional development targets.
  • Enhanced results by creating and implementing complex lessons and diversified instruction for group/individual training classes for new and veteran financial representatives and staff.
  • Drove development initiatives by outlining courseware and programs of core modules for new recruits.
  • Increased awareness and technology usage among users resulting in company wide efficiency.
  • Created training programs that aligned with changing department initiatives by regularly engaging with leadership to execute against the plan.
  • Delivered transparency into current positioning by reporting progress and maintaining the intranet.

Training Coordinator



  • Grew market reach by training each new class on social media strategies and websites for marketing opportunities to attract users.
  • Achieved milestones by communicating daily with development teams regarding progress.
  • Improved training programs by combining a mix of lessons including role-play sessions, electronic/physical materials and guest speakers.
  • Enhanced results with the coordination of joint work with each mentor/candidate relationship.
  • Maximized clarity by debriefing the class at the end of each day, assigning homework, collecting surveys and following up by addressing questions.
  • Communicated with licensing coordinator regarding outstanding contracting requirements/concerns.

Confidential, Vienna, VA

Admissions Officer/Operations Coordinator


  • Resolved special assignments for University President with strong business acumen.
  • Oversaw market announcements including press releases and website updates.
  • Improved transparency into current positioning by designing business process modeling and developing surveys for follow up on programs.


Technical Support Analyst/Business Analyst


  • Served as an information resource and initial point of contact for all issues relating to the Corporate Affairs Department in D.C. while reporting to the Global Information Systems Manager in NY.
  • Resolved computer hardware and software issues impacting seven State Government Affairs satellite offices by researching and analyzing new technologies for implementation.
  • Championed efficiency and cost savings by implementing web conferencing, PM/Altria Network TV broadcasts, VPN’s, (piloted later introduced) hand-held scanner, Blackberry, and Palm Pilot.
  • Streamlined inventory control by managing the hardware/software inventory database in MS Access.
  • Improved network communications by coordinating WAN configuration upgrades.
  • Achieved continuation of operations by managing computer and network relocation to new building over a holiday weekend, ensuring an uninterrupted workweek for employees.
  • Increased profit by administering computer disposals and eliminating legacy equipment, while benefiting the company with tax write-offs.
  • Optimized the workspace by upgrading the computer equipment with an ergonomic setting.
  • Minimized risk exposure with the creation of an emergency preparedness plan, which created independent network connectivity in case of disaster.
  • Interpreted client feedback and staff results to discover opportunities for improvement and growth.

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