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Systems Administrator Resume


  • Possess more than 20 years of experience with Mainframe Batch Scheduling, Release Implementation and Problem Resolution.
  • Key skills acquired include: MS Word, MS Project, Excel, Visio, JCL, CA1, CA7/11, ESP/Encore, UACRS, Fileaid, Windows 7, Linux, DBRC, SDSF, ISPF, IMS, MVS Utilities, SAR/EXPRESS, SYNCSORT, JES2, HSM, DMS, FTP, Netcool, MS Outlook, VPS, Infoprint, VMCF, REXX, Remedy, Lotus Notes, Verse, Business Object report creation, CLISTS and Agile Methodology.



Systems Administrator


  • Responsible for VPS support for several Confidential accounts.
  • Resolve problems, update new/existing printer definitions as needed and implement new LRS product keys as required. Also responsible for managing vendor employees who are responsible for print room operations & mailing services for Confidential .
  • Previous role - Operations Production Analyst: Job Scheduling Advanced Technical Services Professional.
  • As part of the Release Implementation and Scheduling team, my main function is to manage the implementation of software & data changes to the production environment.
  • Lead and/or participate in several sub teams, such as the Tools & Function team. I have created and maintain several automated processes that eliminate errors and save time, I.E.I automated the MW release process and created and maintain a REXX turnover tool.


Systems manager


  • Systems Manager with the Release Implementation and Scheduling team.
  • Responsible for the successful, conversion from CA7 to ESP for Ameritech & SNET. Responsible for creating requirements for automated conversion tools, testing and implementing the conversion tool. Created, tested and documented the conversion process.
  • Successfully converted Ameritech and SNET applications from CA7 to ESP, which resulted in an annual saving of approximately Confidential . Created, tested and implemented an automated process that updates the ESP calendar with data from a web page calendar.
  • This eliminated over 40 hours of manual and error prone work per year. Have become an ESP SME and am constantly consulted by application and EPAS-RIS team members for scheduling solutions and problem resolution.
  • Have work experience with the following PC tools and mainframe software: MS Office, Excel, Visio, JCL, CA7/11, ESP/Encore, UACRS, Fileaid, DBRC, SDSF, ISPF, IMS, MVS Utilities, SAR/EXPRESS, SYNCSORT, JES2, HSM, DMS, FTP, MS Outlook, REXX and CLISTS.
  • Have completed training courses in HTML, SQL, Cold Fusion, ESP and Encore

Production control specialist


  • Responsible for prioritizing and scheduling batch and online production activities to ensure service delivery commitments are met.
  • This included the daily billing cycles, software release installations, special projects and system maintenance.
  • Provided 7x24 coverage for problem management to facilitate corrective action plans for production problems. Duties included obtaining root cause and process improvement data for production commitment misses and documenting results for reporting and trending.
  • Have experience creating and presenting production status reports to upper management, including the Ameritech Corp IS CIO. Project manager for the production install of the 414 and 614 area code splits, new collection management system.
  • MS Access data base for problem tracking and other application installations.
  • Have strong problem solving and communication skills.


  • Microsoft office
  • Ca7
  • ESP.
  • VPS
  • Lotus Notes
  • VMCF
  • JCL
  • MVS
  • Detail Oriented
  • Linux
  • Outlook
  • Project Management
  • Team Player
  • Vendor Management
  • Windows
  • ISPF
  • TSO
  • Fileaid
  • SDSF
  • IMS
  • Confidential UtilitiesSAR/express
  • DBRC
  • Ca11
  • Encore
  • Clists
  • REXX
  • Agile Methodology.

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