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System Analyst Resume


A highly skilled, adaptable, resourceful, results-oriented and talented software development professional with deep knowledge of programming, systems analysis, integration and solutions development experience. Strengths include problem solving, data analysis and process improvement; capable of acquiring new software and technical skills quickly. Skills include communication, teamwork, adapting to change and finding innovative solutions.

  • Track record of developing solutions to improve processes and efficiency.
  • Demonstrated capacity to acquire new skills quickly and independently.
  • Hands-on experience in many stages of system development efforts.

CORE COMPETENCIES:Business Process Analysis, Data Analysis, Process Improvement, Solutions Development, Troubleshooting, Quality Assurance, Requirements Gathering, Good oral and written communication in English and Spanish

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES AND OTHERS: Visual C#, VB .Net, VB6, Java, C++, Ada, XML, XSLT, CSS, Example Author, All Fusion PLEX, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL, FoxPro, Tomcat Apache

TOOLS: Microsoft Office System (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Outlook), Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Crystal Reports, Corel Draw, Subversion, Serena Team Track


Confidential, April 2012 present
System Analyst
She is expected to be transferred to ASIS’s office in Arlington, VA for additional technical support before the end of 2012.

  • Provide technical support to ASIS’s clients in Honduras that are using the “Manager” java application.
  • Provide training and develop custom interfaces and reports.

Confidential, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 2008 Oct 2012
Senior Content Developer and Trainer
Recruited to quickly learn and utilize the EXAMPLE platform to develop, design and implement content to meet client needs of processing and user interface for Insurance Rating Processes.

  • Worked on Commercial and Personal Lines of Insurance: Automobile, Property, General Liability, Umbrella, and Workers Compensation.
  • Worked on Rating, Pages, Forms, Transact, FLS and Skins.
  • Worked with XML, XSLT, CSS and SQL scripts.
  • Worked in QA Unit Testing.
  • Designed different test case scenarios used to verify that all client requirements are incorporated into the system design.
  • Led team work and solved complicated issues.
  • Trained personnel in United States and Honduras on the Example Platform.
  • Led English Example Author Bootcamps in United States of America.
  • Led Spanish Example Author Bootcamps in Honduras.
  • Trained technical personnel and business personnel.
  • Generated curricular content for new Forms course.

Confidential, Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2001 2012
Instructor of Office Systems and databases.

  • Developed curricular content for courses.
  • Taught database theory, design and development using Fox Pro and Microsoft Access.
  • Developed word processing skills on students using Microsoft Word.
  • Developed financial, accounting, statistics and mathematical skills on students using Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123.
  • Developed presentation and research skills on students using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Confidential, Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2007 2008
System Analyst
Recruited to design, develop, implement and maintain databases on DB2, Oracle and Access, develop banking systems on .NET Platform, Java and VB6.

  • Define and manage the scope of Business Systems projects
  • Provided support during the integration, acceptance testing phases and implementation
  • Coordinated and facilitated meetings with business personnel to gather and document requirements and explore potential solutions.
  • In charge of designing and documenting the user interface and functionality of the bank’s electronic branch web-based.
  • Developed the data migration system from DB2 to Oracle database in order to display banking transactions on the bank’s electronic branch site.
  • Developed the maintenance system of the bank’s electronic branch including users and accounts maintenance, data migration and security.
  • Improved the Payroll System for the public personnel with bank accounts in the company retrieving the data from an FTP site, parsing the data, apply accounting transactions and running batch processes.
  • Developed and documented the Human Resources and Payroll system for the bank
  • Developed and documented the Account Statements Generating System using DB2, Access, VB and Crystal Reports.
  • Developed a Java application for drawing winner tickets and raffles.
  • Improved PL/SQL scripts for batch processes for Accounting and Finance transactions.
  • Generation of Reports for Human Resources, Accounting, Finance and Inventory using Crystal Reports.
  • Trained personnel on the use of the applications and reports previously detailed.
  • Installation of the systems on the servers (Web Site, Database) and the client applications on personal computers.
  • In charge of the systems maintenance.
  • In charge of the orientation, advice and evaluation of IT interns.
  • In charge of QA Unit testing programs developed by new hires and interns to ensure the requirements are met.
  • Created documents and implemented standards to monitor and enhance the capacity and performance of DB2, Access and Oracle databases.

Confidential, Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2006
Recruited to design and develop Forest Use applications on C# and Casio Programmable Calculator.

  • In charge of analysis, design and development of financial system to evaluate impact and revenues of forest use using C#.
  • In charge of analysis, design and development of statistics programs on Casio Calculator for forest use.
  • Trained personnel in the use of these applications.

Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana, Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2006
System Analyst
Recruited to design and maintain databases on PostgreSQL and Sybase databases; and to develop web applications using Java servlets and Tomcat-Apache running under Linux.

  • Gathered the requirements for a web-based application where college teachers enter, manage, import and export the students’ grades.
  • Developed the user interface of the website using Java Servlets, HTML and CSS.
  • Wrote the structure procedures for the data migration between PostgreSQL and Sybase databases.
  • In charge of the installation, configuration and documentation of the website.

Confidential, Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2005
System Analyst
Recruited to design, develop, implement and maintain databases on Microsoft SQL Server, develop client applications using PLEX, Visual Basic and Java; generation of reports using Crystal Reports; installation and maintenance of systems.

  • Worked with customers to understand their business models and goals
  • Provided input into developing and modifying systems to meet client needs.
  • In charge of installation, maintenance and customization of Assets, Inventory and Accounting systems for Bank clients.
  • In charge of data migration for new customers.
  • In charge of gathering requirements, analysis, design and development of statistical system.
  • In charge of analysis and design of Sales system.
  • Generated reports using Crystal Reports.

Confidential, Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2004
English Teacher
Recruited to teach English as second language.

  • Taught English Level 1 for children between ages six and eight years old.
  • Taught English Level 2 for young people between twelve and fifteen years old.
  • Taught English Level 3 for adults.


Master Degree on Finance
Bachelor of Science Degree on Computer Science

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