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Embedded Software Engineer Resume

Phoenix, ArizonA


Software Engineer. Manager. Mobile apps developer (Android). Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Coding. Agile methodology (Scrum).


Languages: C, Java, C++. Embedded real - time. Real-time Operating Systems VRTX32, pSOS+, VxWorks, QNX Neutrino, OSE, Windows CE, Embedded Linux, proprietary cell phone OSes. Microprocessor (with assembly) x86, ARM, MIPS, PPC, SH4, i960.

Software Configuration Management: CVS, PVCS, JAZZ/RTC.

Telecommunication systems: Central Office, DLC, SONET.

Integrated Development Environments: Visual Studio, Eclipse. Operating System platforms Android, DOS/Windows, UNIX, Linux, QNX, VAX VMS, Solaris. Embedded Java. Java Virtual Machine.


Embedded Software Engineer

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Member of team using C++ to develop firmware running on an industrial grade Programmable Logic Controller.

Senior Software Designer / Advisory Software Engineer

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Team member developing enterprise Android application supporting phone and tablet devices which included a significant rewrite of the app to add support for tablet devices.
  • App was released in the expected timeframe with acceptable quality.
  • Develop and port “clean room” embedded Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to numerous embedded platforms, including QNX, Linux, VxWorks, OSE, and proprietary cell phone operating systems running on X86, PPC, ARM, MIPS, or SH4.
  • This work involved installing RTOS tool support, bringing up off the shelf embedded targets with those tools, and making changes to source and proprietary tools generating code to ensure the JVM ran correctly on that embedded target.
  • Required quickly learning the environment, RTOS, and processor issues to ensure JVM functionality in a reasonable time frame.
  • Technical liaison for several customers and partners, providing technical support for product releases and defect tracking, marketing support at trade shows, etc.
  • Customer travel and support to Sweden and Japan.

Senior Engineer

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Member of Technical Resource Center; provide Object Oriented consultation and in methodologies and architecture, design patterns and similar software technologies.
  • Assist in organizing “ Confidential ” conference in Phoenix area.
  • Also an “individual contributor” for various telecommunications projects, writing C for large embedded systems.

Member Technical Staff

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Technical Lead doing analysis, design, and development of a SONET extension to a digital loop carrier.
  • Used Object Oriented Analysis and Design and “pseudo” Object Oriented language system.
  • Development in C on multiple real-time operating systems (VRTX32 and pSOS+) and on multiple processors.
  • Also developed “fiber-in-the-loop” product (providing fiber optic data service to a home) leveraging previous work on the DLC.

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