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Sr. Storage Engineer Resume

New York, NY


  • Extensive Hand on Experience in managing Large Complex Data Centers Business Continuity
  • SAN/NAS Environments
  • Data Center Management
  • Dedicated Storage Consultant with long history of expertly overseeing IT needs for high - profile clientele.
  • Well-rounded candidate with proven track record of completing expansive projects on time and integrating the latest technologies for improved productivity.
  • Dynamic hands on Confidential Storage Consultant with appreciable career that includes successful tenures at industry-leading companies
  • Skilled coordinator with unique ability to strategically manage multiple accounts and facilitate complex installations of SAN/NAS networks including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning and implementation.


  • Client Relationship Management Manage and co - ordinate budgeting and estimating processes Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Challenging business problems SAN, NAS, Confidential Storage Administration c-DOT 8.x & 7-Mode Snap Manager Suite Snap Vault On Command Insight
  • On Command Unified Manager On Command Performance Advisor VMware and Flex Clone Troubleshooting Quality Assurance Technological Integration Microsoft Exchange Microsoft SQL Oracle Citrix VMware Cisco Technical Proficiency Testing Planning & Documentation Performance Analysis


IDS/IPS: Cisco, Brocade, HP, Dell

IDS/IPS: Cisco Network 4200 Series, Symantec ITA, Cisco Host-Based IDS, ISS Real Secure, CSA

Storage SAN / NAS / iSCSI: Confidential Filers, F8X00,F6X00, F3X00, and F2X00

Database and SAN Monitoring Tools: Snap Manager for Exchange & SQL, Snap Drive, Snap Mirror, Snap Restore

VOIP / Video Conference: QOS Avaya VOIP, Polycom VSX7000, VSX3000

Hosting Services: Microsoft ISA, Citrix Secure Gateway, Microsoft IIS, Proxy

Messaging Services: Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 & Spam Filtering Gateways, Blackberry Server 4.x

Imaging Application / Paperless: Image Right Software for Document Scanning for Paperless Network

Authentication Mechanisms: Active Directory, AAA, RSA Secure ID Token, Identity Federated Sol, RSA SecurID

WAN/LAN Acceleration Products: Riverbed Steelhead 6XX0, 5XX0, 1XX0, Silver Peak 7X00, 3X00 Switched


Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. Storage Engineer


  • Experience in maintaining large data center with multiple Peta Byte (PB) of storage.
  • Managing large Confidential environment via using On Command Unified Manager and creating custom reporting.
  • Managing large Confidential environment via using On Command Performance Manager for performance related issue and performance troubleshooting.
  • Created LUNs, Aggregates, Volumes, and Qtrees according to Best Practices, or as determined by Architect
  • Conducted Root Cause Analysis of service incidents, communicated details to customer’s leadership team and offered solutions
  • Installed cluster and high availability systems using documented Confidential best practices for MPHA cabling and configuration
  • Configured storage systems to integrate with customers’ existing NAS and SAN infrastructures using CIFS, NFS, FC and iSCSI protocols
  • Prepared systems to support data replication and disaster recovery using Snapmirror, Syncmirror, and MetroCluster technologies
  • Configured snapshots and snapshot reserves to meet customers’ RTO and RPO objectives.
  • Performed non-disruptive upgrades (NDU) of Data Ontap, firmware, disk arrays, and internal hardware in mission critical environments
  • Consulted with Network Administrators to configure virtual interfaces (vifs/ifgroups) for active/passive, ether-channel and LACP
  • Completed system-to-system data migration using snap mirror relationships on ndmpcopy
  • Maintained and monitored hardware of Confidential FAS and V-series systems.
  • Triaged Severity 1 production issues and worked with vendor support to ensure high availability of mission critical systems
  • Hosted storage via CIFS and NFS protocols.
  • Ensured space availability for thin-provisioned volumes on aggregates operating at up to 98% utilization
  • Migrated Snap Vault and OSSV backups to new Near Store on FAS6240 system and ensured validity of backup data
  • Development of the Data Migration Design -:
  • Conduct Data Migration Design strategy and planning sessions with Client Project Lead.
  • Develop a storage design that will include volume sizing, aggregate layouts, and disk utilization details relevant to the data migration and Confidential best practices.
  • Develop a flexible volume-resizing plan for all flexible volumes on Confidential storage systems using pre-defined Client criteria of volume limits.
  • Create a mapping of all data to be migrated, showing the source and destination (after migration)
  • Map new relationships from Primary to Disaster Recovery (“DR”) storage.
  • Provide a clear description on the method and details of how the data migration will occur
  • Create a Data Migration Plan, with cutover dates, for all datasets
  • Analyze Snap Mirror relationships for all Confidential controllers.
  • Identify all relevant stakeholders for each dataset and determine their roles and responsibilities for project success
  • Pre data migration review of the installation, implementation and configuration of new (destination) Confidential equipment.
  • Review pre-installation and configuration work sheet data, which should include IP addresses, proper power and HVAC requirements, and network connectivity (switch ports, VLANs, and zoning)
  • Install, power-up, initialize and connect Confidential systems to network
  • Enable software and features and register licenses
  • Configure Client’s Confidential software (Snapshot scheduling)
  • Perform Confidential system hardware* and software** functionality testing
  • Test protocols and node access.
  • Perform Confidential rudimentary hardware and software testing (fail-over and provide-back).
  • Prepare Confidential systems for data migration
  • Very strong skills in test planning and documentation.

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. Storage Engineer


  • Designing, installing and administering SAN/NAS networks for corporate clients.
  • Experience in maintaining very large data center with multiple terabytes (TB) of storage.
  • Install setup and support SAN and NAS test beds for Enterprise Accounts.
  • Install, setup, and configure Unix/Win hosts, and Confidential Filers 6X00/3X00/2X00 series.
  • Install and setup NIC s, FCP/iSCSI HBA s, drivers and multi - pathing software
  • Configure SAN and IP switches Trouble-shoot client, Filer and switch problems.
  • Work with QA team members to define requirements for SAN and NAS test beds
  • Lead the test bed equipment budgeting and procurement activities Performance analysis, tuning and, Data migrations Generate DFM reports on utilization, chargeback and growth trends and provide recommendations Provide tools to support our testing environment
  • Very strong skills in test planning and documentation.

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. Data Center Manager Infrastructure


  • Designed complete power, rack design, stack, and commission new hardware gear for network, server, and storage as required.
  • Installing Exchange, SQL servers and configure the Snap Drive, Snap Manager for Exchange and Snap Manager for SQL
  • Monitor DFM, Operation Manager 3.5 and SRM report for address capacity planning.
  • Provide backup, restore, and disaster recovery planning and deployment utilizing industry standard toolsets.
  • Configure servers for high availability by using FCP SAN booting solutions.
  • Replicate the complete production data to Disaster recovery location by using snap mirror technology along with the Riverbed WAN acceleration 6020 steelhead.
  • Ensure continuous improvement through root cause analysis of any failures in the storage environment.
  • Deploy storage solutions to support capacity increases or new designs provided by Systems Engineering.
  • Implement standard new storage technologies (e.g. fiber switches, disk arrays, archiving tools, backup/restore platforms).
  • Manage more than 1000 TB Storage environment (e.g. tape, routers, switches, misc. SAN appliances, robots, etc.)
  • Monitor, maintain and update patches and firmware as scheduled.
  • Maintain high level of availability and support in accordance with SLA's
  • Tune the system for effective support of production/live server platforms.
  • Administer system for advanced account maintenance, file systems creation, and patch management.
  • Works in conjunction with remote Operations teams to provide detection and recovery of system outages, problems, and faults.
  • Performs escalation consistent with established procedure and in order to quickly resolve computer related problems. Adheres to pre - defined SLAs.
  • Ensure security of the Data Center through proactive monitoring, maintenance and upgrades of security patches, anti-virus software, etc.
  • Performs asset management, and logistics consistent with defined procedures.
  • Responsible for ensuring that trouble tickets, daily reports, logs, and changes are completed.
  • Performs individual changes to data center computer systems/networks.
  • Implement and ensure proper utilization and documentation of standard tools, technologies, and processes for Operations management.
  • Perform the required tape media maintenance: data collection, data retention, tape library/tape media and file maintenance, inventory, and off-site vaulting.
  • Implement storage and network solutions for secure and reliable management of data center systems.
  • Participates in the capacity planning and development of DC services and processes.
  • Directly responsible for running large applications with a 100% uptime requirement.
  • Ability to manage staff, their review, career development coaching and administrative requirements of the same.
  • Selected and implemented appropriate technological solutions for variety of clients. Checked business continuity models regularly; maintained multiple data centers and disaster recovery operations. Proactively collaborated with up to 14 personnel, including system engineers and remote operations team. Ensured proper documentation for all technology offerings; guaranteed all programs were updated. Configured storage and equipment; anticipated capacity increases and new designs. Implemented new storage technologies and maintained patches and firmware. Handled asset management, tape media maintenance and logistics. Supervised staff, overseeing performance reviews and career development coaching.
  • Helped multiple clients protect their assets in post-9/11 environment; provided key support and enhanced level of availability.
  • Established data centers with proper cooling and power supply; eliminated all risk factors; developed disaster recovery site in optimal Denver, Colorado location.
  • Consistently upheld 100% uptime requirement.
  • Continually assessed service-level agreements and adhered to all necessary parameters.
  • Promoted new service structure to offer technology solutions that required little manpower.
  • Successfully installed and manage Exchange, SQL servers, Oracle Servers, Snap Drive and Snap Manager Exchange, Snap Manager SQL and Snap Manager Oracle.
  • Gained vital proficiency in industry standards for backups, restorations and disaster recovery planning; utilized knowledge for multi-tiered client solutions.
  • Guaranteed servers had high availability by using FCP SAN booting solutions.
  • Analyzed storage failures and system outages; promoted continuous improvement throughout all operations.
  • Provided technical support for telecom equipment, servers, SAN/NAS Storage, CIFS/NFS, AFP Protocols, Tape backup systems: Netbackup, EMC Networker, IBM TSM. Utilized Snap Mirror technology and Riverbed WAN acceleration 6020 steel head. Thin Provisioning, Dedupe, Monitored DFM, Operations Manager 3.5 and SRM report for capacity planning, IBM SONAS, VMware ESX Clusters, Windows 2008 clusters, Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010; Microsoft SQL 2005 .

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Project Manager/Storage Architect, Data Center Migration


  • Designed and implemented TCP/IP scope, DHCP scope and DNS servers.
  • Installed and maintained Windows 2000/2003 and Linux/Unix FTP servers.
  • Designed and implemented tape backups for disaster and recovery.
  • Maintained partnerships with hardware manufacturers and service providers, enabling fast and efficient service.
  • Created and installed solutions for hardware and software technical problems; utilized help desk and inbound telephone calls.

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Systems Administrator


  • Managed help desk operations in Novell and Windows NT server environment with more than 500 users.
  • Handled design verification, testing and activation of Frame Relay/ATM circuits from 56K.
  • Provided configuration management for variety of Cisco products, CSU/DSU, DS0-DS3 digital cross connect systems and Ascend Frame relay/ATM switches.
  • Set up, configured and maintained backup scheme for NT servers with Arc Serve.
  • Monitored and configured NT server hardware and software for maximum performance.
  • Wrote and updated system documentation. Served as liaison between helpdesk analyst and project manager.
  • Resolved several equipment issues, in concert with customers.
  • Solved circuit and network problems with the aid of system engineers.
  • Maintained professional working relationships with end users.

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