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Sr. Storage Administrator Resume

Boulder, CO


  • Over 14 years of Storage experience in multiple roles as Sr. System Analyst (Storage), Lead Storage/Backup Administrator and System Administrator. Highly adept in problem identification, analysis, and troubleshooting and conflict resolution. Detail - orientated, resourceful and highly organized. Works well in team environments and displays strong work ethic.


  • EMC VMax, VNX, DMX-3/4, XtremIO, Isilon, SYMCLI, SRDF, Time Finder, Navisphere, Recover Point, VPLEX, Open Replicator, Brocade EFCM, DCFM, Cisco MDS 9509/9506
  • IBM DS8000, IBM XIV, SVC, Flash Storage, TPC/TPC-R, Copy Service Manager, TSM, HMC, DSCLI, PPRC Metro/Global Mirror, Flash Copy, Brocade/CISCO, Fabric Manager
  • Protocols - Fiber Channel, iSCSI, NFS and SMB/CIFS & RAID
  • Linux, Unix (AIX, Sun Solaris), and Windows servers
  • VMWare ESX, ESXi, vSphere, vCenter, VSAN and VxRAIL
  • Amazon Web Services and IBM Cloud Managed Storage Services
  • Shell Scripts, Python
  • Spectrum Control/Tivoli Storage Productivity Center
  • DB2, SQL, and MySQL


Confidential, Boulder, CO

Sr. Storage Administrator


  • Design & Deployment of Enterprise Storage Solutions using Storage Technologies (EMC and IBM).
  • Work on day to day storage requests like thin provisioning, virtualization and troubleshooting of performance related issues on all EMC and IBM storage arrays.
  • Configure and setup replication/copy services using EMC Solution Enablers SRDF/S, SRDF/A, TF Clone.
  • Handle IBM Copy services Flash Copy, Metro Mirror and Global Mirror using DSCLI and Copy Service Manager.
  • Creating, modifying, deleting zones, port allocation/deallocation and port reclaims using BNA and DCNM.
  • Configure and administration of Isilon OneFS’s Smart Connect, Smart Pool, SnapshotIQ, SyncIQ and Smart Locks.
  • Create Isilon shares SMB/NFS and troubleshoot network and sharing related issues.
  • Support Storage migrations and Data mobility using Open Replication and VPLEX Local and Metro.
  • Support VMWare Hyper Conversed Infrastructure environment using vSphere, VSAN and VxRail.
  • 24 x 7 support in rotation (Roster support) and also provide daily primary support for after hour/weekend support for Operational issues by follow Incident, Problem, and Change Management per ITIL standards.
  • Find root cause of Storage related issues by review alerts and logs and fixing them.
  • Preemptive determination of faults & incorporating correction actions to avoid the failures.
  • Work with Storage Architect team and help them in preparation of TSD and SOW by providing technical inputs on new projects, refresh and migrations.
  • Work with Project Management team (Account team, PM’s, DPM’s, DPE’s and PE’s) to understand Project timelines, expectations and deliverables on new projects, refresh, migrations, Plan, and implement accordingly.
  • Train newly hired resources so as to meet team speed and help other team members to fix escalated issues within given time.
  • Work closely with higher management, update them on customer impact, escalations, SLA’s, challenges that team phasing, storage growth, workload, upcoming projects and target deliverables.

Environment: EMC XtreamIO/Vmax/VNX/Isilon/VPLEX, RecoverPoint, EMC PowerPath, NetApp N Series, IBM DS8000/SVC/V7K/XIV/TPC/TPC-R/CSM/DSCLI/DB2, Brocade/CISCO Switches, iSCSI, Fiber Channel, VMWare ESXi/ VM/vSphere/VSAN/VxRail, Linux, AIX, Windows Servers

Confidential, Arlington Heights, IL

Sr. Storage Administrator


  • Implement storage requests like Storage Deployment, Allocate, Deallocate, Decomm/reclaim LUNs/Volumes, migrate (IBM and EMC), COPY services using Solution Enabler (SRDF/TF), TPC-R and IBM Copy Services.
  • Work on Creating, Modifying, Deleting zones, Port Allocation/deallocation and code upgrades.
  • Support storage integration, virtualization and data migration for projects using migration tools and host based.
  • Install, configure, manage, and upgrade TPC/Spectrum Control and TPC-R/CSM servers.
  • Install and manage DB2 Database, HDAR, Backup DB etc. Also, fixing the DB related issues.
  • 24x7 On-call Support and follow Incident, Problem, and Change Management per ITIL standards.
  • Submit the respective logs to PMR team to review and help identify root cause for critical issues and seek for solution, test given solution on test servers and implement them in production environment.
  • Prepare storage standards & procedures as best practices, document lessons learned.
  • Work with Security team to understand on newly released Security Vulnerabilities, Noncompliance issues and follow patch advisories.
  • RCA analysis and Disaster Recovery.
  • Handle clustering, HADR, TCP/IP, DNS, SSH, SFTP, FTP, SCP, RAID's, SAN, FC and iSCSI.
  • Day to day Server administration to support server in Production, pre-prod, UAT and development environments primary on RHEL servers, Windows, VMWare ESXi and VM’s that belongs to Storage team.
  • Handle scripts and batch jobs to perform pre-and post-checks for Data replication, migration, report generation and Storage, OS, Application patching.

Environment: IBM DS8000/SVC/V7K/XIV/TPC/TPC-R/CSM/DSCLI/DB2, EMC VMax, VNX, Symmetrix, Isilon, VPLEX, RecoverPoint, NetApp IBM N Series, Brocade/CISCO Switches, iSCSI, Fiber Channel, ESXi, VM guests, Linux, AIX, Windows Servers

Confidential, Rochester, NY

Sr. Technical Architect


  • Involve in project transition, understand the environment and document it.
  • Prepare the storage standards and procedures.
  • Training the offshore team (India) and allocation of work as per business requirement.
  • Perform the Change requests, new projects implementation and migration activities.
  • Attend the escalated problems and resolving them in given a target time.
  • Interacting with customer, vendors (on-site) and coordinating with the Off-shore team.
  • Responsible for day-to-day Storage provisioning, zoning, replication and BAU/Steady State work.
  • Attended team meetings, change control meetings to update work progress, and upcoming changes in environment.

Environment: Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows servers, DMX-3/4, DMX2000, Clariion 700, Cellera, FAS270, Brocade 24000/4100/3800 Switches, CISCO MDS 9509/9506, EMC Enterprise Control Center, Time Finder, SRDF, Navisphere, Power Path and NetBackup.

Confidential, Waukegan, IL

Sr. Storage Administrator


  • Handled HP EVA 5000/3000, HP MSA 1000, IBM Storage DS8300, IBM SVC for Storage Virtualization including new project (IBM DS8300/SVC) implementation and Storage provisioning in SAN/NAS environment.
  • Upgraded DS8000 MegaPack/DiskPack to DS8300 update the licenses and day-to-day Storage provisioning.
  • Upgrade SVC code and console firmware in order to maintain latest (minus 1) code.
  • Handled MDisk/VDisk Groups, Unmanaged/Managed disks, VDisks.
  • Managed IBM SVC Clusters, SVC nodes, hosts and I/O Groups.
  • Managed Copy Services and Consistency Groups for FlashCopy, Metro & Global Mirror.
  • Performed Storage level migration of HP EVA/MSA to IBM DS8300 using IBM SVC.

Environment: MS-Windows, AIX, SUN, HP-UX, Linux, IBM DS8300/SVC/TPC/DSCLI, HP EVA/MSA, EMC Symmetrix, Brocade M48 & R18 Switches, Fabric Manager, Symantec NetBackup & SAN Screen by ONARO.


System Administrator


  • Plan and design SAN by identifying business requirements, inventorying and analyzing the environment.
  • Handled EMC DMX, Symmetrix, Clariion, IBM DS8300, DS3800, IBM SVC for day-to-day storage provisioning.
  • Follow proper Change management, Service requests and keep tracking of all Change/service requests as per the DBS Bank Standards. Preparation of technical documentation of all SAN related projects.
  • Document the Migration Procedure, discuss it with SysAdmins and prepare check list for migration.
  • Day to day maintenance/administration of SAN/NAS Environment, working with AIX, Solaris and Linux systems to integrate into SAN. 24 x 7 On-call support for SAN infrastructure and storage services.
  • Handling RAID Groups, Storage Groups, Binding Luns, Naming, resizing, Unbinding Luns through Navisphere. Installing and troubleshooting Qlogic and Emulex HBA’s.
  • Prepare Form List, Create BIN Request for CE for creating Hyper/Meta Volumes on DMX/Symmetrix.
  • Zoning, LUN masking and Symcli to make sure servers are able to discover disk as per allocation.
  • Provide Management with input regarding projects/directions when required especially about storage growth and resource mgmt. Provide technical assistance to the other members of the team.
  • Responsible for entire Production and Disaster Recovery Centers for the respective clients, implementation, maintenance, DR exercises upon SLA.
  • Timely updating the patches, s/w and upgrading code to n-1 and maintaining software licensing.

Environment: DMX 2000/1000, Symm 8830/8730/3930 , Clariion 500/700, EMC ECC, VolumeLogix, Time Finder, SRDF, PowerPath, IBM DS8300, IBM ESS, IBM SVC, IBM TPC, TSM, HSMC, DSCLI, SDD, PPRC/Flash Copy, IBM p-Series, e-Series x235/345/365, MS-Windows 2000/2003, AIX, Solaris and Linux, McData DS-24M2, McData ED-140M, Connectrix Manager, Cisco MDS 9509/9506, Brocade M48, R18 Switches and Fabric Manager.

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