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Junior Software Development Coordinator Resume

Bethlehem, PA


  • Solutions - oriented Software Programmer and Coordinator, Business Analyst and Financial Reporting Professional with demonstrated strength in data reporting, utilizing spreadsheets, databases, project management, IT support and extensive mathematical programming, improving projection reporting, compliance, and efficiencies.
  • Proven problem-solving specialist, answering questions, resolving issues and improving workflow and productivity.
  • Known for superior computer abilities, disaster planning and management, gathering data, generating reports, testing systems, improving accuracy and quality, ensuring reduced downtime.


  • MS Office
  • System Maintenance / Testing / Validation
  • Troubleshooting / Issue Resolution
  • Financial Modeling
  • Network Maintenance
  • Process Improvement / Implementation
  • Reporting
  • Completing mental/physical/social/emotional exercises


Confidential, Bethlehem, PA

Junior Software Development Coordinator


  • Ensured thorough accuracy of monthly sales reports for management  using Access and Excel. Analyzed sales data to best present those pivot table reports to management, as well as any necessary data cleaning.
  • Completed analytic testing of new system for software systems conversion of approximately 300 simulated, realistic composite units using Access, Excel, VB, and internal sales of components from 2016 to May of 2017, and reported vital findings to management on May 31st, 2017. Analyzed data in system to compose a spreadsheet model for creating test units.
  • Ensured timely, as well as generally thorough and accurate, completion of roughly 90% of our department’s analytic assignments given on maintaining 2g software product knowledge and 2g software return coding for composite pricing under prior system.
  • Coordinated assignments in forms to coworkers.


Software Developer


  • Improved projection accuracy by gathering data for renewal target analysis, ensuring accurate projections of renewals needed on block basis.
  • Improved underwriting accuracy by preparing bi-weekly exhibits using Excel macros and pivot-tables, monitoring renewal targets vs. actual, ensuring underwriters’ rate-revising discretion based on need.
  • Generated renewal projection of annual dental policies by first exporting raw claims / premium data from source, then implementing expense, claim trends, and other financial projection assumptions in Access into analysis, determining needed target renewal premiums.
  • Improved whole-group underwriting accuracy by rigorously testing Guardian’s renewal system using an Excel rating model, ensuring subsidizing one line of business with another within single case, ensuring sound, just, and accurate rates.
  • Improved underwriting processes by testing all table-driven targets calculated and derived on Guardian’s renewal system for approximately 150 cases, each with approximately 20 components for approximately 3K element tests, ensuring system accuracy by assisting underwriters with additional testing.
  • Improved reporting by measuring how lapse rates correlate with rate increases, using line-graph regression analysis in Excel, ensuring quality and accuracy.
  • Improved policyholder relations by providing and preparing necessary analysis in Excel, helping strategizing around maximizing persistency-profitability balance, identifying location of subsidizing one segment of business with another, and how much, pleasing policyholders, ensuring company needs met.
  • Improved systems by assisting in testing of new renewal system with Excel model, using v-lookup to tables.


Regulatory Analyst


  • Improved rating procedures by providing necessary data in required format and condition to rating bureaus for rating multi-million dollar policy portfolio for excess reinsurance, ensuring accuracy, and compliance.
  • Established IBNR for collateral in case policyholders became insolvent by providing actuarial loss projections twice per year to each policyholder of UMI and Genesis, creating programs, procedure documents, and utilizing data transfers and conversions of Genesis, Princeton, and Cambridge, ensuring claims would get paid in disaster event.
  • Improved system transition by completing special projects, including analytic claims data conversion from Princeton to CSC and conversion of claims data to Cambridge using Excel, Access and/or SQL, ensuring continued workflow with each company retaining individual sets of data specifications.
  • Reduced administrative risk and leasing overhead by quickly responding to questions from Cambridge, regarding data content, definitions, and coding needed, ensuring employees ease of performing job functions, while working from anywhere on new web-based Cambridge system.
  • Improved rating bureau relationships by controlling data through Excel and SQL, including data cleaning and validation for analytic reporting to state rating bureaus, parent company General Re, Utilities Mutual Insurance Company, Princeton Insurance Company, and Cambridge Integrated Services, ensuring no penalty fines for corrupt data.
  • Improved workflow by performing daily and weekly network maintenance, maintaining item checklists, reviewing, and implementing corrective action when needed, managing daily and monthly internet and intranet server back-ups, maintaining claim administration servers, file sharing, and print sharing.
  • Maintained system workflow by managing all computer-related functions for small office in absence of part-time consultant for 6 years, ensuring productivity, and no downtime.


Actuarial Analyst


  • Minimized report creation time and maximized analysis time by creating analytic APL (A programming language) programs, producing reports, analyzing medical and dental small business premiums and claims experience for all pricing and renewal decisions, executing programs for periodic batch reports.
  • Improved compliance and avoided fines by filing policy-rating changes in 35 states quarterly for thousands of small businesses, corresponding with state insurance departments, answering analytic questions including medical claims vs medical expense loss ratios, ensuring rate compliance.
  • Improved rate compliance by performing additional annual reviews of small group ratings laws for actuarial certifications, reviewing state regulations for changes in rating restrictions or boundaries, providing feedback, implementing billing system changes, eliminating non-compliance fines.
  • Improved quality by passing all actuarial exams from 100 through 150, the equivalent of 3 exams under the current structure, including calculus and probability, statistical methods, life contingency calculations, and regression methods, ensuring required skill strength in mathematical, problem solving and data processing.

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