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Network Administrator Resume


Apply my skills and ideas to make a significant contribution to the Company\'s objective by working in a challenging environment that provides plenty of opportunities to learn.


  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science


Confidenital, Richardson, 12/09 Present

Work Description:Involved in the development of Unified Communications Security appliances to protect signaling and media information carried over VoIP
Domain Skills Learnt: Unified Communications Security, Session Initiation Protocol Stack
Computer Skills Learnt: C++, C#, GNU Project Debugger, PostgreSQL, XML, TcpDump
Responsibilities: (i) Implementation of troubleshooting features such as call logging, error logging and media statistics for the SIP protocol (ii) Development of a client for OpenXCAP, Integration of OpenSIPS with OpenXCAP (iii) Asterisk IP-PBX configuration and maintenance

Confidenital, India, 06/09 8/09

Work Description:Developed asuite of tools for transport network planning and engineering.
Domain Skills Learnt: Leased Networks (Wireless Homing), Long Term Evolution and Core Ethernet Access
Computer Skills Learnt: C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft SQL Server, Coding Convention, Importance of Backup, Packaging and Deployment
Responsibilities: Data Structure Design and Encapsulation, GUI Design

Confidenital, Texas at Dallas, 09/09 11/09

Work Description: Systems Installation and Maintenance, Software and Security Upgrades, trouble Shooting of Windows and Linux Systems
Domain Skills Learnt: Network Administration and Security
Computer Skills Learnt:Linux commands, Perl

Key Skills

  • Programming languages: C#, Java, C, C++,HTML
  • Platforms: Linux/Unix, Microsoft Windows
  • Scripting Languages: Perl, Awk, Shell, Tcl
  • Applications and Tools: SQL (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql), Microsoft Office Suite, Secure Shell, Eclipse, Make, TcpDump
  • Graduate Courses: Real Time Systems, Network Systems Security, Advanced Computer Networks, Advanced Operating Systems, Telecom Network Management, Database Management Systems, Computer Algorithms, Machine Learning, UNIX
  • Technology: TCP/IP, Voice Over IP, System Testing, Multithreading, RTP, RTCP, SIP

Academic Projects

Graduate Level

  • Multi-Service Traffic Generation System using Network Simulator

Project Description: Simulated a mobile ad hoc network to effectively carry real time, FIFO and bursty traffic. Included a ‘flat’ header, selective ACKS and QOS mechanisms were implemented to overcome the constraints of MANETs.
Domain Skills Learnt:QOS parameters, packet prioritization, packet scheduling
Computer Skills Learnt: OTcl, C++

  • Secure Peer to-Peer File Sharing System

Project Description:A file sharing system based on a centralized server model. Authentication was implemented using secret keys generated from hashed user passwords. Confidentiality was provided using a session key generated by the central server and Integrity was provided by hashing the transferred file.
Domain Skills Learnt: Network Security Mechanisms, Socket Programming
Computer Skills Learnt: Java

  • Confidenital, Programming

Project Description: (i) Implemented a Linux kernel module that uses the Netfilter
framework to detect and discard ICMP Echo Requests.(ii) Developed a new Linux Kernel
System Call and demonstrated it on Arch Linux distribution.
Domain Skills Learnt: Working of System Calls, Virtual Machines, Journey of the packet
Computer Skills Learnt: Kernel Programming using C on Linux platform

  • Database System for a Marketing Organization

Project Description:Designed a system for interaction between departments in a large organization using Extended Entity Relationship Model and Relational Schema.
Domain Skills Learnt: Normalization of Relational Databases
Computer Skills Learnt: Stored Procedures, Generic Structured Query Language, using Oracle

  • Construction of Classifiers

Project Description: (i) A greedy approach to construct imperfect decision trees
(ii) Boosting techniques applied to weak classifiers
Domain Skills Learnt: Application of Decision Trees, ID3, Adaptive Boosting
Computer Skills Learnt: C++, C#

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