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Field Support Technician Rresume Profile



  • CCNA Security certified with more than three years of experience in the field of network/systems/application support, administration, and troubleshooting.
  • Comfortable working in fast-paced, deadline-oriented environments.
  • Well-organized, with proven ability to manage, prioritize and execute multiple projects simultaneously in cross-functional teams worldwide.
  • A loyal team player with demonstrated ability to work without guidance.
  • Self-motivated, proactive, and hard-working with strong problem solving skills along with demonstrated ability to effectively communicate procedural, technical, and administrative information to end-users, clients and management.
  • Solid foundation in information security, standards and compliance.
  • Open source operating systems, web design and development background.
  • Highly adaptable in new and rapidly changing technical landscape.



Network Systems Engineer

  • Designed and implemented L2 and L3 switch infrastructure upgrade projects to meet client requirements and budget.
  • Responsible for designing, implementing, troubleshooting and supporting various IT client projects relating to the networking aspect.
  • Performed VLAN management, LAN, WAN, firewall and VPN troubleshooting.
  • Secured L2 and L3 devices using best practices and meet compliance.
  • Optimized and troubleshoot common STP and HSRP issues escalated by clients.
  • Assisted senior network engineer with Internet connection sharing among client offices located on different floors of the building during Hurricane Sandy outage.
  • Performed and documented switch audit for clients with offices and data centers remotely.
  • Performed and documented server hardware and application audit on new clients remotely.
  • Conducted site survey, configured and deployed Cisco 300 Series wireless access points.
  • Performed basic installation, configuration and troubleshooting on Cisco UCS using UCSM.


Field Support Technician

  • Successful completion of multiple physical deployment projects such as rolling out new PCs, Macs, servers and printers for government agencies, schools and businesses.
  • Responsible for completion of various data function projects such as data/OS migration, virtualization, imaging and network upgrades on PCs, servers.
  • Provided network and desktop support for clients during relocation.
  • Set up, configured, tested and performed troubleshooting on MFP printers.
  • Conducted software and hardware evaluations, provided technical analysis and implemented systems and solutions to meet various companies' IT goals.


Network Support Internship

  • Provided level I and II network and application support for three student labs with more than 150 networked workstations running Windows, Linux and Mac. Setup and maintained print and file servers and managed students in active directory.
  • Demonstrated outstanding troubleshooting skills to resolve network connectivity issues and user profiles issue such as user not being able to log onto the domain or long delays. Administered and maintained end user accounts, password resets/ unlocks, and email setup and support.
  • Worked with network engineers to install, configure, maintain and optimize LAN/WAN connectivity as well as maintenance and upgrades on routers and switches with the latest IOS. Performed extensive switch management with VLANs, network monitoring and daily backups.
  • Analyzed and fixed software and hardware issues such as boot failure, blue screen, recovery of data from bad hard drives, and upgrade memory, video card, motherboard, and NIC
  • Managed all aspects of deployment: roll out of new desktop/notebooks using ghost images from CD/DVD, and over the network. Deployed various applications using group policy


Electronic Voting Machine Technician

  • Prepared voting machine materials prior to election and performed test election procedures and security checklist.
  • Configured Sequoia voting systems including scanner, touch screen, card activator at various locations and transmitted the data to the main server downtown.
  • Performed regular maintenance, backup procedures and changing tapes.
  • Identified system problems and performed troubleshooting on various voting systems
  • Delivered voting machines to designated polling places and demonstrated machine operation to election officials


IT Support/Quality Assurance

  • Provided network and application support for the publishing operations department consisting more than 200 users in both Active Directory domain and Mac environment.
  • Resolved hardware and software problems in a timely manner by effectively communicating end-user issues with in-house developers, senior administrators, and outside vendors.
  • Worked as integral part of the product development team by testing newly developed application features and providing feedback to the developers. Documented project status and subsequent running of detailed testing scripts for interactive web applications. Performed data processing, XML tagging, file and server management, cross-browser, cross-platform testing, and reporting of interactive textbook applications.
  • Managed multiple projects with technical producers to meet various releases, deadlines as well as track future beta releases from developers based in India


Network Technician Work Study

  • Performed extensive troubleshooting of wired, wireless and remote network connectivity issues inside the main campus.
  • Maintained high-quality customer service level at the computer lab.
  • Assisted network engineers to configure and upgrade routers and switch.
  • Installed and mounted servers, storage, routers and switches onto racks.
  • Spearheaded, documented and improved roll out process for new PCs and Macs.
  • Composed tutorial guides for students on how to connect and use college network.

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