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Senior Operations Professional Resume


  • RedHat certified engineer having 5.10 years of experience as System Administrator, Managing Linux and Solaris environment.
  • Installation of Red Hat Linux OS, Network: Kickstart, http, nfs & FTP installation.
  • Users / Groups, ACL and Sticky Bit Administration.
  • VM Management: PV / VG / LV configuration and administration.
  • NFS server and NFS client. AutoFS administration.
  • Package management using YUM and RPM.
  • Patch Management, OS patching, Package patching and reversal.
  • FTP management. SAMBA administration, Samba client connection management.
  • APACHE administration: Managing virtual hosts and other settings.
  • Monitoring system performance through netstat, vmstat, iostat, top, sar, ps etc.
  • Automate jobs using cron & at.
  • Good in ITIL process.
  • Root password recovery, Troubleshooting for OS.
  • Veritas cluster administration.


Senior Operations Professional



  • Working on the changes / Incidents in BMC Remedy 7.
  • Supporting to Application’s team, Database’s team and Deployment’s team for successful delivery of projects in time and handover for Confidential .
  • Creating technical plans and implementing changes and helping colleagues for technical plan creation.
  • Decommission of servers.

System Analyst



  • Provided support to developers by troubleshooting the ground truth application and provided support on system and network errors.
  • Installation of Linux operating system RHEL 5,6.
  • Managing packages to install, update, verify, query and erase packages from Linux Servers.
  • Managing Users, Groups and Permissions.
  • Share Folders and assign permissions to those shares and managing.
  • Escalate to on call support personnel appropriately if out of scope.
  • Troubleshoot file system corruption, disk space issues, high system load, boot failure issues.
  • Coordinate and monitor troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common application problems.
  • Document system events to ensure continuous functioning.

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