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It Infrastructure Analyst Resume

Camp Hill, PA


  • Experienced Network Professional with 10+ years of experience working at Confidential, Incorporated in the Network Engineering Department.
  • My experience stems from working in a large - scale IT environment; duties were accomplished in a professional mannerism when using my knowledge, skills and ability to effectively carry out organizational mission, goals and objectives.
  • As a Senior Processing Analyst my duties included supporting all production and test systems during problem resolution for controlling work flow through the use of an automated scheduling package.
  • As a Senior Analyst, I resolved processing problems, measured and monitored on-line performance.
  • Initiated, restarted and job recovery processing problems, measured and monitored on-line performance.
  • Initiated, restarted and job recovery procedures for on-line systems.
  • In my position I serve as the primary liaison for end-user work stations end-to-end connectivity issues, providing technical guidance to all site end-users covering such areas as recommended equipment, equipment configuration, optional facility layout, circuitry requirements, and the most economical methods for system access, for host station and regionally supported depots.
  • As a Senior Analyst, I receive trouble calls from end-users, perform trouble- shooting or diagnostic routines and procedures, assess the problem, determine actions necessary to resolve the problem, and take those actions.
  • As a Senior Analyst, my other responsibilities include providing operational guidance and support to data communications end-users to correct problems by acquiring system facility information concerning failing job executions, system failure, and equipment failure. Keeps network management fully apprised of the status of communications.


  • Identify Network problems and performance issues.
  • Lead Problem Ticket coordinator security monitoring, maintenance, IT risk analysis, security investigations, security scans, prepare documentation
  • Develop innovative solutions for increasing availability and improving productivity.
  • Networking - TCP/IP, LAN/WAN
  • Cisco - ASA Firewall, Switching and Router technology .
  • Cisco Wireless Technology
  • Interact with internal audit and the Compliance Officer, and IT Security.
  • Operational support voice/data network cabling.
  • Night and Weekend changes/emergency conditions worked.


Applications: MS Office, MS Visio, MS Access, Service Center, Cisco works, Wild packets Software, Bluecat Proteus


IT Infrastructure Analyst

Confidential, Camp Hill, PA


  • Responsible for all duties and have a broad understanding of networking hardware, and software.
  • This includes installation, configuration management and troubleshooting.
  • My responsibilities included the planning, installation, maintenance, modification, and operation of all local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) data communications equipment; including all remote site communications and on-line devices accessing computers at all relevant sites.
  • As an IT infrastructure Analyst, I assists end-users with communications problems, which may be quite complex; trouble-shooting problem calls, monitoring traffic flow, assisting with the preparation and installation of new equipment, developing operating procedures, performing site surveys and systems network designs, and developing reports for use by the organization.
  • In my position as an IT infrastructure Analyst, I worked during normal off-duty hours to cover for emergency situations affecting service to customers.
  • I provided the Staff with reporting documentation pertaining to data calls, metric reports and other information gathering requirements concerning IT and telecommunications infrastructure status, configuration and future initiatives.
  • In my position as an IT infrastructure Analyst, I was required to determine the necessary system configuration changes, evaluate telecommunications network performance and assure appropriate services are achieved and maintained.
  • My duties included using my knowledge, skill and ability to implement the development and coordination of plans for the integration of telecommunications and IT requirements to meet end-user needs. I completed proper coordination for the installation of new and/or additional hardware components with the user, schedulers, computer operators, telecommunications specialists, vendors, and other personnel.
  • In my position as an IT infrastructure Analyst, I reviewed hardware and required supporting software schedules to assure coordination for timely equipment installation.
  • In my duties, as an IT infrastructure Analyst, I assured that once new and/or additional hardware components are installed, they are also properly configured to connect and interoperate with the organizations’ networks.
  • Once hardware is successfully deployed, I assist with long-term maintenance and management of equipment as needed.
  • Monitors the performance of communications hardware and vendor-provided software to assure conformance with contract specifications.
  • Monitors highly complex data transmission networks in support of data communications systems, analyzing current and planned network usage and developing recommendations to network management for the improvement of data communications.
  • Tests data communications and evaluates the test results.
  • As an IT infrastructure Analyst, I initiated action to resolve problems with communications degradation, making recommendations to management for communications hardware/software changes that would mitigate future degradation.

Processing Analyst

Confidential, Camp Hill, PA


  • Observe the current system in operation and gather and analyze information about each of the parts of the component problems, using a variety of sources.
  • Support of all production and test systems
  • Problem resolution for controlling workflow
  • Resolved processing problems
  • Monitored on-line performance
  • Initiated startup and recovery procedures.

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