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Sr. Linux/storage Administrator Resume

New Port, NJ


  • Sr. Linux/SAN Administrator in the Major financial firms over 15 years
  • Data Center Migration, Clone Existing system/SAN to a New Environment;
  • OS Install/Upgrade using kickstart(cobbler)/Bladelogic/JET(Flash + Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit);
  • Cluster Build/Maintenance (VMWareHA/VCS/RAC/HACMP) in Linux/Solaris/Aix platforms;
  • Volume management - Vxvm/SVM/LVM2/Smartarray(HP);
  • Hands on with Disaster Recovery Simulation via EMC SRDF/VVR operation;
  • Storage Upgrade and Migration in the Production environment via Open Migrator/replicator;
  • System automation and Tuning via Perl, Shell scripts;
  • Network DNS/NIS/NFS/Autofs;


OS: Linux(Red Hat), Solaris, AIX

Storage: EMC(VMAX/DMX), Hitachi, Netapp

Languages: Bash, Perl, Python

Databases: Oracle, Sybase


Sr. Linux/Storage Administrator

Confidential, New Port, NJ


  • Advanced Support(Level III) of HA/SR(Sustained Resilience) in 6000 Cluster environment, Including RAC, VCS, HACMP(AIX), VMWareHA and Sun Cluster;
  • Massive server provisioning, OS patching/upgrade via Cobbler(Spacewalk)/bladelogic;
  • Data Replication via OS(VVR, Mirror) and Array(Open Migrator/Open Replicator);
  • Server/Storage virtualization, ESX, Ldom/zone, VIO(AIX), VMAX Virtual Provisioning;
  • Storage Migration and Upgrade from IBM/DMX/STK/Clarrion to VMAX via symclone,Open Replicator etc;
  • Storage Lun provitioning to Linux/Solaris platforms, SAN software Implementaion, Solution Enabler/Powerpath/MPxIO/HBA Drivers;
  • Cluster Building and Maintenance, RAC/VCS/SC/VMWareHA etc;
  • RMAN Backup for Trading servers from VMAX Lun to Tape via symclone;
  • Disaster Recovery Simulation via EMC SRDF/Symclone/Open Replicator, VVR;
  • System performance Tuning, lowering latency, NIS, DNS Sendmail, Automount, Samba etc;
  • Disk Logical Volume managemt via LVM2/VXVM, SVM and HP smart array;
  • System automation via Bash, Perl scripts;

Sr. Solaris/Linux/SAN Administrator

Confidential, Park Ave, NY


  • Level III Support of production system in a large global Bank/Market environment;
  • Manage Projects: Data Center Migration; OS Upgrade from solaris for all Utility/DB/WEB/App. servers; Annual Disaster Recover Simulation Via SRDF operation; Storage upgrade from Symmetrix to DMX, Migrate file server from VCS to Netapp etc:
  • Install/Upgrade OS via JET(Jumpstart EnterpriseToolkit)/kickstart, Clone OS plus Application, third party middleware and utilities;
  • Design and Build Veritas/Sun Cluster for the key applications and utilities in solaris and Linux(RHEL-4) platforms;
  • Simulate Disaster recovery Via SRDF and Veritas for all utility, database, WEB and App. servers;
  • Restore service under high pressure after disaster happened based on Cluster setup and SRDF function - Reestablish ;
  • Upgrade EMC Storage from symmetrix to DMX; Zone/mask devices, configure switches -Mcdata, Cisco and Brocade, zone and mask storage devices;
  • Maintain DNS/NIS/NFS/Autofs for variety applications, such as WEB server, oracle and Sybase etc, Participate Network services;
  • Implement server virtualization, Ldom/zone, VMware, Develop “Tenmplate/Vdisk” for Sun sparc processor in the Datacenter Migration;
  • Tune the system kernel params in the fields of Network, FS, SAN etc;
  • Migrate Sybase/Oracle from Solaris to Linux.;
  • Code scripts in Bourne shell, ksh and Perl to automate system/storage admin, such as SAN connections, EMC CLI report, Asset Center update etc.
  • Design and Implement Sun Cluster version 1.0, 2.2 and 3.0 running Solaris 2.6 and 2.8 with Shared Storage, install and configure cluster software, cluster volume manager.
  • Manage project, such as HA solution, Autosys application, Service Center etc.
  • Participate in E10K Cluster 2.2 setup, including SSP (system service processor), domain planning, OPS (Oracle Parallel Server) with Large scale storage.
  • Configure SAN for SUN storages D1000, A5x00, EMC Symmetrix 8340, Powerpath, SRDF BCV.
  • Maintain disk space via Veritas Volume Manager, VxFS in Cluster Nodes.
  • Install, Configure, HP OpenView for a large distributed environment (450 Servers) consisting of Unix, Mainframe, NT Servers, Routers and External Servers outside DTCC.
  • Tune system kernel, network and Performance via Measureware and PerfView.
  • Develop scripts in Bourne shell, ksh, Perl and TCL to automate tasks, such as page/email program in ksh, Cronjobs in Perl and trouble Ticket process in TCL etc.

Unix SA / Programmer

Confidential, New York


  • Plan and Manage Unix system resource on the platforms file system and disk space.
  • Control source code version for the Safehull Project; Convert Safehull source code
  • Back-up Data, maintain and monitor system and application.
  • Troubleshoot problems and assisting the end-user with both real and perceived problems

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