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Systems Engineer Release Management Resume

Chicago, IllinoiS


A detail - oriented and analytical IT professional with a demonstrated track record of in mainframe and open systems deployments, software configuration library management, deployment process enhancements/troubleshooting, testing, and release management. Established capabilities in application design, implementation, troubleshooting and monitoring, continuous improvement, and change controls. Enhances and automates business processes to generate efficiency. Innovative thinker adept at leveraging technology to improve operations and productivity to create an agile and responsive data processing environment.


Systems: Mainframe z/OS, MVS, VM, DOS/VSE/SP, UNIX, Windows.

Mainframe: ISPF, SCLM, JobTrac, Netview, CICS, VSAM, SPUFI, QMF.

Databases: DB2 (mainframe), DB2 (open systems), Oracle, SQL.

IBM: Utilities, Syncsort, FileAid, Expeditor, FTP, Connect Direct, TCP/IP, JOBTRAC scheduling.

Languages: COBOL, Assembler, C, Perl, Visual Basic, TSO CLIST, Rexx, Easytrieve, DYL280.

MS Tools: Access, Excel, Visio, Word.

Tools: ClearQuest, Clearcase, BuildForge, Unicenter Service Desk (Incident/Change Requests/Service Requests, Problem Management), BMC Remedy, ITIL & SDLC processes.


Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Systems Engineer Release Management


  • Created and executed release deployment plans performing delivery pre-work on large releases to smaller weekly application deployments.
  • Improved, reduced, and simplified scripted deployment plan processes through automation.
  • Received build package turnover from development promoting deliveries into testing, staging, production, and production environments.
  • Coordinated notifications, release install meetings, and planned yearly release schedules.
  • Performed troubleshooting analysis to resolve application problems preventing the application team from moving ahead, which allowed them to get back on the release schedule.
  • Maintained deployment plans, release schedules, documentation on a SharePoint site.
  • Integrated corporate business unit’s onboard into Release Management processes.
  • Created Requests for Change (RFCs) for all assigned deployments for approval by the Change Control Board including listing impacts to all configuration items (CMDB) and RFC back out plans.

Systems Engineer



  • Designed, coded, documented, and rolled out MFDeploy process eliminating Tivoli InfoMan software in under 3 months to avoid software costs at $500,000 per year providing partial mainframe deployment capabilities with automated backups.
  • Provided support in technical and administrative roles for Software Configuration Library Management and View Direct Report Warehousing System, Mainframe Deploy, which is a customized system allowing partial deliveries to production libraries which included automated JobTrac scheduling of the deployment.
  • Designed and utilized Unicenter approval list maintenance processes and monitored yearly government compliance audits of system processes and practices.
  • Partnered in two key file transfer projects allowing Confidential to take strategic control of file transfer processes from Confidential to operationally run the data center file transfer processes for customers. The success of these 2 projects had cost savings allowing a low MIPS CPU known as the “penalty box” to be freed up for other uses and eliminated Control-M software costs.
  • Provided disk storage estimates for report removal from mainframe over to open systems.
  • Participated in restructuring SDLC environments to be PCI compliant.
  • Provided Jobtrac scheduling support 24x7.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Systems Engineer


  • Created CLIST that allowed Control-M software to be retired and to schedule the file transfers into JobTrac.
  • Also coordinated daily the load resource balancing support allowing proper resource line allocations for FTP and Connect Direct file transfers.
  • Served as liaison for critical project with market services team committed to getting FTP and Connect Direct transfers to occur from Chicago to Conway, Arkansas, location.
  • Served on project team to initiate start of ITIL Unicenter service request ticketing processes in Confidential for mainframe service request while creating/implementing flowchart designs and process flow documents.
  • Performed root cause analysis after incident identification to attach to problem ticket including service request remediation tickets.
  • Wrote root cause analysis documents after collecting logs and interviewing associates involved in incidents.
  • Continued support and administration for SCLM, VDR report warehousing, and Tivoli InfoMan support as mainframe activities.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Senior Configuration Management Analyst


  • Created, maintained, trained, and documented legacy mainframe software configuration environments, using IBM Software Configuration Library Management tool to control mainframe software environments for internal customers. SCLM comes with MVS/ISPF which means it is free compared to CA-Endevor.
  • Provided software configuration management for open systems performing design and support for IBM Rational ClearQuest and ClearCase environments for internal customers.
  • Coordinated mainframe release enhancements and defect fixes providing change management support for development, testers and deployment to production support for large mainframe database containing credit histories of United States consumers.
  • Performed daily resolution of incident and service requests tickets submitted for tool support.
  • Participated in evaluation process of determining configuration management tool utilization and developed processes, policies, and procedures for change management.
  • Wrote API scripts, hooks, and exits in CLIST, Rexx, Perl, and Visual Basic within the tools.
  • Implemented backup procedures and recovery processes of source, versioning, accounting, and audit tracking activity information.
  • Conducted SCLM classes for mainframe developers and users to understand SCLM functions for proper tool utilization. Trained three associates to provide SCLM administrative backup support.
  • Provided additional unrelated support for report warehousing using View Direct, finalist zip code processing, and social security processing with Death Master File.

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