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Network Engineer Resume

Falls Church, VirginiA


  • He is a resourceful and team - orientated technical professional with more than 22 years of experience in the Engineering and related fields, including, wireless, IPv6, data network communication, designing, implementation, and analysis of communication networks.
  • As a member of MHS Cyberinfrastructure Services (MCiS ) engineering team supporting MHS Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) LAN and wireless infrastructure which includes designing and testing.
  • Experienced in LAN/WAN technologies, worked with Cisco, Brocade and Juniper and other vendor’s routers, switches and VPN devices. Routing protocols BGP, OSFP, MPLS. Member of IPv6 Working Group to plan and transition from IPv4 toIPv6 as mandated by the Congress, also Interface with different Vendors to verify that they comply with Department of Defence ( DoD) FIPs and IA standards and support IPv6 .
  • Lead engineer to interface and acquire IPv6 addresses from Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Network Information Center (NIC) for Enterprise Infrastructure to transition from IPv4 to IPv6. Support US Air Force medical treatment facilities (MTF) LAN and Infrastructure upgrades.


Network Engineer

Confidential, Falls Church, Virginia


  • Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) Engineering Team. - Member of Network Engineering team providing, Program Management support to the Military Health System (MHS) Tri-Service Infrastructure Management Program Office (TIMPO). Interface with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and other agencies to resolve network deployment and operational infrastructure issues.
  • Reviewed network designs for MCiS, ensuring the proposed network designs were both technically and financially feasible. Supported Network Readiness Assessment (NRA) process to ascertain whether the local and long haul infrastructure supporting Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) meets the program offices operational and application performance requirements for AHLTA deployment.
  • Supporting TIMPO different program offices e.g. Foundational Requirements Architecture Team (FRAT), Business to Business Gateway (B2B), AHLTA Implementation Work Group, MHS IPv6 Workgroup. Led efforts to setup a IPv6 test bed using Cisco and Juniper equipment in Multi-Purpose Network Assessment Laboratory (MNAL) for training and transitioning of MNAL Production Network to IPv6 to meet DoD policies and milestones.
  • Worked on a State Department CRMS, IAD, BPP and MPP project. Also monitoring the Intranet and Wide Area Network for the response time. Providing technical support and backup to MPP/BPP Helpdesk. Resolving day-to-day users problems and issues, and elevate it based on the severity of the problem, and to assure the user that their problem will be resolved in a shortest possible time. Also providing technical support to SPP (Strategic Performance Planning) group.
  • Worked on the NOAA IT Assessment project for the OFA CIO. Was Administrator for the Asset Metrix Software to collect over 120 data items about the desktop computer. Interviewed and collected network infrastructure configuration and was responsible for selecting appropriate subsets of reports from a library of 102 possible reports. Helped create the CIO-level report.

Senior Network Engineer



  • Performed as lead engineer of a major cable company projects. Designed site survey and engineering packages for the installation and turn-up of their internet network backbone.
  • Supported service provider accounts. Performed analysis, design, and implementation of network designs. Provided solutions to customer network upgrades and expansions.
  • Analyzed and tested different vendor’s equipment. Provided pre-sales support and wrote proposals.
  • Set-up test and training lab for in-house and customer training, using Juniper, Cisco, and Extreme equipment.

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