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Linux Systems Administrator Resume

Beltsville, MarylanD


  • Experience Linux System Administrator seeking challenging and fast paced environment with ability to learn new technology to solve functional issues.
  • 6 years of IT experience and about 5 years of hands - on experience in system design, construction, deployment, administration and support of /Linux/servers and networks
  • Strong administration and troubleshooting skills in Linux environment
  • Very confident with Apache http, Apache Tomcat, NFS, FTP and LVM on Linux
  • Good understanding of network concepts and protocols
  • Well organized with strong problem solving and good communication skills as well as ability to work both in teams and independently


Operating Systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/6

Web Server: Apache http, Apache Tomcat

Virtualization: VMware ESXi


Confidential, Beltsville, Maryland

Linux Systems Administrator


  • Planning, installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting of Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform
  • Install and manage virtual Linux machines on VMWare ESXi
  • Work closely with software developers as needed to troubleshoot and resolve production outage
  • Create mount points for database administrators for Oracle database install
  • Creation and management of approved user accounts and groups
  • Manage filesystems utilization using script scheduled as cron job
  • Maintain user-based security via password aging
  • Maintain file system and host security using chmod, chown, chgrp, immutable bit, iptables and tcp wrappers
  • Turn-off unused services on systems to strengthen host security
  • Disabled direct ssh root login on servers
  • Configure and manage TCP/IP networking on RHEL systems
  • Troubleshoot and resolved networking issues
  • Perform software package installation, upgrades and updates using yum and rpm commands
  • Apply system patches and updates
  • Manage filesystems using fdisk and LVM
  • Perform critical system administration tasks from Single user mode
  • Create directory symbolic links for users as requested
  • Install and configure Apache httpd server to be used by developer to host web applications
  • Configured multiple websites on one Apache http server using virtualHost containers
  • Install and configure Apache tomcat server for developers
  • Configure NFS server and mount exported nfs resources at the client side
  • Configured and managed vsftp servers
  • Change root password on all server from centralized puppet master server
  • Manage user access to svn repositories
  • Manage RHEL servers from RHEL satellite server web interface
  • Update /etc/issue file for system notifications and warnings on user logins
  • Setup secured passwordless ssh authentication on servers using ssh keys
  • Schedule and maintain cron jobs
  • Monitored and controlled system processes using top, renice, kill etc
  • Tune Linux kernel using kernel parameters as requested by database administrator
  • Configured Kernel Parameters for Oracle database install
  • Performed system logs administration to detect and resolve issues
  • Monitored system logs and activity on all servers
  • Resolved systems and process issues reported by Nagios
  • Responded to and closed out Remedy tickets
  • Documented server baseline and procedures
  • Performed file system backups and restores using local archiving utilities to include tar, gzip
  • Sends weekly report to management on overall system performance and health checks
  • Took turns for 24/7 production support

Confidential, Elkridge, Maryland

System Administrator


  • Installing and configuring all the Linux servers in the network per specifications of clients.
  • Installed and Administered patches and updates
  • Installed packages on servers.
  • Configured and managed Server networking.
  • Troubleshoot and resolved TCP/IP networking issues.
  • Performed user accounts administration.
  • Managed Password aging configuration on servers
  • Configured and mounted NFS resources.
  • Maintained file systems and host security.
  • Disabled direct ssh root login on servers.
  • Performed security hardening on dedicated servers by turning off unused services
  • Setup ssh keys for secured key-based authentication
  • Monitored and controlled system processes.
  • Monitored and Managed Server performance using associated tools.
  • Resolved systems and processes issues reported by Nagios
  • Performed logs administration to detect and resolve system errors
  • Managed systems storages using LVM
  • Customize user shell environment using shell initialization files
  • Configured Apache HTTP and Apache Tomcat Servers
  • Configure DNS client on servers
  • Utilized cron to schedule and run jobs
  • Offered various supports to software developers
  • Responded to and closed out Remedy tickets
  • Developed functional and technical documentation
  • Work as part of a team and provide 7x24 support when required

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