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Unix System Administrator Resume

Mooresville, NC


  • A Certified pSeries System Specialist with AIX 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 with over Seven years of experience in the software industry, specializing in Linux/AIX Administration.
  • Extensive experience in the areas of design, development, implementation, support and user training on Confidential AIX 4.3.x/ 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 & SuSE Linux SLES 10/11, RHEL 5/6 and Windows NT/2003/2008 Operating Environments.
  • Worked on various Confidential pSeries servers, MQseries, Tivoli Storage, RS/6000, P570, P505, P510, A50, P590 and Confidential pSeries Bladecenter and have extensive experience in Configuration, Installation and Administration of AIX operating Systems.
  • Excellent knowledge of hardware architecture of JS20, JS21, JS22, HS20, HS21 and HS22 Confidential pSeries Blades in Confidential Bladecenter.
  • Excellent knowledge of configuring the Management Modules in the Bladecenter and excellent ability in working on Nortel switch (Four Port and Six Port) within the bladecenter.
  • Skills include performance analysis/tuning of Linux/AIX.
  • Strong hands - on experience on Confidential AIX - LVM, LVM Mirroring, SMIT, Disaster recovery Using mksysb, tar and cpio.
  • Firm understanding of all aspects of the LINUX/AIX Operating System including kernel internals, shells, file systems and sockets.
  • Experienced in installing AIX 5.1/ 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 using NIM.
  • Experienced in setting up NIM environment and loading servers and performing upgrades with NIM on AIX servers.
  • Configuration management including the building of LPARs and configuring the hardware devices that support them.
  • Configuration and management of Virtual I/O on LPAR and assigning VLAN id and configuring Virtual Ethernet adapter.
  • Excellent understanding of error logging subsystem and Performance Monitoring tools like vmstat, iostat, netstat on AIX Version 5.1/ 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1
  • Expertise in installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of HACMP v4.5/5.2/5.3 on AIX
  • Extensive use of Resolved Application Startup problems, PATH problems, Name conflicts, TCP/IP and Networking Problems in AIX.
  • Experienced in installing TSM 5.3/5.4 on AIX/Linux/Windows servers, automating the backups with scripts and troubleshoot TSM related issues with backups and perform Disaster recovery with TSM.
  • Experience in administering VMware Infrastructure Client 3.5 and Vsphere 4.0.
  • Experience configuring and supporting Confidential clustering products PowerHA and GPFS.
  • Perform periodic file system GPFS tuning and monitoring jobs to enhance system/complex performance.
  • Expertise in VERITAS Volume manager (VxVM), Creating new file systems, mounting file systems and unmounting file systems.
  • Expertise in implementation and maintenance of Apache SMTP, DHCP, NFS, NIS, NIS+, LDAP, DNS, SAMBA, SQUID, Postfix, Sendmail, FTP, Remote Access, Security Management and Security trouble shooting skills.
  • Experienced in authoring, coordinating, directing, and executing various operating system and network performance benchmarks.
  • Performed user tasks including submitting and managing parallel, serial and interactive jobs.
  • Experienced with support 24/7 on AIX administration.
  • Excellent leadership skills to finish assigned projects in time and motivating team to finish up the tasks and provide assistance to team on 24/7 basis.
  • Skilled in replacement/repair/upgrade of software, hardware and firmware.
  • Excellent knowledge in writing Shell Scripts (Korn, perl).
  • Excellent knowledge of iSCSI attached Network Storage (Netapp) connected to the JS20 and JS21 Blades in the Confidential Bladecenter.
  • Extensive experience in TCP/IP networking.
  • Extremely fast and adept at learning new systems, protocols, programming languages and applications.
  • Excellent team worker and ability to quickly adopt and work under minimal supervision.
  • Experienced in performing encryption for filesystems and database using Vormetric Encryption software on AIX/Linux servers
  • Ability to interact professionally with clients and peers.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, willingness to take the initiative; ability to work productively in teams.


Routers: CISCO 3600, 2500, 1600 series

Switches: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Layer - 2 switches

Switch Models: Cisco Catalyst 3500, 2900, 1900 series

Protocols: TCP/IP, NetBeui

Operating System: AIX, Redhat & SUSE Linux, Win NT/2000, 2003

Databases: SQL Server 2000, Oracle, DB2, Informix


Confidential, Mooresville, NC

UNIX system Administrator

Environment: - AIX 6.1/7.1, Rehat Linux 5/6, Websphere 5.0/6.0, Confidential BladeCenter, P505, P510, P590, P570, Cisco Switches, pSeries 6/7, Windows NT/2003/2008, HACMP Clusters, VIO, LPAR, DLPAR, Confidential HTTP server, Apache, DB2, EMC storage, and Korn Shell scripts.


  • Work as UNIX System Administrator for AIX 6.1/7.1 and RHEL 5/6 servers.
  • Administer and Support Windows NT/2003/2008 server by performing DNS administration, record changes, AD changes such as adding User Accounts, Staging Hardware.
  • Work as part of a technical support team to perform incident management, problem management and change management to enterprise network or security domain.
  • Perform User/Filesystem and system performance management on AIX, Linux and Windows servers.
  • Perform Technology Level and Service Pack updates on AIX and Linux servers.
  • Edit/Tweak/Run various Korn shell scripts for automation on AIX and Linux servers.
  • Review logs from error and troubleshoot hardware and operating system issues.
  • Perform performance tuning on AIX and Linux servers.
  • Troubleshoot down servers, clustering hosts/VM’s, building and cloning VM’s using VMWare ESXi.
  • Perform AIX SAN disk migration and decommission servers in Data Center environment.
  • Perform backup & Recovery with Symantec NetBackup to SAN and tape libraries.
  • Troubleshoot and correct any and all server, application and system issues with impact flow of business.
  • Determine and exercise corrective actions for emergency situations, Collaborate, share information with, and coordinate efforts with other team members.
  • Work the shift hours and schedule required supporting the enterprise.
  • Ensure the day-to-day availability of the production systems, Monitor, troubleshoot, interrogate alerts, and help correct incidents with appropriate action.
  • Operate analytical program to identify potential errors and incompatibility, Analyse issues and formulate solution alternatives that meet defined IT or business problem.
  • Document and communicate incident priority, symptom, business impact, status, and resolution.
  • Create incident reports to document exceptions to normal or scheduled activities, including hardware and software failures.
  • Develop/document/implement processes and technical solutions.
  • Assess the impact of and consult on low, medium, and high risk production system changes.
  • Conduct trend analysis with a focus on proactive identification of events/issues that threaten performance and a consistent & timely resolution and documentation.
  • Create and review technical system processes and recovery plans, and Make proactive suggestions for service improvements.


UNIX system Administrator

Environment: - AIX 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 , SUSE Linux 10/11, Confidential BladeCenter, JS20, JS21, JS22, HS20, HS21, HS22, P505, P520, P590, P690, P570, Nortel Switches, Cisco Switches, pseries, Windows 2000/2003/2008 , HACMP 5.2/5.3 Clusters, VIO, LPAR, DLPAR, DRBD, Pacemaker, TSM, Confidential HTTP server, Apache, Geronimo, Websphere 6.0, Informix, EMC, NetApp, Vormetric, DS3200 and Korn Shell scripts.


  • Work as Second Level UNIX System Administrator to support Confidential pSeries BladeCenter and Power-5 and Power-6 servers used in Wal-mart stores throughout the world.
  • Expertise working in a huge environment that consists of almost 9500 Servers including RS/6000, P505, P520, P690, P570 and Confidential BladeCenter.
  • Expertise in installing, configuring and troubleshooting AIX 5.1/ 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 on Power-5, Power-6 servers and Confidential Bladecenter.
  • Expertise in installing, configuring and troubleshooting Suse Linux Sles 10 and Windows 2003/2008 on HS20, HS21 and HS22 servers in Confidential Bladecenter.
  • Expertise in installing new software on AIX 4.3/ 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 Boxes, Upgrading the Maintenance Levels, Doing the Change Controls and Migration from HP-UX to AIX 5.3 for Wal-Mart Pharmacy Servers from NCR boxes to Confidential Blade and from RS/6000 to pSeries Confidential blade.
  • Expertise in doing the FSCK on the corrupted file systems in AIX 4.3/ 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 .
  • Provided 24X7 supports on pager rotation and third shift basis remotely for all the stores.
  • Expertise in Configuring VLANs on Confidential Bladecenter, Nortel Switches, CISCO switches.
  • Expertise in Configuring the Nortel (Zigmo and Elmo) Switches for Confidential BladeCenter.
  • Perform Nightly backups on UNIX and Windows server using TSM V5.3/5.4.
  • Expertise in writing the scripts (korn shell) for doing the change control and automation to implement changes on all the servers and support on AIX 4.3/ 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 .
  • Expertise in setup and configuration of TCP/IP network for the public network and backup network using mktcpip and chinet.
  • Expertise in working with LVM, Disk mirroring, unmirroring, Disaster Recovery and backup and restore for AIX 4.3/ 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1
  • Extensive knowledge of Netapp and iSCSI attached storage (Netapp) for Confidential Bladecenter.
  • Extensive experience in taking the Backups and checking the logs for the failures for backups using TSM and working on TSM clients and restarting the Scheduler when needed.
  • Build VIOS and VIO LPAR’s on p-Series 590, 570, 550 and 505 servers using HMC V6 later upgraded the HMC V6 to HMC V7 (GUI).
  • Decommissioned old frames and migrated servers on to each LPAR in high end p7 frames as part of consolidation strategy.
  • Maintain the NIS user administration account
  • Working on the backup and restoration of data by using SNAP.
  • Monitor systems CPU, memory and disk utilization.
  • Analysis the NMON data and observe the spikes of the system performances issues.
  • Worked on the HACMP 5.4 version, failover the RG to the next node, start and stop the cluster services and HACMP
  • User Management - Creating, maintaining, and removing users and groups. Security settings on user accounts and groups.
  • Trouble shooting HACMP related issues, going through the log files Taking HACMP snap using snap utility and using snaps to recover HACMP topology in case of any disaster
  • Defining shared volume groups and working on different operations such as creating shared file systems, increase or decrease file system sizes and adding disks to the volume groups.
  • Configuring system dump devices, taking system dump, estimating system dump, uploading the system vmcore files to Confidential ftp site to get it analysed by Confidential engineers.
  • Troubleshooting from system performance related issues.
  • Handling the server hardware related issues with Confidential CE & coordinate with the Confidential CE for hardware replacement.
  • Using alternate disk installation method when upgrading or installing TL or ML on AIX Operating system.
  • Installation of emergency fixes and supporting fixes for the applications.
  • Network configuration of TCP/IP & Ether Channel(Ling Aggregation), online troubleshooting for network and system, ensuring connectivity between servers
  • Performed the HMC up gradation to 7.7.2 version.
  • Responsible for installing configuring, migrating and maintenance of GPFS version 2.1 and 3.3
  • Managed and used NIM server to install, migrate and creating backups
  • Built VIO servers and VIO clients on POWER6, p5 P520, P550, P570 and p595s.
  • Installing and configuring LPARs, and VIO Server on pSeries servers through HMC.
  • Setup HACMP clusters for high availability of servers and to face any unexpected outages.
  • Troubleshooting BOS installations, Boot Failures, monitoring systems performance using Nagios, sar, vmstat, netstat, iostat, perfpmr and systems tuning.
  • Included upgrading NIM master, alternate NIM master, creating the SPOT, lppsource & mksysb NIM clients.
  • Installed Veritas clustering on WebSphere server.


UNIX/DBA system Administrator

Environment: Sun Solaris7/8, Red hat Enterprise Linux, SunFire 4500/V880/480/E420R/E450/E250, Confidential, Sun StorEdge L280, Sun StorEdge A1000, A5000, JBODs Compaq servers, Solstice Disk Suite, Oracle 7.x/8.x


  • Support for more than 150 users of various departments including Developers, Designers, Sales, Production and Accounts. Troubleshooting hardware and software problems for end-users and providing technical support for their installations.
  • Installed application software including Oracle, DB2 and Websphere on Sun Solaris 7/8, Linux Servers
  • Experienced in authoring, coordinating, directing, and executing various operating system and network performance benchmarks.
  • Performed user tasks including submitting and managing parallel, serial and interactive jobs.
  • Performed system administration of UNIX servers by using Operating Systems of Solaris 7/8
  • Installation of patches and other software packages
  • Configuration of Hardware and Software RAID on Digital & Sun Servers
  • Installation of Oracle Patches and Troubleshooting, Creating and modifying application related objects, Creating Profiles, Users, Roles and maintaining system security.
  • Configuration and maintenance of NIS, NFS, DHCP and DNS Servers on Solaris.
  • Administrative tasks such as System Startup/shutdown, Backup strategy, Printing, Documentation, User Management, Security, Network management, dumb terminals and devices carried out.
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle 7.x/8.x
  • Performed the administration of the Domain Name Server and configuration of the Database Files.
  • Troubleshooting Backup and Restore problems and performed Day-to-Day trouble shooting for the end users on Solaris based applications.
  • Performed OS upgrades and Patch loading as and when required.
  • Backing up and restoring files across the network
  • Responsible for Installation of various software components on several servers.
  • Installed and Configured Sendmail Utility on Sun UNIX Servers .
  • Administering NFS Mounts .

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