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Storage Management Engineer Resume

Sacramento, CA


  • Over 7+ years of experience in IT Industry including System, NAS and Storage administration.
  • Extensive knowledge of NAS and SAN storage, which includes migrations and deployment, maintenance and trouble shooting.
  • Experience in storage provisioning by LUN creation and mapping them to different operating systems including Windows, Solaris, Linux and ESXi4.0/5.0
  • Expertise in managing and configuring NFS, CIFS, FC and iSCSI protocols for UNIX and windows systems.
  • Created Aggregates, Flex - volumes, Qtrees, and exported them using NFS and CIFS
  • Created Luns, igroups and mapped the Luns to ESXi4.0/5.0 servers using FC and iSCSI
  • Experience in migrating CIFS and NFS data using Securecopy and rsync scripts between multiple platforms (Microsoft Windows Cluster to NetApp).
  • Setup Snapmirror and Snapvault replications
  • Good knowledge and hands on experience in different kinds of operating systems like Linux/Solaris/AIX/Windows administration
  • Experience working with VMware ESX server platform.
  • Good Knowledge of Confidential C-Mode
  • Experience in management and monitoring of storage systems using various tools like filer view, Oncommand System Manager, Operation Manager (DFM).
  • Performed numerous Ontap upgrades from 7.3.11 to 7.3.3P3 to 8.0(7-Mode) including shelf upgrades, disk firmware, Kernel diagnostics and RLM
  • Proficient in working with different storage protocols that includes ISCSI, FCP, CIFS, NFS, NDMP protocols.
  • Experience with different Confidential technologies like creating aggregates, volumes, quotas, snapshots, snapmirror, snap vault, flex clones, deduplication, vfilers, snap manager, snap drive, MPIO, snap restore and thin provisioning technologies.
  • Day to day monitoring of different storage systems using system statistics and performance statistics methodologies(pktt, perfstat)
  • Excellent analytical problem solving, communication, knowledge transfer skills with ability to communicate with multiple vendors.


Storage Hardware: FAS2000 Series FAS3000 Series Fas6000 Series

Storage Software: Data OnTap Filer View Oncommand System Manager Management Console CIFS NFS iSCSI FCP Snapvault Snapmirror Operations manager Snap Manager Protection Manager Data Fabric Manager

Operating System: Windows 2000/2003/2008 Solaris 9/10 RHEL 4/5.x Linux OnTap 7.x/8.x

File Systems: ufs, swapfs, tmpfs, vxfs, zfs, ext3, jfs2, ntfs, wafl


Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Storage Management Engineer


  • Monitored client environment and advised client on the best methods to optimize the performance and take full advantage of the resources available.
  • Identified issues that were impacting the performance in the environment such as high latency, iops, high CPU readings, and misaligned LUNs.
  • Advised the team on the best course of action and prepared action plan, best practices, and the usage of deduplication and thin provisioning.
  • DFM/Operations Manager - configured to monitor filers and email alerts when thresholds are reached certain percentage such as full aggrs/volumes/qtrees, LUNs, loss of connectivity, performance problems, high latency, iops.
  • Prepared quick guides for the team on various Confidential functionality and put together essential commands.
  • Prepared the documentation for LUN migration procedure for the team to follow for the upcoming LUN migration using snapmirror.

Confidential, Bartlesville, OK

Sr. NAS Administrator


  • Installed and managed FAS2020, FAS2040, FAS3020, FAS3050, FAS3070, FAS3140, FAS3160, FAS3170, FAS3210, FAS3240, FAS3270, FAS6030, FAS6040, FAS6080, FAS6240 and FAS6290
  • Worked on OnTap versions, 7.3.7P1, 8.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.2P3, 8.1.3P1(7-Mode) and 8.1.2P1, 8.1.2P2(C-Mode).
  • Responsible for all the day to day administration work and monitor the Confidential NAS infrastructure.
  • Was a Member of a vibrant and active NAS storage administration team located across the globe.
  • Responsible for all snapmirror daily jobs and update/troubleshoot any lagged mirror jobs.
  • Responsible for monitoring Confidential Systems using Operations Manager
  • Migrate volumes using protection manager from one resource pool to another
  • Setup/configured OSSV relationships and managed using Protection Manager
  • Create Datasets, backup policies, aggregates and volumes.
  • Setup and managed CIFS shares and NFS Export and troubleshoot issues in daily basis
  • Involved in Change controls /Problem Management using BMC Remedy.
  • Resolved any BMC remedy ticket to assisted users/customers with lost folders/files restore or any other problem they might be having.
  • Performed Hardware/Software upgrade, replaced failed disks, nvram and applied patches
  • Assisted other teams with any inquiry/questions about Confidential functions.
  • Participated in bridge conference calls if needed to resolve performance issues.
  • Setup C-Mode systems FAS6280 and installed 8.1.x(C-Mode)
  • Created Vservers, lifs and assigned aggregates to vservers
  • Created Volumes and exported them using NFS and CIFS by setting up export policies
  • Setup Cluster Name Space/junctions and mounted volumes
  • Setup failover policies on C-Mode systems
  • Created failover groups for cluster LIF’s, node LIF’s and data LIF’s
  • Created export policies and namespaces for the volumes and exported the volumes using the export policies
  • Re-purposed the existing 7-mode HA-pair by adding into the cluster by enabling licenses and upgrading the OS with respect to C-mode
  • Upgraded Cluster OnTap from 8.1 to 8.1.2P3 to fix the bugs
  • Migrated data from legacy Confidential systems to new Confidential systems using snapmirror
  • Involved in adding new disk shelves to existing FAS systems as part of Storage expansion
  • Supported Confidential storage infrastructure for global customers and was scheduled for global on call

Confidential, Manhattan, NY

SAN/NAS Administrator


  • Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the entire Confidential SAN and NAS environment.
  • Handful of experience in creating snapshots, reviewing volume snapshot counts and the removal of excessive or old snapshots that are associated with the volume.
  • Creating Snap vault relationship between volumes and deleting old or unused snap vault relationships.
  • Installed and configured data storage in Confidential FAS 3000 and 6000 series filers that run Data ONTAP 7 series using CLI and Filer View. Configurations include Vfiler, Flex clones, aggregates, volumes, qtrees and snapshots.
  • Involved in the replication of data between volumes of the Confidential filers using Snapmirror technology.
  • Created back up data for Disaster Recovery purposes using Snapvault Qtree replication.
  • Used Flexclone Volumes and Flexclone LUNS and splitted them from Original volumes and LUNS in an aggregate to have their own priorities.
  • Successful creation of LUN’s and assigning them to the ESX servers in the VMWARE Environment.
  • Worked with different protocols that include NFS and CIFS for UNIX and Windows systems.
  • Created Aggregates, volumes (FlexVol), qtrees and Quotas on Confidential Filers. Involved in creating CIFS shares, NFS exports.
  • Configuring data storage in Confidential FAS3040, FAS3070, FAS 3170, V-Series filers that run Data ONTAP 7G using CLI and Filer View.
  • Provisioned storage to customers that are using SAN by implementing ISCSI and Fiber Channel (FCP) provisioning.
  • Migrated the NAS file Systems from stand-alone NAS server to Confidential arrays.
  • Maintained 700+ TB data on Confidential filers and performed troubleshooting on a day-to-day basis.
  • Involved in documentation, Troubleshooting, performance analysis, and issue escalation with vendors.

Environment: Confidential FAS 3000 series, V-Filers, FAS6000 series. Snapshots, SnapRestore, SnapVault, SnapDrive, Protection Manager, OnCommand System Manager, Management console, DFM/Operations Manager.

Confidential, IL

SAN/NAS Administrator


  • Performed daily storage administration activities such as storage provisioning, capacity planning, code upgrades and implemented Storage best practices into customer’s environment
  • Created aggregates, volumes, qtrees and shared them using NFS and CIFS
  • Replacement of failed disks and setup spares as required accommodating any disk failures in Raid-4, Raid-dp aggregates.
  • Added CIFS server to domain and created alias names using NetBIOS
  • Created Vfilers and mapped it to volumes
  • Configured multimode VIF configuration
  • Created local groups and added AD users to the group
  • Configured tape devices over fiber channel as part of an backup solution to backup data using VERITAS Netbackup.
  • Troubleshoot and fixed CIFS and NFS issues and fine tune the filers for optimal performance
  • Migrated the NAS file systems from stand-alone NAS server to Confidential filers.
  • Configured snapshot schedules for volume level and snapvault replication
  • Scheduled hourly, weekly and monthly snapshots to maintain online backup to recover from accidental deletions, corruptions or modification of data
  • Setup snapmirror replication to nearstore and to DR filers
  • Created Flexclones for DR-Test
  • Worked on Snap Manager of SQL server for backup and instant restore
  • Performed Ontap upgrades from 7.3.1 to 7.3.3P3 to 7.3.6, shelf module, disk firmware and RLM, Kernel diagnostics in a NDU method.
  • Migrate volumes using snapmirror from one filer to another
  • Allocated storage from AMS arrays to different OS platforms(Solaris, Linux, AIX, Windows and NetApp)
  • Used DFM, filer view and Ontap CLI, Snapdrive in monitoring, managing, reporting and provisioning storage to the users.
  • Restored the data from snapshots on the filers in case of accidental deletion
  • Performed zoning on Brocade switches using Web tools and CLI

Environment: Confidential FAS2050, FAS3140, FAS3270, FAS6210, AMS2500, Brocade 5100, 300, DFM(Operations Manager).

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Unix/NAS Systems Administrator


  • Maintenance and support for Confidential filers including F2040, F3120.
  • Implementation and support for a SAN network, based on a Confidential FAS and ISCI.
  • Providing Automatic backup solutions for the NAS Storage by Integrating with the Backup Software.
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting of FILERS (NAS) hardware level and administration level problems
  • Installed and Configured Confidential Filers FAS-2050, FAS-6040.
  • Connected Filers to fibre Channel Network, Ethernet network, DAFS network, Remote management card, third-party SCSI tape backup devices.
  • Fixed Compact Flash card Error by replacing the control panel subassembly.
  • Fixed invalid Clock by replacing the motherboard battery.
  • Updated the firmware to a version that contains an updated microcode database
  • Installed and configured NearStore R200
  • Used Operations Manager for managing and monitoring SnapVault and Open Systems SnapVault disk-to-disk backups.
  • Installed and Uninstalled Data Fabric Manager on the different systems.
  • Refreshed data using SnapMirror, Snapshot whenever needed.
  • Installed iSCSI software and SnapDrive software.
  • Configured Network Appliance SnapVault software for regular backup data stored on Confidential or any other storage platform to Network Appliance enterprise storage and NearStore systems, providing a centralized disk-based backup solution for heterogeneous storage environments.
  • Created LUNs and Volumes across a large pool of disks and one or more RAID groups using FlexVol.
  • Performed automatic, incremental data replication between systems: synchronous or asynchronous using SnapMirror.
  • Restored single files, directories, LUNs and volumes from Snapshot backup using SnapRestore.
  • Created aggregate, Add disks to the aggregate, Destroyed the aggregate using Data ONTAP 7.2
  • Copied all data, including Snapshot copies and FlexVol volumes, from one aggregate to another.
  • Created Qtrees from Flex volumes and setup/configured quotas.
  • Work with Engineering, Sustain and deployment teams towards to ensure reliable and scalable Storage Infrastructure
  • Worked with the system administrators to troubleshoot the issues in NAS migration project.
  • Hands on experience on ONTAP 7.x with excellent understanding of Confidential data protection technologies like snapshot, snapmirror and snapvault
  • Worked on Disaster Recovery Projects
  • Worked closely with vendors in attaching/adding DS14 disk shelves
  • Designed computer displays to accomplish goals using flowcharts and diagrams
  • Storage space provisioning, Configure storage and file systems on UNIX servers

Environment: FAS 3000 series, Data ONTAP, Confidential Operations Manager.

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