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Co-founder / Chief Technology Officer Resume

Florida, NY


  • Hands - on Project Lead in Software and Systems Engineering
  • Organizing and motivating teams in design and development from concept to post-sales support
  • Create compelling, profitable products coordinating with marketing, science, engineering and production
  • Passionate mentor and giver who started as a bench technician and takes full ownership of all problems


Programming Languages: C, C++, Yocto, Visual C++, C#, HTML, SGML, Bison, YACC, Assembler, Unix shell script, Perl, Java, Java script, VHDL, Objective C, LiveCode

Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, HPUX,, Microsoft Windows, VxWorks, MAC OS

Networking: TCP/IP, routing, firewalling

Systems Administration: Expert in all aspects of UNIX and Linux systems administration including performance tuning and daemon configuration.


Confidential, Florida, NY

Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer


  • Since the company’s conception, we now have 6 apps in the iPhone App Store and a product which is now licensed by a leading company in the iPhone arena.

Confidential, Connersville, IN



  • Collaborated on mechanical systems, production, spectroscopy and disposables.
  • Created system designs which are expanding Confidential legacy PTS for a variety of assays at and beyond the limits of current hand - held instrument sensitivity.
  • Upgraded hardware and software, improving sensitivity to parts per trillion. Increased production lot size from dozens to a thousand.
  • Reduced field failure rate by more than 50%.
  • Organized and managed the PTS repair depot - turn-around time reduced from 5 weeks to less than 2 weeks, with a better than 50% reduction in call-backs.
  • Designed and developed Linux device driver which communicates with the AD7793 Analog to Digital converter.
  • Designed application code which interfaces with the Nexgen PTS. This includes writing the YACC parser which was incorporated into the application code.
  • Designed SPI driver under Linux to communicate with the Analog to Digital converter.
  • Developed C and C++ programs to test various components of the NexGen PTS.
  • Used the Yocto utilities to build the openembedded tools which is now being utilized on the PTS instruments.

Confidential, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Software Engineer, Firmware Engineer


  • Designed test codes for power PC products.
  • This test code was eventually incorporated into the production test suite.
  • It was very effective in pinpointing discrepancies in not only the hardware but software as well.
  • Enhanced existing source code for various T1 modems.
  • The original code which was being implemented proved to be inadequate due to poor coding.
  • I revamped the code and made it more efficient which resulted in increased sales for the T1 modem product line.
  • Designed graphical user interface which tested the functionality of the T1 modem products.
  • Using this GUI decreased testing time and delivered the T1 modem line in a much more timely fashion.

Application Engineer



  • Assisted software engineers in developing comprehensive tests for a multitude of DSP based products.
  • Due to my attention to detail, I was directly responsible for designing the standard operating test procedure which all of the software engineers implemented.
  • Supported customers who were using Confidential 's C6X and SHARC processor boards.
  • All customer questions were resolved in an expedite manner which was recognized by my superiors.
  • Assisted hardware engineers in trouble shooting VME systems.
  • Collaborating with the hardware engineers in debugging their designs helped deliver these VME Systems to the market ahead of deadline.

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