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Cyber Transport Specialist Resume


  • To obtain a position utilizing my skills as a Network Technician



Cyber Transport Specialist


  • Assigned to JWICS NOC where myself and 5 other technicians supported USAFEs $60 mil Top Secret Network guaranteeing 24/7 coverage to approximately 20 military bases in Europe
  • By providing USAFE JWICS we directly supported over 800 users
  • As a NOC technician a Primary duty was to configure, deploy and maintain over 150 Networking Devices devices
  • Directly configured and installed Cisco Routers (5300 and 2600 series) using RIP, IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP and Switches (6500, 3500 series)
  • Configured Networking Devices to be used in upgrades to multiple sites and also had to meet strict DIA security standards
  • Restored network services to 800 users during critical comm. link outage
  • Created and Revised over 1000 circuit diagrams detailing circuit path, and equipment using Microsoft Visio
  • Troubleshot and restored over 100 critical circuit outages
  • Also configured and maintained Cisco VoIP’s (7900 series), Tandberg Desktop VTC’s and VTC Suites
  • Configured ( to include keying) and maintained 85 cryptographic devices to include Taclane Alphas, Delta and Fastlanes
  • Operated multiple computer programs, including Gem (taclane manger), Solar Winds( network monitor), Facit & Remedy (ticketing services) Cisco Call Manager (VOiP configuration tool), Microsoft Office, and Putty ( telnet/ssh client)
  • Supported long haul telecommunications, monitoring 100’s of ATM, Sonet, and Promina Nodes in support of military operations in US Air Forces Pacific Theater

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