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Network Project Engineer Contractor Resume Profile




  • Oracle/Sun:Directory Server 11G, 6.3, 5.2 Enterprise Server, Application Server, CA/Netegrity: SiteMinder R12, R6, CheckPoint SecureClient VPN
  • VMware Linux performance and Health monitoring using VM Infrastructure client. Troubleshoot network, server Performance problems and analyze packet captures to resolve application issues.

Operating Systems:

Unix Solaris, HP UX, AIX , Windows, Linux

Technical Training:

  • CA Siteminder R12 Administration and Deployment Training
  • Oracle/SunOne Directory Server Analysis Planning Training
  • Oracle/SunOne Directory Server Advance Design and Deployment Training
  • Certified Network Engineer
  • Nokia IP650 Firewall Appliance, RSA SecurID ACE Server, F5 Networks 3DNS, CacheFlow Bluecoat Web Proxy servers



Application Systems Engineer

  • Support SiteMinder Application on SAI secure Access Infrastructure Infrastructure.
  • Complete working sets of Drawings and Documentation of entire Infrastructure.
  • Performed Application Onboarding,
  • Upgraded Policy servers from R5 to R6 to R12,
  • Performed planning/execution for seamless hardware Refresh consisting of 48 Siteminder Policy Servers and 8 Directory servers.
  • Design implementation for all SAI Hardware insuring High Availability.
  • Migration, maintenance and upgrade of 58 Virtual Linux Servers 10 Unix, and 10 AIX Servers.
  • Designed IP Scalable Infrastructure using private subnets to Isolate and Maintain Development, Integration, QA, and Production environments for Siteminder and SAI Applications.
  • Having Network Engineering background Worked closely between Applications and Network operations for smooth migrations and Server transitions.
  • Implemented complete platform change over from Unix to RedHat Linux for 48 Siteminder Policy and Federation Servers.
  • Troubleshoot network, server Performance problems and analyze packet captures to resolve application issues.
  • Participate in annual failover testing of clustered server and application integrity


Network Engineer/Administrator


  • One of a two member team chosen to evaluate new infrastructure equipment,
  • Completed project to redesign and replace the entire campus network with a fully redundant 10 Gig switched LAN with three core routers for 5000 users. configuration of 100 VLANs and Access Control Lists across entire campus.


Sr. Network Engineer

  • Project Management, network design, equipment installation, documentation, vendor relationships and new technology research.
  • Support 1000 node 7x24 mission critical national LAN/WAN/MAN consisting of Netware, Windows NT/2000/95/98, Unix and Citrix.
  • Managed Security for corporate network. Responsibilities include keeping up-to-date on the latest security alerts and applying appropriate patches to ensure network security. Review Firewall logs.
  • Responsible for managing corporate network including facilities.
  • Analyze application performance and connectivity issues.
  • Implemented and managed SNMP Based Utilities for proactive network management.
  • Switch Configuration and implementation of protocol based VLANs
  • Projects included: Moved entire Corporate Data Center to new location, migration to new CheckPoint-1 Firewall on Nokia IP650, implemented CheckPoint SecureClient VPN w/SecurID and LDAP, Installed CacheFlow proxy servers, moved Internet connection to new ISP and installed T3 circuit, moved Internet DNS servers to F5 3DNS servers, Installed Gigabit Ethernet MAN between Quincy and Randolph offices, Installed NTP Time server, NAI DSS Sniffers, Enterasys Matrix E-7 and SSR-8600 switches, Cisco Routers and Catalyst 6509 switch, expanding WAN to meet company growth, Install LAN/WAN equipment at remote sales offices, designed and installed complete network Infrastructure for corporate headquarters.


Principle Network Engineer Manager

  • Project Manage Network Engineers, Regional LAN Managers, and Technical Liaisons on Projects.
  • Provide direction, vision, strategic planning and standards for DOC.
  • research, evaluate, recommend, budget, and purchase MIS hardware and software.
  • Develop, review and enforce LAN/WAN security measures.
  • Manage vendor relationships.
  • Design, implement, support and troubleshoot DOC's expanding statewide
  • LAN/WAN infrastructure using Cabletron Ethernet Switches, Hubs,
  • VLANs, ATM, FDDI, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Frame Relay,
  • CSU/DSU's, T1, and Bay Networks Routers across 37 sites with 1500 nodes.
  • Designed and implemented migration from NetWare 3.12 to IntranetWare 4.11.
  • Deployed Optivity/HP OpenView, SPECTRUM and Network Health network
  • management tools on SUN UltraSparc2 UNIX platforms Solaris 2.6 .
  • Converted existing WAN to T1 Frame Relay and expanded to all locations.
  • Troubleshoot TCP/IP and IPX/SPX protocol issues.
  • Installed and provide support for VAX/VMS, IBM 3270 and Unisys connectivity.
  • Install, maintain and troubleshoot software applications on
  • Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0.
  • Support LAN staff and end-user personnel in problem resolutions.
  • Support Oracle client/server database servers and connectivity issues.
  • Participated in the installation and support of Oracle based Inmate
  • Medical System using Entity application.
  • Installed DNS, DHCP, and BOOTP connectivity for all nodes on the network.


Integration and Test Lan/Comm Engineer contractor

  • Responsible for a wide range of software, hardware and network integration testing
  • Novell Yes label Network Certification Testing.
  • Managed and Documented integration test procedures.
  • Provide and analyze network connectivity using different topology


Project Engineer contractor

  • Design, build, test and configure 3 Netware 3.12 servers from existing used hardware.
  • Provide fault tolerant warehouse server.
  • Replicate Directory structure from 3 remote warehouse server locations.
  • Provide a simple disaster recover plan that warehouse employees can execute.
  • Analyzed and solved software, network, and hardware problems.
  • Supply and configure for SNMP Management 10MB Ethernet Hubs.
  • Provided Complete Documentation on servers, directory structures and network recovery procedures.


Network Project Engineer contractor

  • Lan/Wan roll out
  • Design, build, Test, configure 45 Multi-segmented Netware 3.12 servers
  • Configure and install software on 600 workstations
  • Provide configuration and IP management for multiple subnets
  • Configure SNMP on all Hubs and Concentrators.
  • Provide documentation on all aspects of the project and completion.


Network Engineer contractor

  • Assisted in the complete move of RMV's LAN/WAN Token ring network
  • Second Tier support on any and all network issues.


Technical Support Specialist

  • Design, Install, Maintain, and repair workstations
  • Teach users network and computer basics.


Senior Customer Engineer

  • Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of CDC OCR product line.
  • Installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and support PDP-11 and Vax products.
  • Member World Support Team on Digital Computer Mainframes.
  • Top Secret security clearance

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