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Transactional Network Administrator Resume


  • Leadership.
  • Personnel management and teamwork skills.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to understand and translate business needs into technology solutions.
  • Proactive attitude.
  • Great handling working under pressure.
  • Quick learning capability.


  • Electronic content management.
  • Electronic transaction administration, development and security.
  • Electronic Payment Media, encoding and production of credit and debit cards.
  • Windows OS and SQL database administrator.
  • Solution designer.
  • Integrator of technological tools.


Tools: Onbase (different versions and modules),Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Otrs, CLOCKIT, Team Foundation.

Operating Systems: Windows Server (2008), Windows (7).

Data Bases: SQL (2005,2008), Oracle (11g).

Programming Languages: Visual Basic, Web Services, Onbase API, VB, java Script, HTML, CCS, E - forms,Xsl.


O.S: Windows Server (97, 2000), Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista).

Transactional Core: POSTILLION.

Data Base: Microsoft SQL Server (97, 2000, 2005), Microsoft Access (All Version), MYSQL

Programming languages: Visual Studio. Net, Visual Basic, Java Script, VB Script Asp.net, Asp, Html.

Reporting and Design Tools: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Crystal Report, Monarch Pro, Flash, Dream, Weaver, INTELLICAT, Card Five, Rainbow, Card for Windows and Dos.

Onbase modules: Document Import Processor, COLD, Workflow, E - Form, Work View Image Document Composition, Disconnected Scanning, Bar Code Generator, Document Imaging, Physical Management Document Retention, Records Management, Distributed Disk Service, Platter Management, Application Enabler, Image Statement, Document Distribution, Report Service. QMATIC, QSUIT, QMONITOR.

Pc: Installations and Maintenance.

Thermal Printers: ELTRON (p420, 310, 310i), CIM (k400, k300), EVOLIS (DUALYS, Pebble) and the Zebra line.

Embossers: CIM (C1000, 991G, 821T, etc.) and Data card 150i

ATM: TYDEL, Triton RL5000, FT5000...

QMATIC: Displays, Printers BP, TP, Touch Screens.

Scanners: Kodak i1200, i1220, i1300.


Transactional Network Administrator



  • Manager of the implementation and development team for custom electronic solutions using Web tools, Hyland ONBASE, and Signature, as major tools
  • Main activities: staff manager, project management, solution designer, Onbase configuration and implementation of its several modules, platform management, technical support, among others. Also in charge of pre - sales solution and demonstrations.
  • Providing services to several government institutions, health and distribution companies.
  • Weapons electronic management system for the country.
  • Telecommunication towers electronic management system permission to build.
  • Presidential correspondence electronic management system.
  • Political and administrative country acts electronic management system.
  • Product sale and negotiation electronic management system.
  • Personnel activities documentation electronic management system.

ECM Consultant

Confidential, CA


  • Responsible for the analysis, design and configuration of electronic management solutions, using as the main implementation tool Onbase Software.
  • Main activities; Pre-sale solutions design and presentations, business processes analysis, workflow architecture design and development, configurations and implementations of the Onbase on its several modules, platform management and technical support among others.
  • Insurance claims management module for cars, people and assets
  • Insurance refund claims module.
  • Credits and debits management module
  • Personal credit documentation module

Consultant systems implementation



  • Main activities; Client primary contact, business process analysis, system developments integrations and customer support.
  • Provided Service to more than thirty institutions including banks, insurance and communication companies, public institutes among others.

Transactional Network Administrator

Confidential, Puerto Rico


  • Team member of the Transactional LAN and WAN Network Administrators and the Transactional O.S, in charge of logistic, implementation and configuration of security transactional modules oriented to increase the transactional security between nodes (POS and ATM) and transactional HOST manager.
  • Developed several programs for credit and debit card production (integration between institutions O.S and card production devices).
  • Also In charge of the transaction report design and transactional data handling and the
  • Installation, configuration, and support of new solutions for card production (over thirty implementations) and transaction device, POS and ATM.
  • Transactional transcript module, massive card software solutions for credit cards, Signature and Photo Software integrator to produce customized debit card, wireless solution for ATM. Integration between tellers and software production to validate personal ID with signature and photo.

Systems Analyst



  • Development, implementation and integration team member of debit and credit cards generation solutions department (Software and Hardware) for different banks.
  • Also in charge of supporting the integration of several devices on different platforms. Meeting the main requirements of security and map inscription standard ISO (CVC, CVV).
  • In addition, acted as a customer contact for installation and support of different solutions.
  • Furthermore, managed the LAN and transaction handling for Points of Sale connected by telephone, TCP/IP, wireless and Internet (VPN).
  • Cards generation and validation - CardL.
  • Signature and Picture debit card productions.
  • Instant production credit card productions
  • Several solutions to generate and validate cards integrating different bank platforms.

Network and OS Administrator



  • Main activities; Implementation and installation of Local Network software and hardware servers and workstations.
  • Configuration of several systems and solutions (Windows, Active directory, SQL) and Physical network design and installation.
  • Also Designed and implemented control security and time error response strategy (backup and storage).

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