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System Developer Resume


  • Thirteen years Computer Technical Support/Assistant Programming Analysis
  • Ten years successful supervisory and management experience
  • Seven years Administrative Assistant/Supervisor
  • Thirteen years customer service experience
  • Thirteen years Network Administration Assistant/Technical Support
  • Basic and Advance Training on Java Programming.
  • Ten years of Application support
  • Five years Project Manager experience in a highly projectized environment


  • Troubleshoot and Repaired PCs
  • Installed network cards
  • Upgraded memory and hard disk drives
  • Knowledge of DOS, Windows, Windows95, AS/400, Windows NT workstation and server, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Macintosh.
  • Provided support of PCs and Mac software and hardware
  • Supported network cabling, hubs, Printers, and MAU
  • Support all network protocols ( TCP/IP, FTP, and Novel)
  • Web Development and Maintenance
  • Applying Visual Basic 6 to a Database
  • Ability to Telnet, and Trouble shoot problems
  • Project Management Skill.
  • Testing Skill.
  • Technical Writing Skill.
  • Automation using Control M (BMC)
  • LEAN methodologies
  • EMC Storage facilities for VMware boxes
  • Microsoft office 200, 2007 and 2010





  • Designer/developer of an inherited control M batch schedule that requires modification to fit a new set of business requirements.
  • Analysis of the 20,000 jobs within Production Environments. (Windows, Unix, Linux, Oracle, and VMS)
  • Removal of jobs, changing of in/out conditions
  • Instillation of Control - M v 6.3, 6.4, and 7.0 software.
  • Experience of running Test and or Production Batch Support.
  • Control-M EM and Control-M Desktop -- Ordering/Loading/Forcing of jobs or tables into the schedule, monitoring of schedule to include fixes or escalation
  • Develop and Design tools to enhance effectence within the Organization.
  • Programming using JAVA, DCL, HTML, and SQL,
  • Assist with project development.
  • Support, and Maintain FTP Server and accounts
  • Write and revamp VMS Com files using Refection.
  • Write Com files using DCL (Digital Control Language)
  • Create and Maintain Control-M Jobs using Enterprise Management, and Control-M Desktop
  • Worked in different phase of Project management processes (Initialing, Planning, Executing, Monitor and Controlling and closing,
  • Maintain Control M Servers (BMC Products)
  • Support Control - M servers and Database Servers (Postgres, Microsoft SQL Database, and Oracle.
  • Install patches to the servers, windows, Linux, oracle agents, and Control M Modules(Database, AFT(FTP) COGNOS, INFORMATICA, JAVA, and WEBSERVICEs
  • Help with Control - M migration to different versions.
  • Install Control M servers and Database.
  • Server Automation using Blade Logic Software and CLM from BMC
  • Creating Alarm point message notifications via the phone and pager
  • Maintenance the REMEDY Server
  • Install Control M Modules
  • Create CTM jobs for the Modules and the Accounts for each Modules
  • Support the Frame work Team, Production Team, and Database Team.
  • Implement, Test, and Maintains in house code, scheduled jobs
  • Perform Maintenance and Upgrades, and ensure integrity of backups
  • Used BMC Portal to Model Application, Network Configuration, and System Models
  • Appling the use of Remedy, and Turnover for Helpdesk issues, and solution
  • Designed and Document the Control M architecture via VISIO
  • Installed and implement the Control M Database, Control M Server, and Control M GUI server.
  • Build an installed package for the Control M Client Enterprise Manager install.
  • Installed the Control M Module (AFT, DATABASE, INFORMATICA, COGNOS, and PEOPLESOFT)
  • Installed agents to over 125 server platforms(Linux, Unix, AS/400, Windows, and OPENVMS)
  • Create Database jobs using the Database Modules.
  • Create FTP jobs using the AFT modules
  • Encrypt and Decrypt files using PGP via the Control M AFT module
  • Create FTP accounts using different ftp protocol (SSL, SFTP, FTPS, and FTP)
  • Install fix patch to the agents, module and the Control M servers
  • Creating documentation for the workflows and how to create jobs
  • Training Control M operators to monitor, RERUN, Putting jobs on hold, adding condition e.t.c
  • Build error handling situation on all job streams
  • Help with support issues




  • Assist with project management within the organization
  • Developing a Project Plan, and Project Case.
  • Develop and Design new forms
  • Developing GUI interface of application on the AS/400 by using J-walk Software.
  • Implement, Test, Maintains, and Train end users
  • Perform Maintenance and Upgrades, and ensure integrity of backups
  • Provide statistical reporting of all servers.
  • Provide second-level and third level (Tier II & Tier III) support
  • Provide direct telephone contact with customers
  • Provide Technical Support of TAonline and connectivity as needed
  • Research and report software problems and follow-up to all questions and problems
  • Perform new account set up on the AS/400 and assist in file transfer as needed
  • Assist customers to Create/Process/Downloads of files into PC-based applications as requested
  • Develop, and assist with programming language( C++, Java, SQL, VB.6 and Dot NET, ASP, and HTML)
  • Knowledgeable with relational database modeling, web application development, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Assist with technical problems within the organization
  • Creates/Grand Permissions, and security
  • Documenting all technical applications and procedures
  • Planning and Training first level tech support assistants and other staffs
  • Implementation of new application to the pc server and AS/400
  • Proficient with the OS V5 R2 on the AS/400 servers
  • Perform install using in Tivoli configuration manager




  • Data entry, Answering phone, Collections, Employee payroll, Customer service
  • Deposits and daily balancing, Prepare client tax returns
  • Supervise 3 support technicians
  • Provide phone support to over 500 customers
  • Develop, and Maintaining HTML, SQL, VB, and C++
  • • Installation of network card, printers and moderns
  • Installation, Configuration and upgrade desktop hardware
  • Constant Development and Maintenance of web server
  • Perform routine hardware and software maintenance
  • Troubleshoot and Repaired PCs
  • Installed and Configured Windows NT, Windows 2000 servers
  • Installed Networked PCs through the Microsoft network and Macintosh computers through Apple Talk and TCP/IP
  • Develop, and assist with programming language( C++, SQL, VB.6 and Dot NET, and HTML)

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