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Administrator (implementation, Enhancements, Maintenance & Support) Resume


To work to the best of my abilities and utilize every opportunity to deliver optimum contribution, grow & excel with an organization that facilitates individual growth & development. I dream of building a glorious career accepting new challenges and continuously improving myself as a better human being.


  • 4.7+ years of Total Professional experience in IT.
  • 9+ months of exp with Confidential, 9 months of Professional experience with Confidential & 33+ months of Professional experience with Confidential
  • 4.6+ years of experience in area of Confidential Java Enterprise System products.
  • Confidential Java Systems Identity Manager: Identity management consists of the business processes and technologies for managing the life cycle of an identity and its relationship to business applications and services.
  • Confidential One Directory Server: provides the most scalable, high - performance LDAP data store for identity information.
  • Won appreciation from the Confidential Management for quick & successful implementation of the latest enhancement modules.
  • Won appreciation from the Confidential management for the quick & successful implementation of Confidential & Sentinel.
  • Won several best performer awards in the team.
  • Responsible for conducting TOI for new engineers at Confidential
  • Appreciated by many Confidential Engineers for knowledge and attitude.
  • Frequent participant and contributor at the IDM Roundtables and IDM aliases.
  • Involved in several brain storming sessions which is an part of team activity.


Operating Systems: Windows, Solaris

Packages: MS - Office, Open Office

Languages: C, Java & HTML

Application Servers: Confidential Java System Application Server 8.x & 9.x, Tomcat 6.0, Web logic Server 9.1 and Glassfish V2 UR2

Others: Confidential One Directory Server 5.2.x & 6.x & Confidential Java system Identity Manager 6.x, 7.x & 8.x


  • Strong Communication Skills - oral & written.
  • Good team member with interpersonal skills.
  • Work under pressure and meet aggressive deadlines.
  • Strong Dedication and Leadership qualities



Administrator (Implementation, Enhancements, Maintenance & Support)

Tools: Snow, Remedy, ITCMEnvironments - Confidential IDM 8.1, CA Site Minder 6, ODSEE 6.3, Simens Meta Directory, Oracle 10g


  • Providing L3 level support to the IT security of Confidential Investment Banking wing.
  • Administration of all the environments in all aspects & ensuring scalability, High availability, reliability, failover, disaster recovery & high performance of the LDAP & IDM Servers.
  • Working knowledge on CA Site Minder 6, Registrations of various applications with SiteMinder. Checking the availabilty of ther servers.
  • Updating the certificates & handling Key rotations in all the environments.
  • Carrying out the daily health checks, handling incidents, tasks & taking care of the escalations .
  • Implementing changes & enhancements provided by the engineering team in all the environments.
  • Maintenance & complete administration of the ARP, Atti, Art Admin, Eaccess, ARA, RCAS, applications of Confidential .
  • Provisioning, De - Provisioning of users. Creating & amending roles & rules based on the business requirements.
  • Handling daily active sync & reconciliation, checking the workflows.


Administrator (Development, Support & Maintenance)

Tools: iTam, Citrix, Netbeans


  • To redesign the IDM architecture to read directly from ESA for termination events ( IDM will disable user access on Active Directory and LDAP based on the termination date received from ESA)
  • Implement a closed loop communication process for terminations and access revocation.
  • Retire the Active Synch LDAP interface currently acting as the authoritative source trigger for terminations and access revocation.
  • Migrate Emergency Termination process to IDM system administrator interfaces
  • Sunset the Access Revocations system and schedule the decommissioning.



Tools: iTAM


  • Playing a key role in implementing the Confidential & Confidential environments.(From planning till setting up the entire application).
  • Post-Implementation administering all the environments in all aspects & ensuring scalability, High availability, reliability, failover, disaster recovery & high performance of the LDAP & IDM Servers.
  • Certificates installed in all the applications needs to be renewed at the right time to ensure continued full functionality of all the Servers(SSL).
  • Maintenance & complete administration of the Sentinel application.
  • Provisioning, De-Provisioning of users.
  • Creating & Amending roles, rules based on the business requirements.
  • Handling daily active sync & reconciliation.
  • Setting up password synchronization via JMS method.
  • Training the new employees.


Technical Software Support Engineer

Tools: - Radiance, BugZilla and IBIS


  • Provide support for all aspects of the Confidential Identity Manager & Confidential Java Systems Directory Server.
  • Provided support in IDM functionalities like reconciliation, password synchronization and management, customizing the IDM interfaces, active synchronization.
  • Provided support in Directory Server Installation, configuration, Upgrade, Migration, Replication, Performance Tuning, etc.
  • Understand customer's issue. Analyze, investigate and help the customer to resolve issue.
  • I am required to reproduce reported customer problems using various methods available to me including, but not limited to, requested XML objects received from the customer, local lab hardware and software utilities.
  • Trouble shooting issues that arise out of implementation of the Product.
  • Enable Customer to find a panacea or workaround for the problems they face using the software.
  • Analyze and resolve the deviations from the ideal behavior of the Product.
  • As a Team Member, I am also required to ensure our team meets SLA's, delegated internal group projects, maintain documentation repository as well as ensure that my manager was kept abreast of current hot ticket items and other group related information.
  • Also initiated and handled Identity Manager & Directory Server training sessions for fellow engineers
  • Handling Process and Customer handling training for the new comers.
  • Preparing Daily reports for the entire IDM team.

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