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Senior Systems Analyst Resume


I am looking to put my expertise to work as a database developer or programmer/analyst. Object - oriented Visual Confidential and legacy dBase have been my primary skills. I can develop and maintain the legacy code or help convert them to more current languages. I can also work with other languages, I am now learning Python. I work well with a programming team or IS/IT staff.


Programming in: Visual, FoxPro for DOS/ Windows, dBASE 5 for DOS. Additional languages with limited use are Java, VBScript, JavaScript, FTP. Over 30 years experience with DOS, Windows and PC software and hardware.


Senior Systems Analyst


Languages: Visual 9, dBase 5 for DOS.


  • Systems and programming support, program development and debugging of several dozen existing and new Visual Confidential applications used both internally and as back end for web servers and XML COM services with remote systems.
  • Maintained and developed43— Confidential enhancements in OOP applications which processed, tracked and reported end user transactions with details based on retirement money sources, transaction types, fund selections, dates, gain/loss, interest earned/paid, balances, etc.
  • I excelled in identifying the cause of bugs and their fixes. I wrote, updated and supported several dozen online VFP reports.
  • Also development with Java, XML, JavaScript and VBScript on an as needed basis.



Languages: Visual Basic, Visual Confidential, FoxPro for DOS/Windows.


  • Programming support, debugging and modification of existing Confidential applications used at several sites or agencies in 5 Ohio counties and several sites, having primary responsibility to maintain these sites for 1.5 years, besides installations in other states
  • I was tasked successfully to rewrite and convert complex programs for Y2K compliancy wrote new modules for custom Continuum of Care (Senior Services) software; creating forms and writing underlying code for Visual Basic programs; writing conversion code in Visual Confidential for converting data from Confidential flat tables to SQL databases and tables.

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY


  • Writing, customizing and updating two cash-basis accounting programs written in dBASE 3+; programming in Confidential to provide directories and multi-purpose lists; programming in Confidential Pro spreadsheets to track monthly activity of fund accounts coast-to-coast; part-time basis.

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