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Client Systems Administrator Resume


MSL - 100,DMS-100, VTC, BMC Remedy, Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2007/2010/13 , Active Directory, DRA, COMSEC.



Client Systems Administrator


  • Sustains, operates and upgrades $15M Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)/60 C4ISR systems
  • Maintains, troubleshoots and repairs network client outages on 6.6K communication systems
  • Issued 149 Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) tokens; secured Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) mission to forward deployed--garnered 100% compliance < 90 days
  • Manages Communications Focal Point (CFP) storage area network consisting of 97 TB of mission-critical data
  • Identified/corrected Odyssey Client flaw; repaired 22 laptops < 2 days--eliminated two year Munitions wireless shortfall
  • Led Win 7 migration team; upgraded 1560 systems to new Operating Systems--mitigated security threats/compliant with Department of Defense standards
  • Led recovery of email exchange server; cleared 1.5K inactive accounts/reclaimed 68GB--averted mass outage
  • Expertly repaired 200 backshop computers; 100% fix rate on all devices--saved 9 RW $50K in restored assets
  • Maintained equipment inventory valued at $380K; inventoried/validated 430 items--ensured 100% accountability
  • Completed 5-day Microsoft desktop admin crse; certified in minimal time--enhanced CFP support capabilities
  • Loaded critical software on 250 tough books; propelled Gen 2 wireless project--extended msn C2 to flight line
  • Patched 500 systems w/critical security updates; completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule--ensured Confidential compliance
  • Tackled closure of 700 Remedy trouble tickets < 2 weeks time; garnered squadron Team of Month Jan 2012
  • Certified Federated Rights Administrator; direct liason for Confidential ntwk--increased task coverage by 90%
  • Handpicked for Installation Control Center support; set-up/maintained $5K in eqpmt--streamlined executive support for 15 Commanders


Network Systems Technician


  • Provided satellite command and control (C2) communications support to top civilian and military leaders
  • Disseminated high-precedence emergency action messages (EAM), recon messages and aircraft advisories
  • Ensured Confidential aircraft, ships and ground agencies were provided rapid and reliable communications support
  • Monitored Mystic Star secure voice & data circuits--presidential missions 100% operational
  • Monitored AFSPC space launch; comm link aided Confidential recovery ops--secured booster rockets for future missions
  • Troubleshot MILSTAR outage; verified 2K feet cable--ensured communications link to secure equipment valued at $58M
  • Assisted aircraft with engine/guidance display faults; coordinated crew comm through in-flight emergency--saved 8 aircrew members
  • Expertly transmitted 1.1K nuclear force EAM's; improved aircrew effectiveness--efforts topped Confidential standards
  • Flawlessly linked 1000+ phone patches for Confidential agencies; enabled logistical info relays--key to sorties success
  • Relayed 1000+ recon messages; mission control gateway rcv'd critical intel reports--ensured US info dominance
  • Critical to Haitian earthquake relief efforts; created HF voice links--ensured delivery of 2K tons of supplies
  • Led 20 CJCS nuclear assessments; procedural compliance validated C2 capability--each rated "Outstanding"
  • Safeguarded 52 crypto items; zero write-ups--account received "Excellent" rating during Confidential inspection
  • Quickly restored critical Confidential link; minimized system downtime--ensured continuous joint warfighter ops

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