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Customer Order Engineer( Electrical Project Engineer) Resume

Omaha, NE


  • 4 years of expertise in Design, Production, Testing and Manufacturing of Electrical Equipment’s & Devices.
  • Create electrical single - line diagrams, panel wiring.
  • Rules or connection diagrams for low and medium voltage electrical drawings. and solar PV electric systems using AUTO-CAD & REVIT software.
  • I have knowledge about E-plan design Software.
  • Provide technical support during construction, startup, testing, system commissioning and performance
  • Monitoring, size, transformers, panel boards, distribution boards and switchboards or switchgears.
  • Determine wiring and conduit sizes of feeders and branch wiring. Highly specialized in all types of renovation and re-Designing Works.
  • Good understanding of Electrical Drawings, Planning of Projects, Erection & Maintenance.
  • Both practical as well as theoretical knowledge of Different Electrical Instruments.
  • Working more efficiently and productively so that maximum output comes.
  • Exceptionally creative and resourceful Electrical Engineer with a stellar record of safety and customer service. Able to handle multiple projects simultaneously with high professionalism and accuracy. Adept at short- and long-term electrical system troubleshooting.
  • Experienced in development of technical studies, investigations, designs, and cost estimates.
  • Able to provide technical leadership within multidisciplinary team environments.
  • Well-rounded engineering experience - Design, develop, test and supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, components, and systems for commercial, industrial, military and scientific use.
  • Working as production planner with the management in coordinating and planning production activities to improve runtime plans.
  • Good knowledge in AutoCAD, E-Plan, Revit(Briefly)
  • Experience in working in an Onsite for installation Electrical Equipment’s,
  • Well Knowledge about Circuit Breakers, Relay, Bus Bar, Transformer- 1) Dry Transformers 2) Power Transformers.
  • I have knowledge about Transformer Testing, Relay testing
  • Good knowledge in Transformer Production
  • Briefly knowledge in ASIC, FPGA, SCADA, VHDL for using chip design.
  • Expertise in AutoCAD & E-Plan which one are using for design.
  • Basic Knowledge of C/C++, JAVA, PYTHON, UNIX, LINUX.
  • Multi-cultured Team Player with complete flexibility to work independently as well as in a team and have quick grasping capabilities to work with the newly emerging technologies.


Languages: C/C++, Basic of JAVA, PYTHON, HTML, PLC, SCADA, ASIC, FPGA

O.S Platform: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7

Electronics: Soldering, Circuitry Design/Assembling, Arduino-Boards, Building and Troubleshooting

Computers: Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Visio, and PowerPoint

Design Tools: AutoCAD, E-Plan, Revit

Measuring Device: Clip-on Meter, Multi-Meter, Oscilloscope, Megger, Wattmeter, Signal Generator, Signal

Software Methodologies: Xilinx, MATLAB, Vivado, Circuit Simulator

Electronics Instruments: MOSFET, BJT, UJT, Thyristor, Diode, CMOS


Confidential, Omaha, NE

Customer Order Engineer( Electrical Project Engineer)


  • Creating Design Of medium voltage Metal-Clad Switchgear(5KV to 38KV) by using such software AutoCAD.
  • Understanding Customer specifications and parts selection according to the engineering requirement.
  • Creating One line diagram and three line diagrams to send to manufacturing .
  • Understanding of schematic diagram & Wiring Diagrams
  • Designing control scheme for switchgear system.
  • Parts selection and Making Parts numbers, and equipment configuration such as SEL(751, 311)
  • Knowledge about ERP
  • Creating bill of materials: Regular BOM, Long-Lead BOM.
  • Helping other engineers and project managers.
  • Knowledge About Electrical Standards like as NEC,IEC,IEEE,NEMA,ANSI,AWG,NFPA etc.
  • Knowledge about CAT5 & CAT6 Cables.
  • Creating Parts Configuration for systems.
  • Better Knowledge for customer order and submittal and approval.


Confidential, CA

Intern Electrical Engineer


  • Supervise and performs design work upon receiving directions and outlining the product requirements from customer.
  • Prepares design layouts and sketches required to manufacture high frequency transformers, Inductors to the customers' specifications, ensure product design cost and support design analysis when required.
  • Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system.
  • Product support consists of bill of materials preparation, material review board Assists in cost estimates and suppliers contact of designed components.
  • Basic knowledge of material and hardware selection, including sheet metal shop practices and tolerances to complete a design.
  • I was producing the bill of materials of transformer like copper, miter and bushing.
  • I was testing and selecting some raw materials of transformer.
  • I was also checking the quantities of each material used in manufacturing a product.
  • Whenever the list of inputs was going into the product at that time I was sketching the sheet for overall style.
  • I was selecting the parts which kind of copper will use in transformer, screw, wire gauge, bushing material and silica gel.
  • Performs original design work after receiving the design goal or problem statement, general method of processing and engineering advice on related theoretical aspects to be taken into account in the design.
  • Reviews and approves project documentation, change requests, etc.
  • Assist transformer designing, testing, qualification and documentation.
  • The ability to be self-directed, confident in one’s ability, organized and possesses a strong sense of urgency to complete Project Goals & Tasks and advice other engineers.
  • Assist Test Engineering in the development and implementation of appropriate tests to ensure compliance with contract test specifications and generally accepted standards.
  • Troubleshoot any electrical problem to keep production going also mechanical if needed, inventory on electrical parts room, familiar with all electrical components we stocked, RTD calibrations, IFM sensor calibrations, wiring connections on 9/12 lead AC motors and DC motors, installed and programmed VFD's, Panel PM's, and worked on residential when needed.
  • Assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools
  • Install, operate and energize breakers, transformers, switchgears, disconnects and other related substation construction equipment. Oversee all phases of construction work including erecting steel structures, bending of conduit, and installing aluminum tubing buss. Install control wiring, gas circuit breakers, switchgear, regulators, batteries and rectifiers. Perform preventative measures to ensure a smooth-functioning electrical, system. Estimate necessary materials and maintain inventory of used supplies. Mentored and apprentice electrician.

Environment: AC/DC Motors, Panel, Testing of Motors & Transformer, VFD, Design of Motors & Transformer(Briefly), Material check, Cost Control


Design, Control Engineer & Test Engineer


  • Transformers design for renewable (solar/wind farm) energy grid tie application, grounding application, step-up application and TWACS application. Distribution class transformer design. stack core and wound core designs with RGO and amorphous material.
  • Check and review all assigned project details including customer specifications, one-line diagrams, project location details, plan drawings, schematics, wiring diagrams, application of product, technical vendor submittals etc.
  • Design and testing of control panel for Transformers includes Programmable temperature monitors, Rapid rise relay, pressure release device, CPT and breaker size selection, Fiber optic Installation/Monitoring, DGA analyzer etc.
  • Technical support to customers for new as well as existing field installations.
  • On-site field installations and s.
  • Testing of control circuits for transformers.
  • Testing Experience of dry type and liquid filled transformers includes turns ratio test, open circuit test, impedance test, AC potential test (Hi-Pot), partial discharge test, induced voltage test, polarity test using oscilloscope (for 3 winding and 4 winding transformer), sound test, insulation resistance test, insulation power factor and capacitance measurement test (for dry and liquid transformers) and type test such as, impulse voltage test, temperature rise test.
  • Testing of metal enclosed switchgear for dielectric properties as per IEEE/ANSI standards.
  • Prepared material requisition documents and conducted technical bid evaluation for Liquid Filled Power Transformers and Neutral Earthing Resistors.
  • Reviewed vendor prints for transformer package, HV and LV switchgears and diesel generators.

Environment: Design by AutoCAD(2D), Testing of breakers, Testing of Transformer, Testing of Relay, Renewable Energy Source


Designer, Tester, Installation, Observer


  • Designed comprehensive electrical systems for commercial and residential buildings, compliant with National Electric Code(NEC), NFPA and IEEE standards.
  • Prepared design developments, including schematic diagrams, panel schedules, wiring schedules, detailed power riser diagrams, grounding details and equipment selection, in conformance with client specifications, budget and schedule.
  • Designed power distribution systems, encompassing associated load and fault current calculations.
  • Formulated optimal lighting designs by evaluating energy efficiency and implementation costs.
  • Performed photometric calculations and analyzed lighting layouts, controls and luminary’s specifications, while optimizing glare control and contrast ratios.
  • Reviewed, coordinated and adjusted design changes with HVAC and plumbing designs.
  • Performed site analysis and shop drawing reviews.
  • Low/Medium voltage power distribution.
  • Understanding of single line diagrams.
  • Energy Conservation.

Environment: IEEE, NFPA, NEC, HVAC, HVDC, AutoCAD, Renewable Energy Source


Production, Design Engineer, Testing


  • I have joined in this company as Intern & then promoted to as an Electrical Design Engineer.
  • I am responsible for designing of transformers as per customer specifications.
  • Introduced a new design of indoor, Pole mounted substation, Pad mounted substation of transformer.
  • Hands of experience gained international tender preparation, drawing detailing, product development & good knowledge in IEC Standard related to Routine and Type tests for products & service.
  • I have also worked on design of CT & PT (Current transformer & Protentional transformer)
  • Routine tests of single and Three Phase Power Transformer (33/11kV, 33/0.415kV & 11/0.415kV, 100 kVA to 5000 kVA) Such as Winding Insulation Resistance test, Power Frequency Withstand test, Induced Over Voltage test, Ratio test, No Load test and Short Circuit test use by separate source power system.
  • Type tests such as Temperature Rise test and Impulse test use by separate source power system.
  • I have also worked in tanking section & testing of tankers.
  • I have also worked in Quality control (Q.C) in where we test the material which we use to make the transformer like insulation test, tensile test, Resistance test, Conductance of copper, Diameter of copper & size of test.
  • Provided power distribution and interconnect wiring diagrams, based on customer requirements.
  • I also worked in Relay Testing and Mounting.
  • Conduct battery testing including characterization, life testing, durability and abuse tolerance testing.
  • Collaborate with Design Engineers and write detailed test procedures that evaluate battery against documented mechanical, electrical and safety requirements.
  • Developed electrochemical models to simulate capacity degradation (SOH) of Li-ion battery.
  • Develop simplified control models to simulate behavior of Li-ion battery, including SOC, SOE, SOP, etc
  • Enhance battery management system algorithms including estimation, charging strategies, battery balance.

Environment: AutoCAD Design, E-plan, Simulink, MATLAB, Soldering of Electrical Circuit

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