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Programmer/analyst Resume


PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: C/C++, C#, PHP, SQL, Java, VB.NET, Javascript, COM, DCL, AWK, Fortran.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Microsoft Windows(NT & XP), Unix(Solaris 2.6, 9 & 10), VAX/VMS.

OTHER TECHNOLOGIES: .NET, Visual Studio 2008, CSLA .NET, Autodesk Inventor 2009 API, X - Windows System, Crystal Reports, PowerBuilder, Motif libraries, SQL Server 2005, Sybase, Microsoft Office, NSIS, MFC.





  • Developed application in C# that reduces the time that engineers spend developing initial enclosure models in Autodesk Inventor by 66%.
  • Developed application in C# to recreate data in a Sybase database that was lost in a server crash, saving the department the cost of temporary data entry personnel.
  • Created one click dialing application in C# that integrates with the Cisco IP Communicator soft phones that are used. Phone list was updated via interfacing with Active Directory and pulling updates into the application. This application decreased the time needed to make a phone call for most employees in the company.
  • Converted software applications from PowerBuilder to .NET(C#).
  • Created and modified document templates for the paperless document system using PHP, Javascript, and Crystal Reports.
  • Wrote and modified software for sales, engineering, and manufacturing software systems.
  • Provided technical support to employees in the use of the company’s software systems.
  • Aided in training new employees on the software systems used in the department and the company.


Software Engineer


  • Wrote requirements documentation for new software system capabilities.
  • Designed, wrote and modified training software used by our client in C, C++, and COM.
  • Provided application development instruction to newer members of the application development team.
  • Wrote and updated user manuals, test plans, design documentation, and message flow diagrams.
  • Participated in walkthroughs of code written by other members of the application development staff.
  • Installed software updates at customer sites.


Information Analyst


  • Wrote and modified software in C and DCL used in the Factory Control Monitoring System (FCMS) utilizing the Systems Life Cycle (SLC) Process.
  • Tested new and modified software on the FCMS test system to ensure that the software and FCMS functioned properly after installation.
  • Provided technical support in the use of FCMS to EDS customers who utilized the software to run their manufacturing operations.

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