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Lead Hyperformix Engineering Consultant Resume


  • Capacity & Performance Analyst/Planner with multiple role experiences in data monitoring, data analysis, system simulation and predictive modeling in the support of multi - tiered distributed systems at all levels: architecture, design, development, test and production is seeking work to combine business and technical predictive analytics.
  • Focus is on combining mathematics and commercial tools used for analytical and simulation predictive models for financial and insurance enterprise-level applications. Previous: industrial and academic scientific software development careers including integrated circuit CAD, hardware and software test engineering.
  • Has excellent written and verbal communications skills (includes published papers) and is passionately interested in combining a deep understanding of computer technology, mathematics, and physics to solve complex problems.
  • Most recently worked for enterprise-wide capacity, performance and architecture teams at The Confidential, a global savings and investment bank. Managed performance monitoring automation tools, performed analysis, did production capacity planning and test simulation modeling with tools (CA/Hyperformix, HP/Mercury LoadRunner, CA/Wily Introscope, etc.)
  • Previous experiences: (1) lead performance analyst/modeling engineer for the Morgan Stanley - Smith Barney investment bank merger involving a wide variety of applications and server networks including Windows (legacy, .Net applications) and Unix (WebSphere applications) Internet/Intranet, security, messaging middleware, application servers, and back-end database subsystems (SQL Server), (2) capacity planner, performance analyst, and lead researcher for proactive performance engineering at Confidential Company (using ITIL V3 Capacity Management concepts and objectives) on major IT initiatives; (3) team lead and analyst / QA software tester for NASA space mission nuclear safety simulation; (4) large industrial software applications developer - user-interfaces, automatic data extraction tools and algorithmic test hardware design software. Proficient in full lifecycle and team-oriented software engineering - from system concept to implementation. Experienced in the development, planning and documentation of software releases including interactive software user training classes.
  • Used, automated, and managed performance monitoring tools - CA/Hyperformix Capacity Command Center (CCC)/Data Manager and Current Capacity Reporter (CCR) for system and application workload reporting
  • Monitors: Wily Introscope (system/APM), Splunk, DNT(system, Confidential in-house), Net-IQ, MySQL (MSSB), BMC, QPASA(MQ), etc. (State Farm Ins.)
  • Expert analytical skills (Hyperthreading, SMT impact, instructor on statistics and probability applied to the IT workplace, factorization of independent system components, MPP database system modeling for Design Support, making complex problems simple)
  • Analytical queuing models (spreadsheet) and CA Hyperformix Capacity Manager (Queuing-theory based) scenarios: workload growth, hardware changes, workload consolidations, physical-to-virtual models
  • Data extraction from Performance Test: LoadRunner Analysis (HP Performance Center) to CA Hyperformix Optimizer tools
  • Simulation modeling with CA Hyperformix tools (Optimizer/Navigator, Modeler, AMG, Profiler, Visualizer, Scenario Manager)
  • Manual capacity planning and performance modeling (Excel, Oracle's Crystal Ball, Perl scripting)
  • Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) System Integration Bus / middleware capacity planning
  • Windows Active Directory Capacity Planning
  • B2B enterprise wide capacity planning
  • Contact Center Capacity Planning (including Erlang formula models)
  • Massively-Parallel Processor (MPP) computer system capacity planning (BI/Analytics - OLTP/OLAP)
  • Architecture/Design Support simulation models for large MPP systems
  • DB2 Database performance modeling
  • End-User Computing (EUC) capacity and performance modeling
  • Statistical Analysis and Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA)


  • Statistical Monte Carlo Simulation/Analysis Tools (Excel, Crystal Ball, SAS, 'S', SPLUS, etc.)
  • Windows XP, Unix (sh, csh, ksh)
  • C/C++/Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming
  • Visual Studio development environment (Fortran, C++), also DEV-C++ IDE
  • UI, GUI designer and developer
  • Physics and math-based software systems analysis and development (Fortran)
  • Software Test, QA/QC, ISO-9000, 2000/90001 Standards
  • Documentation (FrameMaker/MS Word)



Lead Hyperformix Engineering Consultant


  • Lead modeler/analyst for global investment bank merger (Morgan Stanley - Smith Barney). On-site at corporate headquarters did performance and capacity test analysis and Hyperformix tool based capacity modeling for the distributed enterprise-wide applications on Windows, Unix, Web Servers, Web-Services, Application Servers (incl. WebSphere Application Servers), DB2 Connect Gateways, SQL Server Data Base Servers, as well as various middleware and miscellaneous server tiers.
  • Forecasted merged environment system utilization using Hyperformix Performance Optimizer for all client-facing and internal applications distributed enterprise-wide.
  • Interfaced and coordinated with the local onshore test team. Tests were performed by a large on/offshore testing team.
  • Developed new procedures for measuring and applying background subtraction to increase modeling accuracy.
  • Introduced variability/error analysis into the modeling process to generate statistical confidence levels.
  • Validated complex models with a cross-model methodology in collaboration with Hyperformix.
  • Designed experiments yielding reliable VMWARE modeling methodology.


Performance Engineering Consultant


  • Service Management team member at Confidential Company corporate headquarters doing proactive performance engineering of a wide variety of enterprise-wide applications. Many of these were firsts and were done along with the development of improved methods. Proactive Performance Engineering research lead.
  • Did capacity planning for ongoing, evolving systems and test analysis and modeling for new systems under development in various environments. Developed new data collection processes and innovative analyses applied to: Windows mid-tier systems and clusters, web-farms, Unix (AIX) servers and Linux clusters, and IBM z/OS mainframe hosts and subsystems.
  • The following were supported: Active Directory/NTLM, Kerberos, Call/Contact Center environments including enterprise-wide telephony servers, B2B / Integration server messaging (IBM WebSphere Message Broker) and transformation systems (IBM TX), Massively-Parallel Processing (MPP) Business Intelligence systems, Design Support modeling for new BI system (cpu, response time, memory, I/O, storage), Storage Array Network (SAN) modeling (pioneered), Internet and Intranet system/subsystem capacity planning company-wide.
  • End User Computing (EUC) capacity planning.
  • Applied error analysis measuring goodness-of-results and provided confidence levels qualifying deliverables to business partners.
  • Stressed good communication with multiple audiences.


Lead Independent Analyst & Q/A Software Tester


  • Identified weaknesses in and suggested improvements to large input data set and mathematical models. Quality Assurance tasks: unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing plus the initiation of a new regression testing system. Visual Studio/Fortran on PCs, Windows-2000.
  • Created user interface: interactive waveform graphics, data entry systems, command language, interfaced CAD data extractors, online help and documentation
  • Designed and implemented MOTIF-standard Graphical User Interface (GUI) using UIB (ObjectBuilder). Data and control flow, generic dialog box, context-sensitive help, designed icons/short-cut toolbars, CAD data interfaces and graphic specification documentation. Managed GUI development team. (TPG3, C/C++/OOP)
  • Pioneered design-to-test interfacing. Organized and chaired committee to standardize ASIC digital simulation data for test automation. Developed CAD data extraction tools for error-free, automatic input of a) device layout, b) digital simulation data and c) wafer array map (controls ATE wafer probers).
  • Created algorithms to automate probe card design (chip to ATE probe test head) and associate interactive graphical displays for instantaneous feedback to user.
  • Consulted with design and test engineers to solve engineering and production test problems (ongoing Application Engineering).
  • Conceptualized and developed large-scale software tool to translate third-party digital simulation event data into cyclized test vectors ready for test program generation (TVT/“Stingray”) in C++ with streaming objects to efficiently process huge databases.
  • Observed the need for and pioneered interactive training courses featuring user-friendly, structured real-time tutorials. The courses were standardized, continually improved, and covered front-end, handoff and back-end test engineering details. Well-received by students, these modules significantly reduced Help Desk calls.
  • Created and maintained generic CMOS technology databases (COM1, COM2, COM2H, COM3). Reviewed and updated periodically and as needed to improve quality. The easy access and improved quality of design data enhanced test reliability.
  • Embedded a stand-alone translator in GUI to support multiple format input files. Simplified and significantly streamlined GUI user activity.
  • Solved problem examples: Reused generic data structures eliminating unneeded software. Restored incomplete manufacturing files saving many hours of unneeded work. Invented software method to increase digital input vector rate by +33 1/3% (Advantest T3340 ATE - limited to below 30 MHz).

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