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It Security Analyst Resume Profile



A recent graduate and current student with professional experience in Information Security. A versatile and very quick learner. Highly motivated to fulfill duties to the utmost and demonstrate the ability to perform beyond what is required. Continuing education to further build upon existing knowledge and abilities. A valuable asset to your organization.


Professional experience

IT Security Analyst

  • Active Directory User Management
  • Security Incident Response
  • Firewalls and Network Monitoring
  • Security Policy
  • Troubleshooting
  • Proficient written and verbal communication
  • Used multiple ticketing systems in tandem, under SLA
  • Communicated directly with clients



Security Analyst

  • As an IT Security Analyst, my primary function was Incident Response. The majority of my responsibility was to analyze, document and remedy the presence of malicious activity or threats.
  • Investigate security incidents
  • Packet Capture/Payload Reconstruction inspection
  • Utilized Active Directory to create, remove and modify users accounts Contact and follow-up with clients
  • Review and manage multiple firewalls HP TippingPoint, PaloAlto Contribute to company knowledge base of processes and procedures
  • Analyze remedy Brute Force, SQL Injection, VulnScans, Viruses and Etc.

Here are some of the issues that I often dealt with:

SQL injection attacks, Brute Force attacks SSH, Windows Login, WordPress etc. , Connections to IP addresses known to be malicious or related to specific malware, Connections to Domains known to be unsafe, Network devices exhibiting signs of compromise, Unauthorized Vulnerability Scans, Policy Violations Explicit website browsing, Torrenting, etc. , Out of date or inadequate Anti-Virus, Loss of host or network visibility

Here are some the specific tasks I performed:

Firewall configuration and review via GUI, Log messages: querying and incident correlation or client forwarding, Visual Pcap Inspection with Wire Shark or Raw data, Vulnerability Scanning via Remote Connection/Browser Interface, Correspondence with several management levels of various agencies, Provide 'step-by-step's and charts regarding work tasks, Create Spreadsheets for clients regarding incidents or investigations

Here are some of applications/software that I used or manipulated daily:

Outlook, Excel, Gmail, Gdrive, KeePass, Hip Chat, Alert Logic, InfoBlox, Splunk, PaloAlto Panorama, HP Tipping Point,, Sales Force, ServiceNow, Foot Prints, Cord, WireShark, IBM AppScan, Active Directory

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