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Cloud Devops Lead/sme Resume

Colorado Springs, ColoradO


  • Self - Motivated Cloud, DevOps, Data SME/Architect/Lead/Systems Engineer/Developer with 14+ Years of Experience in system design, development, build and implementation using AWS, Azure, GCP and Open Source Technologies, microservices, serverless, SAAS,PAAS,IAC and distributed enterprise applications.
  • AWS experience - extensive working knowledge in Microservices, Lambda Functions, S3,VPC, Security Groups, IAM, EC2, ECS, ALB, Route 53, SNS, CloudWatch, Elastic Cache, AWS DMS, Cloud Formation, API, NAT and Storage Gateways, ElasticSearch.
  • Azure experience - extensive working knowledge in cloud service, IaaS, Azure DevOps, Microservices, Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory, queue, Service Fabric, Azure blob and table storages and API Management. Configured NSGs for two tier and three tier applications.
  • Experience in integrating on premises servers to Azure. Configured VNETs and subnets as per the project requirement. Configure Azure blob storage and Azure file servers. Configured private and public facing Azure load balancers.
  • GCP Experience- extensive working knowledge of Cloud compute, Storage, Kubernetes, BigQuery, Pub Sub, VM, IAM, VPC.
  • Enterprise-level experience - Working with large and small teams and involved in architecture of highly scalable, secure, distributed applications, aligned with company standards, process, methodologies, and best practices.
  • Hands on scripting and troubleshooting python, shell, java, powershell and .Net
  • Expertise and Hands On in Data Engineering, ETL process with various tools,data sources and datasets.
  • Expertise in Migrations - Homegenous, Hetergenous, On Prem to Cloud.
  • Process and Implementation - Extensive experience implementing software throughout the SDLC process, deep hands-on experience of networking, migration and implementation in Cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP).
  • Expertise in Network, Application, Device, End Point and Data Security.
  • Ensured and responsible for overall technical quality, migration, deployment standards and architecture of the application.
  • Curious, problem-solver with strong communication skills and highly passionate to make things happen/ wow Customer/Business/End Users with solutions that matter to them.


AWS Expertise: EC2, S3, IAM, Route 53, ELB, RDS, SNS, Cloud Watch, CloudFormationECS, Elastic Search, Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, VPC, CloudFront, Code build, Code Commit, Code Deploy, Amazon Linux, AWS CLI, AMI, ALB, KMS, AWS DMS, Elastic Cache, API, NAT and Storage Gateways.

Azure Expertise: Azure DevOps, IaaS, PaaS, VM Migrations, VNet, Traffic Manager, Azure Cloud Services, Azure SQL, Azure Storage, Active Directory,Azure Data Factory, Data Lake, HDInsight, ExpressRoute, PowerShell, OMS, Security Center, Service bus, blob storages, Microservices/API, AKS, Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Azure Media, CDN, Application Insights, Azure Logic Apps, Operational Insights, Log Analytics, Caching, Azure Stack, Service Fabric, Azure ML, Azure IOT, Microsoft Flow.

DevOps toolset/framework: Jenkins, Dockers, Kubernetes, Terraform, Nexus, JFrog, SonarQubeData Dog, App Dynamics, Cloud Formation, ECS, ELK, ARM, Terraform

Source/Version Control: Git, Gitlab, GitHub, Bitbucket, TFS, Code Commit

GCP Expertise: Cloud compute, Cloud Storage, Kubernetes, VPC, IAM, Pub Sub, Bigquery

Networking/OS: DNS, Ethernet, Firewall, VPN/VPC, tunneling, Wireless Networking, Hyper-VVirtualization, Cloud storage, Clustering, TCP/IP Configuration, Dynamic IP Routtables, Proxy, Subnet, DNS, Route 53, IAM, Load Balancers, Linux

Security: Network Security, Application Security, WAF, SSL, Encryption, CertificatesData Security (Data in Rest and Data in Transmission), Server Security

Data Engineering: Firewalls, Proxies, IP Subnetting,OWASP 10, NIST, IAM, MFA.

RDMBS: (Oracle/SQLServer/MySQL), No SQL(Mongo DB, Cosmos, Dynamo DB), ETL/ELT (SSIS, Azure Data Factory, Glue, Anthena), Hadoop (Spark, Databricks, HdInsights), Datawharehouse (Azure SQL DWH, Big Query, Athena, Redshift) Dataformats(Parquet, Avro, CSV, JSON, XML), Data Lake, PySpark, Migration tools

Software Engineering Methodologies: Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, ITIL, SaFe Agile VMware, JIRA, SSIS, SSAS, Power BI, ServiceNow

Other Tools: Confluence, XML, HTML, JSON, YAML, Linux, BASH,Cyber Security,Big Data, Redis Cache, SnowFlake


Cloud DevOps Lead/SME

Confidential, Colorado Springs, Colorado


  • Configure CI Jenkins pipelines and run jobs as required in Pre Prod and Production environments.
  • Manage Gitlab Source code Repositories for branching, merging and tagging.
  • Responsible for setting up of App dynamics Monitoring Dash Boards for active monitoring of compute, performance, traffic of Bluezone app, Web services, Batch processing and SSI tables modules.
  • Troubleshoot Java and Python code modules for Build and Release errors.
  • Implemented scripting and configurations to automate build and release management and automated testing.
  • SetUp and Configure intergration points with public cloud Azure AD(collaboration,alerting),AWS S3 (storage) and GCP for messaging.
  • Ops support for Network, Load Balancers, DNS /CNAME, Security Groups and Access Management.
  • Actively involved in AGILE/SCRUM Methodologies of project execution.
  • Troubleshoot Cloud applications and managed services for any performance, scalability and Availability issues.
  • Leverage ELK stack for Log aggregation, Log metrics and Log Management for Bluezone, Webservices,Batch modeules/apps.
  • Associated with various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Configure and Setup Azure Integration points for efficient alerting, collaboration between teams.
  • Part of DB Load/ DB Compare activities extracting, loading, comparing and verifying Mainframe DB2(source) and Oracle Data (Target) as part of DB migration module.

Technologies: Linux, Jenkins, Gitlab, uDeploy,AWS S3, App Dynamics, PCF, GCP, Oracle, DB2, Java, Maven,Sonarqube, Nexus, Spring Boot, DevOps, API Gateway, Microservices, Load Balancers, CloudOps, Service Now

Cloud AWS DevOps SME

Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • Responsible for full stack development of the OneComm Application and AWS Connect Confidential lambdas.
  • Implement CI/CD with Jenkins and Bogie builds and release pipelines.
  • Leverage Bogie Gears and terraform for Infrastructure as a code to provision compute, network, security, s3 buckets, ec2 instances and docker containers in AWS public cloud.
  • Responsible for nightly Production builds and deployments.
  • Ops support for Network, Load Balancers, DNS/Route 53/CNAME, Security Groups and security Certificates.
  • Leverage ELK stack for Log aggregation, Log metrics and Log Management for OneComm Application.
  • Migrate Onecomm application and project related lambdas to new aws account from cardconnect to card servicing account.
  • Responsible for setting up of Data Dog Monitoring Dash Boards for active monitoring of compute, performance, traffic of Onecomm, AWS connect Lambdas and cloud applications.
  • Implemented scripting and configurations to automate build and release management.
  • Optimize and fine tune cache setup and configurations for efficient data management between API's.
  • Troubleshoot Cloud applications and managed services for any performance, scalability, Availability issues.
  • Planning and implementing of Disaster Recovery solution for OneComm AWS/Cloud Hosted Application.

Technologies: AWS, DevOps, Lambda, Terraform, Jenkins, Dockers, Elastic Cache, S3, Bogie,Vue JS, Redis Cache, Snow Flake, Linux, Data Dog, Splunk, Route 53, ALB, Microservices, API Gateway, AWS ECS, AWS Connect, JFrog, Java, ELK, Kinesis, EMR, Service Now

Solutions Architect (Azure, DevOps, Cloud, Bigdata)

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Responsible for provisioning and maintenance of Infrastructure/Azure resources which includes VM’s, Vnets, Firewalls, Load Balancers, storage (blobs, SQL Databases, SQL DWH, Cosmos Db), resource groups, AZURE API’s, Azure App services, OMS, Log Analytics, Dashboards and other network resources.
  • Extensively involved in Build Management, Version Control, Release Management and Deployments of the Solutions to the DEV, QA, Staging and Production Environment leveraging Azure DevOps principles/process (CI/CD) and toolsets of VSTS, Visual Studio.
  • Actively responsible in Solution Architecture, Network Layout and Security Configuration of Cloud resources.
  • Responsible in setting up, Administering Network/Application/Server/Data security. Layed out Firewalls, Encryptions, SSL, WAF, Certificate, Protocols, Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration testing where ever needed/applicable.
  • Setup of Spark, HDInsight, Databricks for Big Data related aspect of the project for sensor data ingestion, processing and pushing into NoSQL Databases of Cosmos DB (Hot Storage) and SQL DWH (Cold Storage).
  • Leveraged Python Scripts,U-SQL,PowerShell scripts and Data Factory(ELT) extensively for Data cleansing/transformations/Querying/pipelines and deployments.
  • Leveraged Terraform and ARM templates for IAAS aspect of the project.
  • Setup and Build Azure Web APIs, Web Jobs, Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Azure AD third-party integrations
  • Leveraged Time Series Analysis regression/ forecasting, anomaly detection and other ML libraries for data analysis.
  • Configured VM’s, availability sets using AZURE portal to provide resiliency for IaaS based solution and scale sets using AZURE Resource Manager to manage network traffic.
  • Setup Hortonworks HDP/HDF/NIFI Environment in POC to Evaluate Big Data Use case.
  • Responsible for Azure Portal Administration, Azure Backup, Azure Monitor, Log Analytics,Azure Cost Management.

Technologies: DevOps, Terraform, Azure, Data lake, Data Factory, Cosmos DB, Big Data,ML,Python,.Net, Angular JS,IOT Central, Azure AD, Spark, DataBricks, Azure SQL, Azure SQL DWH, Azure Data Factory, Python, Service Now

Solution Specialist

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT


  • Extensively involved in Build Management, Version Control, Release Management and Deployments of the Solutions to the DEV, QA, Staging and Production Environment leveraging Azure DevOps (CI/CD) Visual Studio, AKS (Azure Kubernetes), Docker containers, Azure functions and Azure Monitor.
  • Moved/migrated VMWare VMs and AWS EC2 instances to Azure Cloud and was responsible for setting up Backups and Site Recovery as part of Disaster Recovery Strategy.
  • Managed Network/Application/Server/Data/Router/Cloud and Device Security. Was actively involved in Configuration/Setup of firewalls, Endpoint Security, Certificates, Vulnerability Scanning, OWASP.
  • Toubleshoot .Net and Python modules for Build and Release errors.
  • Setup and Evaluated extensively open source DevOps toolsets - Jenkins (CI) Dockers (Containers), Kubernetes (Container Orchestration), New Relic and Datadog (Monitoring tools) and AWS DevOps toolsets (Code commit, Code pipeline, Code deploy, CloudWatch) for DevOps Teams.
  • Built Azure Web Job for Product Management teams for their Media Management videos and Campaigns.
  • Migrated Intranet/BRNET portal from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013/16 and then to o365/SPO.
  • Responsible for Cloud Administration(Azure, AWS, GCP) and Linux Administration.
  • Setup, configure, ELT with Bigquery on GCP for DWH needs of the Sales and Marketing Department.
  • Implemented and provisioned AWS services EC2, S3, ELB, RDS, SNS, SES, and SQS, CloudFormation templates, Beanstalk, DynamoDB and monitoring services like CloudWatch for Application needs of Marketing Departments.

Technologies: AWS, Azure, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Azure, ARM, PowerShell, Cloud Infrastructure, O365, SharePoint, .Net, Data Architecture, Migration, Cloud Network, Cloud Storage, Azure AD, PowerShell, Security, Kubernetes, Big Query, Big Table, GCP, Python, AWS DMS, AWS Schema Conversion tool.

Cloud Systems Engineer

Confidential, Bloomington, MN


  • Develop and Deploy custom solutions as per End user requirements.
  • Provision, Administer Azure resources and moved workloads to Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Ongoing preparation/evaluation for upgrading current solution to latest product versions be it main IGO6 product as well as supporting product interfaces like JIRA, Dynamics CRM, Kofax etc.
  • Answering questions from a prospect's technical staff in regard to the language, database and deployment aspects.
  • Responsible for Technical Documentation (Design, Architecture, UML, Mockups) and End User Documentation.
  • Migrated Portals from SharePoint 2010 version to SharePoint 2013.
  • Troubleshooting User queries and Issues.
  • Discussions with Support teams to understand the current bottlenecks in the existing Portal and plan accordingly, to improve on it.
  • Responsible for administering Applications hosted on Linux and Windows Operating Systems.
  • Evaluating Third Party Tools and suggest solutions to Business as needed and as required.
  • Coordinate communication between various teams (Network, Server, Development, Support, Business) be it development/deployment/implementation of solution’s targeting portal.

Technologies: Azure, Cloud Architecture, Cloud/Network Infrastructure, .Net, SharePoint, kofax

Release/Build Engineer

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Management of Microsoft Team Foundation Server source control builds and releases.
  • Oversee all continuous builds and continuous integration which is configured and managed within Microsoft TFS.
  • Manage Microsoft TFS work items and workflows, make changes and additions as needed to support agile process.
  • Verify branch merges and code integrations for e-commerce, warehouse management in Microsoft TFS before they are brought into main line.
  • Regular releases to servers in Development, QA, UAT, and Production as required.
  • Facilitate database releases to Microsoft SQL Server database teams.
  • Track releases to web servers and communicate to business analysts when they are ready for testing. Deploy them to production environments when approved.
  • Perform code analysis of changes in Servers to insure promotion from development to QA, UAT and Production environments don't cause loss of changes from previous promotions.
  • Code utility scripts in PowerShell to modify XML configuration files dynamically, which is used during the release process

Technologies: .Net, SAP, SharePoint, Biztalk, Salesforce

Solution Architect

Confidential, Dublin, OH


  • Involved in the migration process from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 of Pacer Portal.
  • Responsible for Maintenance and Administration of Pacer SharePoint 2010 Farm Environment.
  • Involved in the restructuring of pacer SharePoint Reporting Site to streamline security.
  • Used Windows Workflow Foundation to develop a custom workflow to streamline the approval process.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting SharePoint issues and giving appropriate solutions to the Business.
  • User PowerShell scripts to handle various SharePoint admin jobs like backup, restoration, solution install/deploy.
  • Involved in the customization of main Master Page and page layouts to get desired UI.
  • Used SharePoint Designer 2010, to integrate the Style Sheets to the SharePoint 2010 Interface as part of Branding process.
  • Maintenance and support of standalone MOSS 20007 Server’s.
  • Responsible for TFS Administration and Control point (Axceler) Administration.
  • SharePoint Architect/Developer Iowa Health System, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Requirement gathering, Analysis and Design/Development of the UI.
  • Participated in brainstorming sessions with UX Team to finalize the UI.
  • Developed Prototype’s and presented the same to the client, based on the feedback made necessary changes and proceeded to build the solutions.
  • Used SharePoint Designer 2010, Mozilla Firebug, Dream weaver Tools to integrate the Style Sheets to the SharePoint 2010 Interface.
  • Developed custom Master Page and page layouts to get desired UI.
  • Used InfoPath 2010 to Develop Expense Form.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting SharePoint issues.
  • Made use of Out Box web parts like Content Editor, Content Query web parts to roll up and present the content.
  • Training client’s Junior Developer who is responsible to maintain the Site.

Technologies : SharePoint 2010, BI, Control Point, .Net, SSAS, SSRS

Senior Consultant

Confidential, St Louis, MO


  • Participated in the migration procedures/efforts from Lotus Notes Application (Fixed Assets) to MOSS 2007 Environment.
  • Participated in brainstorming sessions with SharePoint Team on various critical issues with regards to replication (recreating) of Existing Lotus Notes Fixed Asset application (given the complexity) to SharePoint Environment.
  • Used Notes Explorer, Notes Peek, Detector Tool to analyze Lotus Notes Fixed Assets Application.
  • Was involved in developing, mapping casahl scripts for migrating data.
  • Was responsible for deployment of Application on to DEV Environment Test Environment (offshore and Onsite).
  • Participated in trouble shooting SharePoint issues.
  • Involved in a POC for SharePoint 2010 Project.
  • Documented Deployment Guide, Data Migration Guide for the Offshore Team/Monsanto Infrastructure Team.
  • Helped offshore team in setting up Data Migration Environment.

Migration Engineer

Confidential, Oklahoma City, OK


  • Participated in the migration procedures/efforts from SPS 2003 to MOSS Environment.
  • Used Metalogix SharePoint Migration Manager and Website Migration Manager to migrate Seed Data to Dev Environment.
  • Developed Custom Web parts and provisioned them on to the Publishing pages.
  • Developed Custom page layout and content types and provisioned on to the Publishing pages as feature.
  • Given support to various users/developers for SharePoint applications.
  • Written windows scripts to automate the migration process.
  • Participated in trouble shooting SharePoint issues.
  • Participated in brainstorming sessions with SharePoint Team on various critical issues in migration process.

Migration Engineer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Participated in the migration procedures/efforts from Lotus Notes Application to MOSS Environment.
  • Used Casahl to SharePoint Migration Tool to migrate Lotus Notes Data to SharePoint.
  • Developed POC’s and prototypes to give a gist of how we going to migrate from lotus notes to SharePoint environment.
  • Developed a web part to achieve select index change effect, which is not possible out of the box way for the purpose of POC.
  • Prepared HLD’s for various databases to convert on to MOSS Environment.
  • Given support to various users for the existing SharePoint applications.
  • Participated in trouble shooting SharePoint issues.
  • Prepared/Investigated write up’s on to how to handle Peoplesoft and Active Directory Integration.
  • Participated in brainstorming sessions with SharePoint Team on various critical issues how to migrate Group mail boxes of Lotus Notes to Exchange/SharePoint Environment.
  • Worked with various third-party tools like Bamboo List Rollup web parts and code plex components.
  • Participated evaluation of SharePoint 2010 wiki, FAST Search.


Confidential, San Diego, CA


  • Involved in the extensive discussions/meetings with Confidential SharePoint team to achieve desired things.
  • I was involved in evaluating the SPA tool, I was asked to technically look at it, analyze it and make it work according to the Confidential needs (requirements) with default rule of End to End Site collection provisioning without any manual steps in the Process.
  • Created a SharePoint (Questionnaire) form which is an End User Request for Site Collection Request.
  • Created/developed a feature which activates the Audit Settings at Site Collection level after Site Collection is provisioned.
  • Created an Event Handler which reads metadata from Site/web Properties and attach the metadata to the record/item added to the list.
  • Created a Workflow which sends an Email Notification to the Approvers based on their Business Unit and it sends a receipt email to the Site Collection Requestor.
  • Participated in setting up of Sandbox, Development Environment, Staging and Production Environments.
  • Involved in extensive knowledge transfer sessions to the Confidential SharePoint Team on SPA.
  • Contributed to the Confidential knowledge base on the topics of Branding, useful SharePoint links which are helpful for the Confidential SharePoint Team to start with SharePoint development/customization tools available most of them are free and most of them are from CodePlex.
  • Involved in extensive knowledge sessions to Developers and Technical Manager on the aspects of creation of features/event receivers and Workflows’ since they are completely new to the SharePoint Environment.

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